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Bye To All - Vector 4/1/05
A huge opportunity has come up, and I must reluctantly announce my probable resignation from SHQ. I'm starting up a web programming business and already have a potential customer.

I'd like to thank True Red, WB, and the SHQ staff and forumers for being great friends and a lot of fun. My experience at SHQ was a huge part of this. When I started here I didn't even know HTML.

More details when I'm at liberty to say them.

Introducing the new Shadow HQ - True Red 4/1/05
With the recent news concerning Shadow getting his own game and replacing Sonic as the mascot for Sega, we have now become Shadow HQ to reflect Sega's changes. Enjoy the wonderful new website. :)

Comics - True Red 3/26/05
The Archie Comics 2004 in Review results have been posted. Many thanks to everyone that participated in the voting. ;)

Fleetway Section Updated - Swifthom 3/22/05
Loads of new pictures added to the Sonic Encyclopaedia along with several new entries (including Doctor Robtnik) along with several new cover scans mean that there’s a load of new Sonic the Comic Fleetway material online.

Archie Profiles, Added and Updated - Dirk Amoeba 3/19/05
A whole bunch of entries in the Archie section of the Encyclopedia have been added, including Isaac, Argentium, and quite a few more. In adittion, Several have been updated, including (but not limited to) Snively and Remington. Why don't you go there and check them out?

Fleetway Scans Added and Corrected - Swifthom 3/17/05
Only a small update but worth mentioning, as well as adding a few more Fleetway Covers and a new image into the scans page, the last original strip the magazine ever made. As well as all that a large selection of images that weren’t working previously should now be fully functional. If you come across any 404 errors when trying to link towards Fleetway pages please let me know immediately either via email or in the forum.

Comics & Help Wanted - True Red 3/13/05
Comics: Reviews have been posted in the archives for Sonic #142, #143, and #144. The reviews for Sonic #145 are the featured reviews. Additional reviews were added for Sonic #139 and #141. Cover and story scans have been posted for Sonic #143-146. The archive has been updated to Sonic #146 and previews are posted up to Sonic #152. As a reminder, this is also the last week to answer the Archie Comics 2004 survey before I no longer accept submissions.

Help Wanted: Read this post if you are interested in helping either with Archie or News.

Fleetway Cover Gallery - Swifthom 3/12/05
The Fleetway part of the Comic Cover Gallery is now fully up, although far from complete. There are still a lot of covers not yet scanned, but there is at last at least 1 cover in each of the 9 pages documenting the 223 issues of Fleetway. Although the large version for a lot of the covers may not yet work, this is still work in progress and you can expect more soon. Also, the Fleetway Encyclopedia has been improved with more pictures for more profiles and multiple entries now have links to the main account.

E-mail us if you're the 4,000,000th visitor - Vector 2/27/05
Send an e-mail and if possible a screenshot to freddyg@sprynet.com.

Fleetway Encylopedia Opened - Swifthom 2/26/05
The Fleetway Encyclopaedia has been officially opened, currently containing around 69 entries with more to come. For anyone who’s never read the UK Sonic the Comic it might be an interesting look at everything you’ve missed out on.
Also, a few more pictures have been added to the Fleetway Scans page, you can access both in the comics section.

Editorials & Comics - True Red 2/15/05
Editorials: Two new editorials are up, including a long overdue one submitted in November last year.

Comics: Archie Comics 2004 in Review survey is now up. You have until March 19th to respond if you would like to participate in it.

Fleetway - Comic Scans Rearranged - Swifthom 2/7/05
In the first of, hopefully, many updates I have finally sorted out the Fleetway scans page. Now all of the old scans are arranged into their correct issues and a couple of new scans have been added in the attempt to even out the section which previously showed issues from the comics early beginnings.

For those who don’t know Sonic the Comic was produced by Egmont Fleetway and is the British Sonic Comic that ran through the 1990’s and ended its printing run in 2002. Look to the editorial section to find out more there if you’re interested, and also you can expect more updates concerning Fleetway soon…

Hoaxes Update Finished - Jamie "SwiftRunner" Lee 1/11/05
Updated: Ximon Kucoch
New: ShoeCake, Sonic Nerd, Turbo The Porcupine and X the Samurai Hedgehog