Sonic Comics: Rotor Roboticised - Round 3! - March 6, 2000
Submitted by: Trevor "Bumper" Lake
Subject: The Rotor Rumor

Hmm.... I just looked at Ian the Potto's editorial response, and maybe it's time for me to say a few things brought up on that.

Lupe, Valdez, and several others have been lost to Robotnik over the past while, yes, but I do see two ways to look at this whole thing. Ian's way, as a pathway for Rotor's demise. Or looking at it in the way that these guys are small potatoes compared to the act of roboticizing Rotor, an original character in the series with a lot of likeness and respect throughout the Archie comic fandom.

Personally, I don't think this is Nate VS. Rotor. No way. The two have already collaborated together excellantly. They've already shown they can work together with great ease. Nate can be made a great character, but he's gotta stop being Rotor's stand-in and be his own self. Plus, Nate's been made a plot-filler, and a not-too-great one at that. Examples: He happens to have a Super Emerald right when they need it, he made the Power Rings(Supposedly). He happens to know the police chief in the City of Ancients. Nate can be a good character, but he's gotta stop being this stupid plotfiller and start to make a character of his own.

Abilities. I don't think comparing Nate and Rotor's abilities is such a great idea. Nate's a senior citizen. I think he tought Uncle Chuck. Of course he's gonna know more than a teenager. Rotor's a prodigy, who hasn't even come close to realizing his full potential, honestly. And that will take time. And that's where Nate comes in, for me. These two can teach other so much, they come from such different backgrounds that they can teach each other immensely.

But more than anything, this is about what the fans want. We're the ones reading this comic. And the vast majority of we fans don't want to see Rotor roboticized. You need proof, take a look at the polls on the SHQ News Page and see the results thus far. If Archie is not both deaf and blind, they should see that roboticizing Rotor would be a big mistake. Ian has said the spectulation about it would prepare us for it should it happen, and

I perfectly agree there. It would help us overcome the initial shock. But the fact is, if he was roboticized, there would some very PO'ed fans out there. But it also won't do for him to stay in limbo forever. They need to bring Rotor back in my opinion, and I think a lot of fans agree with me. Thank you.