Welcome To Butterflies!
Butterflies is a new comic presented by Sonic HQ and Studio Agnes. It started out as an attempt to continue the old Invasion Mobius project and eventually became a comic all its own.

Click here to read the comic itself. A cover and 4 pages are up so far.

The people behind this project.

More interviews coming!

Zifei - Artist / Director / Story Concept
J Weekly - Script Writer


Behind The Scenes (Click Thumbnails To View)

Concept Art

The cover was originally a much larger and more detailed file. These 2 pics show off sections of the high-res version of the cover with coloring in progress.

Discuss the comic.

Invasion Mobius - updated 7-21-99
"The brand spanking new Sonic HQ fan comic. This is by the talented Sonic HQ staff." When Zifei quit Sonic HQ, it appeared that this comic was over. However, people wouldn't leave him alone about it. ;) Zifei came back to continue it, but so many changes were made that we got an entirely new comic. Invasion Mobius was an Archie-based comic about an alien invasion of Sonic's world. A rebel colony of Earth wants to use the Master Emerald to fight the Republic of Earth forces. It really has nothing in common with Butterflies itself, besides the artist and colorer.