Comic Strips
Online comic strips, drawn or made with sprites, on 1 or 2 pages.

Lien "Chainspike" (1 2)04-12-00
Tony "Cuckooguy" Nguyen (1 2 3)04-12-00
Sarah "Sarah-Le" McSwain04-17-00

Butterflies (Presented by Sonic HQ & Studio Agnes) - updated 12-8-02
A beautifully-illustrated time-travel story that started out as an attempt to continue the old Invasion Mobius project and eventually became a comic all its own.

Turning Points (Presented by Sonic HQ) - updated 1-7-01
A great fan comic about Knux, Julie-Su, and the Chaotix! Written by Duo Prower and Illustrated by T2.

Endlame (Presented by Sonic HQ) - updated 9-22-03
Heeeeere's Endlame! Endlame is Ruby Echidna's parody of Archie's Sonic #50. Tony got permission from Ruby to draw Endlame, so here're the credits: Written by Dawn Best (Ruby Echidna) and Illustrated by Tony Nguyen (Asudem Hedgehog).

This site hosts TONS of fan comics, including Other-M.

Has several fan comics, including the Sonic Adventure Fan Comic by Eva Richarte. There's a Sonic manga page in "The Old Stuff" with both official comics and doujinshi.