An editorial concerning the history of Shadow based on his appearances in the video games: Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Battle, and Shadow The Hedgehog.

An editorial concerning the different continuities, particularly fans' reactions to them and Sega's role in their creation.

Sonic and the gods - Anonymous 10-09-05
An editorial concerning the legends of Sonic and their relationship with aspects of the video games.

  • Rebuttal to Sonic and the Gods - Swifthom 11-05-05
    Rebuttal - A rebuttal to Anonymous' editorial, Swifthom addresses several of the points raised in Anonymous' editorial.

    An editorial concerning Knuckles and his role in the video games.

    A quick editorial introducing what is Sonic the Comic so anyone who doesn't know anything about the comic can get a quick overview in just under 2 pages of information.

    "What I'm Made Of" analysis - SonicStarH 11-05-04
    An analysis of the song "What I'm Made Of"

    Where's the Sonic movie? - SonikuUK 08-22-04
    A look into the reports of Sonic movies over the years and the possibilities for the future.

    Sonic X Theory - Nytloc 07-29-04
    Theory on whether Sonic X can or cannot fit within the continuity of the games.

    Chaos Emerald Theories - Nytloc 06-30-04
    Theories about chaos emerald properties, based on their different depictions in the games.

    Swifthom covers Dr. Robotnik.

    A look at Amy Rose's character over the years in various universes.

    Sonic Canon Part 1 - Crazy Penguin 04-11-03
    The debate over which games are part of the Sonic storyline and which ones aren't. In Part 1, Crazy Penguin does a rather thorough analysis of the games that everyone considers to be part of the Sonic storyline giving his views as well as theories to deal with plot contradictions found in them.
    • Sonic Canon Disagreements - big smile 07-27-03
      Rebuttal - A rebuttal to Crazy Penguin's editorial, big smile focuses on the Super Emeralds and Knuckles' story in Sonic & Knuckles.
      • About Site Info - Dark Chaos 11-29-05
        Dark Chaos refutes some of big smile's information.
    • Sonic Canon Part 2 - Crazy Penguin 09-29-03
      In Part 2, Crazy Penguin analyzes the rest of the games.

    Sonic Adv. STC: Out With A.... - Ed Reynolds 06-29-00
    Sonic Adventure is more than just a tie in for STC fans. It also marks the coming of the end of new stories for the long running United Kingdom's "Sonic The Comic". Well known UK STC fan Ed Reynolds talks about the UK side of the Sonic Adventure adaption! Was it any good? And as the final story in a 184 issue masterpiece called Sonic The Comic - will the book go out on a bang or a whimper?

    When Sega Met Sally - Mobius Springheart 06-28-00
    Is Princess Sally just a tool of SoA? Does she even remotely deserve the kind of treatment Sega gives Sonic, or is she just another "quasi-character" butting into the real deal? A Sally fan takes a look at the neglect Sega gives Sal.

    Never Judge A Furry By Its Cover! - Sarah Rose 04-11-00
    An editorial on the miserably failed Sonic Love Showdown Poll that questioned who would make the better girlfriend Amy Rose or Sally Acorn! Needless to say its a good editorial, but the poll itself started from unabashedly flawed concepts...

    Chu Chu Sonic! - Cuisinart King 04-03-00
    A more lighthearted editorial - Sonic Team, perhaps the backbone of Sega Enterprises, are always full of surprises. First, they will create a game that will definitely boost Sega's sales, and then they will create another game which will cast doubts into the hearts of people. Two such examples, as Cuisinart king shows us, are Sonic Adventure and Chu Chu Rocket!

    Adapt THIS! - Micheal Stearns 04-03-00
    Wonder just why Archie can do a Sonic Adventure adaption, but not take the time to do an adaption of the anime? Sonic fan, gamer, and artist Micheal Stearns takes a good and insightful look at just why we won't see one and lays down some facts as well.

