Q: So, how did you get involved with this project?
A: There was a writing audition posted at the MoFo. I thought it might be fun to try out, so I did.

Q: Did you try to emulate the characters' personalities with the SatAM profiles or the Archie ones?
A: I tried to put a bit more of what I remember about the SatAM personalities into the characters than the Archie ones.

Q: Did the comic so far turn out as how you imagined it?
A: It's a bit more condensed than I thought it'd be, but mainly, yes.

Q: How did you come up with they story? Did any other stories/writings influence your writing?
A: Well, after Matt wrote the plot, that was pretty much what I based it on. I can't say for sure if other stories may have influenced the specifics I put in.

Q: Have you written for anything else before this comic?
A: Written, no. Before this, I mostly just did fanfics. I did do some artwork for a Sonic comic called New Generation, but it didn't get very far (which is too bad, because I liked the concept).

Q: Can you throw a few bones to the fans on what Butterflies means?
A: No. Sorry.

Q: Have you been writting anything after you finished the Butterflies project?
A: I've got a bunch of projects in the works. I'm doing a Sonic fancomic called Chaos War, two Rockman comics (Rockman R and Super Fighter Rockman), an AU Digimon fanfic series called Digimon Explorers, Slayers Eternal, which is a series of fan novels, and various other little fanfics. In other words, more work than I should give myself. All of them are in various stages of planning and/or production.

Q: Cool. Well, thanks for the interview and we're looking forward to what's in the comic. Any parting words for the fans?
A: You're welcome. Parting words? Hmmm... Always be aware of how much you can do at once, and you'll never get stressed out.