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There Will Be No More Updates To The Archive - Lighthead 3/1/12
Please visit the main site to see the latest updates.

Archives Back Up - True Red 3/26/08
The site, as it has been, is back up now after a nearly month long absence.

StC updates: - Samanfur 12/20/07
StC special and poster mag records completed, along with polishing up my records on the regular series issues up until issue 80. - Vector 9/9/07
We have mostly completed our move to and will be checking out any 404s!

Visitor Notice - True Red 7/22/07
As a general word of advice, when you want to know what is going on with regards to this site the best place to go is Emerald Visitor Center @ the message board. While answering emails isn't the strong suit here, nearly all of us are active participants at the message board, especially the two people most really want to contact when it comes to the site: myself or Vector. However, because I do not have the time to respond to all the emails being sent my way the past few months and a lot of them are similar in one of two ways this is a rare public announcement.

This site is moving and also changing. If it was just moving, things would have picked up long ago. As a result, only the News, Q&A, Comics Archive*, and the encyclopedia* are going to be updated on my end until the move is complete. *Comics archive and encyclopedia will only have textual updates--no scans added. Uploading images, music files, pages, etc. right now will just slow down moving the site and the changes being done to it. The sections being updated are completely database driven and that isn't a big deal to move.

In addition, until the move is close enough to being finished, I'm not adding anyone to the staff.

Thanks for the concern and if you sent something or asked to be on staff I will get back to you when things are relatively ready OR when I have the time. I'm not completely ignoring you no matter how much time has passed.

SHQ buy links updated - Vector 3/26/07
Now on the store page:

Sonic The Hedgehog - The Complete Series

Sonic and the Secret Rings - Nintendo Wii

Sonic the Hedgehog - Playstation 3

Sonic the Hedgehog - Xbox 360

Sonic X Bendable Action Figures Set

Sonic Rivals - Sony PSP

Sonic Rivals 2 - Sony PSP

Sonic Rush

Sonic Rush Adventure

New Archie Scans! - Dirk Amoeba 2/27/07
A whole mess of new scans from Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic have been added. Represented here are issues 165-169.Hope you enjoy them!

Sonic and the Secret Rings - Vector 2/21/07
The Game Info page is under construction, including Sonic and the Secret Rings. New info on Sonic's Wii debut will be added to the site as it's available.

You can get information, help, and discussion on the Mobius Forum, as well as contributing to our Sonic and the Secret Rings page.

Sonic and the Secret Rings Help

Sonic and the Secret Rings Game Info Community Project

(Very large, starting with the eariest previews) Sonic and the Secret Rings Discussion

Sonic HQ Game Info Community Project

Catching up - True Red 1/20/07
I fixed broken images that I either noticed or have been told about through email or Q&A. If I am missing something, let me know by emailing me. When telling me something is a broken (image, music, page, etc.) link, please be specific about what it is or at least how you got there when emailing me. For example, other than links to a website that is down (which will be replaced when it can be), I don't know of any music files that aren't working. If it's anything else, be specific.

Store: Links to ordering/pre-ordering the following have been added: Sonic The Hedgehog (2006), Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) Game Guide, Sonic The Hedgehog: Several Wills, Sonic and the Secret Rings, SatAM Complete Series Box Set, Archie's Sonic Archives #1 & #2, Sonic X Seasons 5 & 6 DVD Sets, and the Sonic X-related book "Desperately Seeking Sonic."

Comics: Final cover scans up to Sonic #167 and Sonic X #12 are up. Preview covers go up to Sonic #174 and Sonic X #19. The archives are mostly relatively up-to-date. Also added cover scan for the second volume of Coro Coro Comics "Dash & Spin Super Fast Sonic" series in the "Other" section.

Info: The Fleetway/STC profiles have their own separate link (so you don't have to search through "all" to find just that series). A variety of profiles have minor updates from various staff members, including myself.

And no, the site isn't dead. ;)

STC Archive Update - Sam Cyber Cat 12/21/06
Fleetway's Sonic the Comic issues 92 and 93 have been added to the archive. Convieniantly issue 93 is Christmas themed.

Help Wanted - Vector 12/20/06
Sonic HQ needs another PHP coder who can help me to add features to some script prototypes and extend them for use in multiple types of pages (email freddyg NOSPAM AT sprynet DOT COM). A person who can be on AIM or MSN often is preferred because this will be an object oriented design (I can teach you how to use such a design if you don't know, and can teach an aspiring PHP coder quite a few tricks) and will require some cooperation in designing code.

We also need content writers, especially in games, and a community game info project is being organized here.

Another position we could use help in is a "project manager" who can help to organize the community game info into pages on the site.

Sonic HQ Back On - Vector 9/24/06
We were hacked twice, but the site is back up.

STC Archive Update - Sam Cyber Cat 8/16/06
Fleetway/StC issue 91 has been added to the comic archive.

Sonic HQ Has Moved! - Vector 7/2/06
We are now coming to you in no popup glory! Changing links is unneccessary (pages automatically redirect) and we'll be switching back to the domain if the admin of EmuZone's host, ZTNet, responds.

NOTE: Some people are getting popups on the main page. This is related to one of the trackers but I haven't figured out which one yet.

Summer of Sonic - True Red 6/29/06

I know this is nearly a week late, but check out the Summer of Sonic website if you haven't already. There's a lot of great stuff there from the Sonic fan community at large. ;)