    Why Sonic Is Failing - Sonique 04-03-00
    Sonic fan Sonique gives her views on the cause/effect of the downfall of the hedgehog - touching from Sonic Comics to SatAM to Sonic Underground. The ending of the piece "I Await Your Flames" says it best ^_^

  • Why Sonic Is NOT Failing - Mike C 04-11-00
    Rebuttal - A rebuttal to Sonique's editorial, Mike C points out another viewpoint.

  • Why Sonic Is Failing 2 - Tom Hancock 04-11-00
    Response #1 - A letter sent to Sonique, by a Mr. Tom Hancock points out some agreements and differences all spread out in a well written fashion.

  • Why Sonic Is Failing 3 - DCX Liquid Rain 04-11-00
    Response #2 - The third response/rebuttal aimed at Sonique. This editorial shows that this Sonic fan is in TOTAL aghreement. Plus he has QUITE some choice vocals on Sonic Adventure.

    Opinions On Archie - Tariq Bhatti 03-12-00
    So what does the regular joe think about current Archie situations? Submitted by Kamal Bhatti, comes a simple editorial that gives his honest opinion on recent happenings in the comics, what he thinks it needs and what he wants to see. Give it a peek and tell us in two or three paragraphs what you want and whether you agree with him.

    The Rotor Rumor! Rotor Roboticised? - Trevor "Bumper" Lake 03-05-00
    So just what do fans think of the rumor of Rotors departure and impending robotization? Not all are peachy keen on it as Archie fan Trevor Lake shows us...

  • The Rotor Rumor? Rotor Roboticised: Round Two! - Ian The Potto 03-05-00
    Rebuttal #1 - In response to Bumper's editorial, Sonic fan Ian The Potto takes a look at something that wasnt previously brought up before for the subject of everyones favorite fat walrus - the prospect of a small little scientist, named Nate Morgan. What role does he play? Click to see what Ian thinks.

  • The Rotor Rumor? Rotor Roboticised: Round Three! - Trevor "Bumper" Lake 03-06-00
    Response To Rebuttal - And lo - the masses cried Rotor! Bumper takes a good look at what Ian said and sets a few facts straight of his own, as he looks at the collaboration of Nate and Rotor and what it actually means for minors to be roboticised VS majors.

    Run On Questions - Brian Sapinski 11-2-99
    Sonic fan Brian Sapinski brings up the question as to WHY there are so many unending questions in the Sonic comic.

    Royalty Blues - Brian Sapinski 11-2-99
    Sonic fan Brian Sapinski takes a look at current developements and decisions in the comic concerning Princess Sally.

    Sega Australia: Sega Set To Blow It Again? - Knux Of Australia 8-23-99
    A sonic fan from down under takes a look at the impending doom Sega Ozisoft strikes on the Dreamcast with its rampant delays...

    Sonic HQ news member, Tristan takes a look on how the end of the Bernie Stolar era could change Sega of America.

    Defense of the ofy-flamed Knuckles comic character, Locke

    Another point of view about the Sonic and Sally relationship.

    The title say it all. The author takes a look at the female character roles in the comics.

    Sonic+Sally = No Way! - Tim Berntsen 7-26-99
    Heh, now this is an editorial that's of the opposite end of the "Sonic must marry Sally" fans. Tim strongly believe that Sonic and Sally don't have anything to do with one another.

  • Sonic+Sally = Yes Way! - Holly Lyons 7-29-99
    Rebuttal - Holly replies to Tim.

    Holly takes a look at violence and comics.

    Well...we finally saw love in Knuckles...but why that terrible artist?!

    The Sonic comic is suffering...who's the menace behind all this? You'll hear an opinion about this phantom menace in this editorial.

    Truly a Rip-Off? - Rahepsi Nightflash 5-1-99
    An interesting comparison between elements of the Sonic Universe and elements of a popular Japanese anime.

    A bunch of complaints about the current state of the Sonic comic.

    A rant about the concepts behind the new Sonic cartoon.

    Of Virtue and Vice - Troophead 12-22-98
    A question of the monarchy on Mobius.

    Reunions and Conflicts - Brian Sapinski & Lien Nguyen 11-29-98
    The title says it all. Main part is about how the authors felt about Sonic's birthday in Sonic #68.