Submission Rules - Last Updated August 20, 2007

  1. Send only Sonic questions and questions about this site. Please do not send any ideas, personal opinions, and non-Sonic questions.
  2. Don't send personal information.
  3. Don't ask for our opinion on a question, a theory, an idea, etc. Our opinions are different from yours and thus it will cause problems.
  4. Read the FAQ before sending a question.
  5. Read the previous Q&A answers before sending a question. If a question (or extremely similar one) has already been answered, your question will be ignored.
  6. We are not Sega, Sonic Team, Archie Comics, etc. so asking us questions as if we were a part of the creators of the games, comics, or other things will be ignored.
  7. Questions asking when the cartoons are on and such will be ignored as we don't know where you live, nor do we want to know. Your local TV listings will answer that question for you.
  8. Questions asking where to get Archie comics will be ignored as it's been answered several times and if you actually checked the site, the information is there.
  9. Questions regarding release dates (or existence) of games will be ignored since if that has been revealed, it would've been posted on the news page.
  10. Questions that can easily be answered by reading character profiles in the Sonic Encyclopedia or reading the actual games page itself will be ignored.
  11. Questions on "when will (insert part of site here) be updated" will be ignored. The answer to that question is always: when the person/people responsible for it update it. If it's a fan-related section, contact the person/people in charge of it via the message board or email if you have a question. Don't send it here because it'll just end up deleted and whoever you intended to see it won't get it.
  12. Questions how to submit stuff to (insert part of site here) will be ignored as the info is either given in the particular section of the site, there's a staff page with contact information as well as a forum on the message board dedicated to this kind of issue, AND it has been answered previously several times.
  13. Don't resend questions unless it's been at least a month. Resending your question doesn't get it answered any faster especially since questions are held until someone answers them or it's been over a month. Resending normally results in automatic deletion.
  14. Don't send tons of posts with 1 question in them. Put all those questions in 1 post, but be reasonable. For example, unless they're 20 really good questions, sending too many at once will normally result in all your questions being ignored even if one or two of them were really good. Do also realize that the wider the range of questions you combine (for example, combining Archie-related with Sega-related questions) the longer it might take to possibly answer them as each individual person who answers questions in Q&A are stronger in certain areas than in others and we prefer to be correct over just giving any old answer. When it requires a few to answer, it'll take awhile.
  15. Remember that we do reserve the right to refuse to answer question(s), especially due to inapporiate conduct, names, etc.
  16. Failure to follow these rules will result in your question being deleted and unanswered. Thank you.