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Editorials & Comics - True Red, Dirk Amoeba, & Swifthom 12/16/05
Editorials: One previous editorial was slightly updated and a rebuttal to a previous editorial has been posted.

Comics: The Sonic X portion of the archive has been updated to Sonic X #6 and the Sonic The Hedgehog part to #159. The Sonic yearbooks from the UK were added to the "Other" part of the archive. Story/cover scans are now up for Sonic X #2-4 and Sonic The Hedgehog #155. The review for Sonic The Hedgehog #155 has also been posted.

Editorials & Link/Email notice - True Red 11/19/05
Editorials: Two new editorials added. The first is a rebuttal to a previous editorial concerning Sonic & gods. The second is about the search for the real Sonic continuity.

Link/Email Notice: This is a bit late, but if you were hotlinking to Sonic HQ using the banners that were on echidnoyle.org or attempted to send email to the fan art/hoaxes or directory accounts, that domain doesn't exist anymore. I think I have updated all the links here to the new doorsclosing.com domain that now has the email accounts and the banner images. If you find one that I've forgotten, you can email me about it and I'll change it.

Music - True Red 11/5/05
Starting to make some headway into the music backlog. Everything that has been added today is noted here.

Music & Editorials - True Red 10/29/05
Music: Damian Grove's version of Fastest Thing Alive from DiC's Sonic The Hedgehog has been added to music archive. Also, the lyrics for the Sonic Adventure themes has been fixed. Minor note: Yes, we're aware of many broken links in the music archive. They'll be fixed when they can be.

Editorials: An editorial on the legends of the Sonic games has been added.

Comics & Store - True Red 10/23/05
Comics: Massive updating over the past week--whether or not anyone noticed. ^_~ The cover and story scans have been updated up to Sonic #154 and include Sonic X #1. The Archive has been revamped to make it easier to view the Sonic The Comic, Poster Magazines, and other STC-specials that have been posted by the STC staff (that stuff written isn't my doing). Archie's Sonic X series also has its own section in the archive as well. The Archive also contains an "Other" section for the original Sega promo comic, the French comics provided over a year ago by adamis that I've been sitting on for the longest, and will house any other official Sonic comic that was/isn't published by Archie or Fleetway. Reviews have been posted up to Sonic #153 and for Sonic X #1. The Introduction to the comics section has been updated to include all comic series, not just the original Archie Sonic The Hedgehog series. Also, thanks to Karl Bollers, Sonic HQ now has a character overview that detail some of the original plans for the Sonic characters post-Sonic #134. If you read the series, you can see how much of it that has/hasn't been kept on your own. I think that is all for now.

Store: Links to pre-ordering or ordering (depending on the item) Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Gems Collection, Sonic Rush, Archie Sonic The Hedgehog or Sonic X comics, Sonic X CDs and DVDs, and various Sonic books.

Dedicated Server & Donations - Vector 9/27/05
Dr. Lighthead has a new dedicated server which will be hosting increasing portions of SHQ and probably SHQ itself (which would mean getting rid of the pop ups). But we need help to pay for it, either in the form of donations, or selling hosting to other sites. Click here to donate or post here to ask about hosting.

Comics (Part One) - True Red 8/31/05
Been awhile coming. Story scans are up for Sonic #149-#152. Cover scans are up for Sonic #149-#152. The Preview cover scans have had #149 and #152 added. Due to the fact that I haven't gotten to the comics archive yet, I added the preview cover scans for the upcoming Sonic X series by Archie for the first two issues in the Cover Gallery. Usually I never put preview covers there, but until I get to updating the comics archive, the preview covers for those comics are there. I didn't do the same for Sonic #153 and #154 however (since #153 is out next week anyway and I plan on fixing up the archive before #154 hits). The Pro-Art Gallery has had a few additions as well. Obviously, a lot more comic updates will be coming sooner than later.

Editorials - True Red 8/24/05
The Editorial Section has been updated with an editorial concerning Knuckles.

