I have 2 questons - hi 8/13/07
1) In wikipedia it said that there is an episode 79 of sonic x is that true?

2) Is Rikki-Le related to Lara-Su?

No to both.

--True Red


Alternate Knuckles? - imagesplease. 5/15/08
Ive read about a few alternate Knuckles that ive never even scene before (or herd of in refrence) and was wondering if these were true alternates, or just made up. One thing was a possible 'future'. Brass Knuckles? The second wasnt given a name, but was said to be a cheif of police in the same universe as Sally McAcorn. The last was somthing about a giant mutant with three spikes on his hands.

Those are all different Archie-related versions of Knuckles. The possible future versions could have resulted from Knuckles #25, Sonic #106-109, Sonic #131-144, or Sonic #166-167. The Brass Knuckles would refer to Sonic #103. The Sally McAcorn related one would come from Super Special #14. The mutant would come from Super Special #12. There are more alternate versions of Knuckles than that from Archie, including the "Anti-Knuckles" from Sonic #44, a Gatchaman/G-Force parody from Super Special #12, and a Sailor Moon parody from Super Special #8.

--True Red


Cream in the Comics - BalanceAct 12/27/07
I am a big cream fan and I just stated getting into the comics, so I want to know, why hasn't Cream the Rabbit made an appearance in the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series (Well, other than the Archie Sonic X comics), and if they're ever planing to include her at all?

Sega mandated awhile back that Cream can only appear in the Sonic X series. So until Sega changes its mind (assuming as of right now that it has not) she will only appear in their Sonic X series.

--True Red


F.F of the Galaxy names. - not a member 10/16/07
Ive looked alot of places, but i cant find the names or clearer pics of the 'desendents' of the FF in issues 103-4.
Could you shed a little light on this, please?

Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy (formed by Hawkhawk)
Tails - Tailon
Sally - Saleta
Rotor - Captain Rotor-27
Antoine - Twan-Du
Bunnie - Bunni

Echidnas - Brass Knuckles (all robotic echidnas with "Guardian" rings, but no "knuckles")
Forty Fathom FFs - The Shark
Snively - Silver Snively
Robotnik - Robolactus

Pictures of most can be seen in the comic scans section for #103 and #104.

--True Red


Time/age/space deficiency? - The Notorious AJM 12/11/07
OK, a while back, I read on your website that Amy's official age used to be eight, but after Sonic Adventure it was changed to twelve. How come she grew up, but none of the other characters in the Sonic world have aged a bit? I myself am emotionally hung up by this.

It's not Amy grew up, it's just that they changed her age. She's not the only character it has happened to within the games (or other Sonic universes, such as Archie's comic). The Chaotix when they were re-introduced in Sonic Heroes had their ages changed from their debut in Knuckles Chaotix as well. -True Red


shadows TRUE past ^ ^ - cassie the hedgefox 4/24/07
ok here's my question according to sonic the hedgehog issue#171 he was
created by professor Gerald and black doom who wanted shadow for a weapon but professor Gerald turned him into a savior for planet mobius
but the game shadow the hedgehog he was born please tell me which one
is correct ^ ^ *_~

Despite the games and comics having their own continuities, you're mistaken in thinking the backstory is different. In both Shadow was genetically engineered by Professor Gerald Robotnik with assistance from Black Doom.

~Crazy C Lea


Archie Sonic - Blacken Redd 4/28/07
I was wondering if Archie Comics has a set number of how many more Sonic Hedgehog comics they plan on doing. Cause it makes more sense to stop after 200 (since 175 coming up is going to be a huge milestone), and then start in more on sonic X comic.

So do you have any info on that?

Both comics will continue as long as they are profitable--meaning enough people buy them. So, no, there's no set date to end any of them. --True Red


How? - Brother Blaze 2/14/07
Hi, can you help me? Can you please tell me how to contribute to the site (mainly in the GAMES section; I have info on TAILS SKYPATROL.).

You can monitor this topic for games. Anything else that takes contributions is already able to be read on the site itself. Tails' Skypatrol isn't near the top of the list though to be worked on, but state your case and maybe it'll move up. --True Red


Store - Sonic915 1/1/07
How many sales do you guys average through the store each day?

Considering we do not have affiliation links with most of the stores listed in the store, we have no way of truly knowing how much traffic we drive to the stores listed. We don't sell anything, just provide links to some places that do. There are usually more options than what is listed (especially for popular stuff such as the games), but until the site changes (which it is), it is not currently even feasible to keep track of most of the the online places to buy stuff. --True Red


Where is Amadeus? - Mac 12/22/06
I can't figure out where I can find a picture of Amadeus. I've read about him but I can't find a picture of him. What does he look like?

