Hoaxes - updated 10-1-17
A searchable selection of hoaxes, custom sprites, and sprite comics.

Fan Art - updated 10-1-17
Sonic HQ's very own fan art archive. Submit now!

Fan-Fiction - updated 8-20-07
A very popular medium for Sonic fans. Stories about the Sonic characters written by fans. Contribute to our library!

Fan Games - updated 8-20-07
Another popular medium for Sonic fans, especially the fans of the games. People started creating their own Sonic-based games.

Fan Comics - updated 8-20-07
Comic strips, sprite comics, and online comic series created by fans.

Editorials - updated 8-20-07
Fan opinion articles.

Survey - updated 8-20-07
SHQ polls and surveys.

Welcome to the Fan Projects Forum! Post your fan art, fics, games, comics, or other projects. Get or give advice or opinions, post want ads for resources or staff members, and promote new sites.

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