Fleetway - The Metallix / Kintobor Connection - Swifthom 7/15/05
A couple of new Encyclopaedia entries for Fleetway have been added, also a couple of new Comic scans in the Fleetway gallery, including several Metallix stories and the origins of Sonic and Kintobor, one of Fleetway’s most sublime plot twists presented to a whole new audience.
Check out issues 8 and 71, in THAT order…

Archie Comics Note - True Red 7/9/05
If you visit the message board, you will have seen that Mike Pellerito answered the questions that fans asked of him. You can read the questions and his answers on the news page.

As for the Archie section itself, if you originally submitted a review for any issue after March 13, 2005, I don't have it anymore due to EzBoard being "hacked" in May. You'll need to re-send it if you still want it posted. Otherwise, the section will be updated within the month.

Archie Encyclopedia updates! - Dirk Amoeba 7/8/05
Sonic X isn't the only section that's seen updates recently. The Archie Encyclopedia has seen some changes over the past couple of weeks.First of all, a whole lot of entries have seen revisions in the text. Some of these are minor, others are quite large. For instance, check out the entry for Sonic himself. It's been split up into paragraphs and significantly rewritten.

Next, cross references. Some entries now have clickabble cross-references within the text that can send you to other topics of interest. This takes a while to do, and the work on it has only just begun but it will make navigating a lot easier. Check out the entry on Albion to see what I'm talking about. Or, to see another way it can be applied, check out Dr Robotnik (disambiguation).

In addition, images. several new images have been added. Some entires, like Biotex, did not previously have images. Some, like Bunnie Rabbot, had images that were outdated and needed to be replaced.

More updates like this are on the way, so keep checking it out. It's a work in progress.


Season 2 Sonic X started - Ron Prower 7/8/05
Sick of seeing me yet with all these updates. Anyway Sonic X episodes 53 and 54 are up and ready. Going to try and see if more have been done but it's going to take a while. I hope you enjoy and expect more soon!

Sonic X Season 1 Done - Ron Prower 7/7/05
Well I finally had some spare time so episodes 49 through 52 have been updated on the Sonic X page. I'm going to try my best to stay on top of the season 2 episodes better than I did the first time around. I'm already planning on working on what I have tomorrow so I hope you'll be around then and I hope everything will go okay.

More Sonic X Updates - Ron Prower 6/10/05
Well I got around to doing episodes 39 through 45 today. So that leaves just the last 7 dubbed episodes left and I will try and finish those on Monday. XD I'm burned around from doing the seven episodes today so I hope that you all enjoy it.

Sonic Amateur Games Expo - Vector 6/1/05

SHQ is sponsoring SAGE. Be sure to check them out to see what the Sonic fan game community is producing.

Sonic Underground Ep List - Swifthom 5/29/05
The Sonic Underground episode list is now complete, with the name of the song for each episode and continuity notes available.

Sonic X Updated! - Ron Prower 5/27/05
Well I know it's taken forever everyone to finally get this done, but I am glad to say that I've updated Sonic X finally. The Sonic Adventure 2 arc, episodes 33-38, have been completed. I will try to finish the rest as soon as possible. Also, I have added the slots for episodes 53 through 78, but seeing as I do not know French at all, I can give brief summaries for now. So enjoy the new summaries if you haven't already seen the actual episodes!

Fleetway and Underground - Swifthom 5/6/05
A few new entries in the Fleetway section of the Encyclopedia, but more noticeably the Episode Guide for the Sonic Underground series has now been updated with all 40 episodes listed and almost two thirds containing comprehensive details, also with a small cast list of the main characters.

Archie Comics - True Red 4/23/05
Reviews for Sonic #146 have been posted. Scans (story and cover) have been posted for Sonic #147 and Sonic #148. The archive info has also been updated for Sonic #147 and Sonic #148.

In addition to the usual update, you may be interested to learn that Mike Pellerito is interested in answering your questions concerning the Sonic The Hedgehog series and the upcoming Sonic X mini-series. For more information, read this.

Store - True Red 4/9/05
The store has been updated with links to ordering/pre-ordering Sonic Heroes (PC), Sonic Mega Collection Plus (X-Box), the dubbed Sonic X Vols 5-7 (DVD), and the dubbed Sonic X Vols 5 & 7 (VHS). Oh and I decided to finally bring back Sonic HQ. ;p