You've probably seen him without realizing it. He's on the cover of Sonic #129. This is his current profile pic in encyclopedia (yes I do know they aren't showing up--it's not that the images aren't there, it's the links to them are bad), which is the same image, but only from about the waist up. This is a scan of his "appearance" in Sonic #134. --True Red


What the heck! - maxd 11/29/06
on sonic heroes i have beaten the game with all 4 teams and i,ve gotten the 7 chaos emeralds. why can't i play the last level where all the teams play together to beat egg man once and for all?

On the team select screen, press right.

~Crazy C Lea


who is he? - veral 12/3/06
in sonic rivals who is the white hedge hog?ive looked in the encyclopedia but i counldnt see pictures so i didnt know who it was.

Considering he just made his video game debut recently (not even a month ago), he wouldn't be in the encyclopedia. His name is Silver, introduced in Sonic The Hedgehog for the 360/PS3. Sonic Rivals is the second game to have him. --True Red


Who? - sparky 11/30/06
Who are all these characters I saw on this site the only characters I know are sonic, knuckles, tails, amy, big, creme, and anyone from sonic heroes someone please fill me in!

The encyclopedia, comics, and cartoon sections should be where you go--not here. Those places will clue you in on many of them. --True Red


My Life (Hoaxes) - Brother Blaze 12/3/06
Could you please answer my query? Please tell me this: The computer I use says URL NOT FOUND when I try to access the hoax pages. Is this a site malfunction or is it the computer itself?

As I mentioned earlier (though granted the person asked only about the encyclopedia) when someone fixes the script in terms of the links to the images, that's when they'll work--not before. If it ends up that I have to do it, it won't happen until January because I'm working mostly on my other website right now. Any image that won't load now is due to the fact that they appear due to scripts. Most images that are linked directly (mainly comic scans as an example) will work fine. --True Red


Site question - ShadowFox 10/16/06
Hey, I was wondering....When is this site going to be fully operational? I notice that the pics in the encyclopedia aren't showing. And how come I can't acess the proart area? Is it restricted or something?

1) When someone fixes the script in terms of the links to the images, that's when it'll be operational. If it ends up that I have to do it, it won't happen until nearly January because I'm working mostly on my other website right now.

2) Not restricted, but at least one script file needed hasn't been uploaded. So that can fixed faster. Thanks for the heads up.

--True Red


sonic's "brother" - Sonicfreak007 6/28/06
I heard on cheatcc that sonic had a brother named ashura. I've been trying to get info on him ever since. does anyone know anything about him?

"Ashura" is the Sonic 2 (Genesis/Megadrive) glitch that is a Sonic recolor. The fans that discovered him created a backstory for him, including that he is Sonic's brother. --True Red


was sonic originally a rabbit? - IEatBunnies 7/28/06
Is it true that Sonic was originally supposed to be a rabbit with extendable ears? If so, he could've been "Maurice the Bunny"

Yes, one of the many Sonic prototypes was a rabbit/bunny. --True Red


Manic and Sonia - Ashi 7/28/06
About Manic and Sonia: Is it only in the "Archie Universe" that they are Sonic and Sally's children? Because, in the Sonic Underground series they're siblings. Is it just a universe switch that makes them siblings in one, and father, mother/children in another?

You can call it a universe switch, but keep in mind that they aren't the same characters at all though Archie used the names from Sonic Underground. Archie: Sonia = ground squirrel (around 15-16) similar to Sally in design; Manik (with a "k" not a "c") = blue hedgeghog (around 10-11) similar to Sonic in design. Sonic Underground: Sonia = pink hedegehog (15/16); Manic = green hedgehog (15/16) where both are different from Sonic in design. --True Red


A few questions - Neos 7/26/06
1) Ok I have been a little iffy about tails age......in sonic adventure 2 he was stated to be a ten year old fox.........so wy in future games is he slated to be 8 years old? Is it to establish some sort of relationship with cream or something what? 2) Does Sonic have any REAL background? Every game ive played sonic has absolutly NO story about his own past or background.....hes just a hero and thats it.........whats the deal with that? 3) And is shadow going to have anymore story in upcoming games? I was real upset about his ending in shth and wondered if sega would focus on him and try to resolve his issues, course I wont be seeing it due to how I dislike sony and microsoft this year...... 4) Another thing.....when is sega gonna go back to the roots of their glory days when sonic felt like sonic? in these times that classic over joyess sonic feel has just died......... 5) one more question.....is metal sonic ever coming back? Or even hyper knuckles and super tails at least?

1) Tails has always been 8 years old (or younger in some non-Japanese sources) in the video games due to official sources, but never older. Tails was 10 in SatAM and Archie (though he's now 11 in Archie). AoStH (younger) and Fleetway (various) have had Tails at different ages.
2) Sonic's a mystery. It's been that way for 15 years and it'll stay that way until someone decides to change it.
3-5) #6.

--True Red


is it ture - erik 7/14/06
Did sonic prime actually date bunnie? And why did they kiss each other in #150.

1) No
2) They never did as Sonic wasn't present in #150 but Evil Sonic (unknown to everyone) was.

--True Red