Quick Info
  • Title: Tails Race
  • Author: Magnus Andersson
  • System Console: PC
  • Genre: 2D Racing
  • Rating: ****
  • Additional Links: Author Web Page & Download


    Tails Race is a 1-player racing game. Tails drives a race car around twisting tracks on diverse terrain. This is a fairly challenging game, but not too hard for most players.

    WARNING: Be careful if you install both this game and LilSpriteX's Tails R. Both default to a directory called 'TailsR,' and both use files named Tailsr. Be sure to change the default directory when you install one of them, so that one won't be overwritten.

    General Gameplay:
    One handy feature of Tails Race is an in-game help that really tells you all you need to know. However, while the help screens are written with keyboard control in mind, I strongly recommend using a joystick or gamepad (set this option in the players dialog box). I don't think I could have finished the ice levels on a keyboard.

    Tails Race uses an interesting racing style - you have to finish the race without runing out of time or fuel. Both are basically timers - time counts down 1 point per second, fuel 1 point per 2 seconds. You can pick up extra fuel on the track. A fuel lane is also located on almost every track - driving through this lane will take 25 seconds off your timer, and give you 15 extra fuel points.

    For tips, there isn't much to say except avoid rocks and debris at all costs. The tough tracks are the ice ones - finish those and the rest of the game seems easy. You should also pay attention to how much time and fuel it takes to get through one lap of a track - this will help you to decide whether you should use the fuel lane. Don't use the fuel lane unless you have to - time is worth more than fuel when you get your track score. Finish the game with 50,000+ points to get the good ending.

    Track 6: Adelaide
    Track 11: Spa
    Track 16: Kyalami