Quick Info
  • Title: Tails R
  • Author: LilSpriteX (Splut Software)
  • System Console: PC
  • Genre: 2D Platformer Racing
  • Rating: ***
  • Additional Links: Author Web Page & Download


    Tails R is a sidescrolling racing game for 2 players. Unfortunately, there is no 1 player game, but if you have someone to play it with, it's a lot of fun.

    The things that really stand out about Tails R are the control and music. The control is probably the best I have ever seen in a fan game. I also liked how Tails' tails follow his direction when jumping. The basic design of this game would probably work very well if it was used for a Sonic-style scrolling action game.

    WARNING: Be careful if you install both this game and Magnus Andersson's Tails Race. Both default to a directory called 'TailsR,' and both use files named Tailsr. Be sure to change the default directory when you install one of them, so that one won't be overwritten.



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    Walkthroughs (tips provided by LilSpriteX, zone descriptions by Vector)

    Zone 1
    Zone 2
    Zone 3
    Zone 4
    Zone 5
    Zone 6
    Zone 7

    Zone 1:

    3 simple tracks in a grassy area.

    Track 1-1: Pretty straight forward. Just jump and run off the right side.

    Track 1-2: Jump up to the top of the screen to complete a lap.

    Track 1-3: You'll fall at the beginning. Keep jumping up the stairs and go off the right side.

    Zone 2:

    Sonic and Tails race underground. You'll need to do a lot of jumping and falling on these mostly vertical tracks.

    Track 2-1: Now it gets harder. Jump up the square platforms and jump over the wall. After you reach the ground, run off the right side.

    Track 2-2: Run to the right until you fall and then jump to the bottom floor. Then jump through the small hole and run off the right side.

    Track 2-3: This is the longest track in the game. Jump up on the platforms and over the wall. Then keep falling through the holes to the floor. Then jump right and left up the platforms and jump over the wall again. Then fall through more holes and jump up again. Then fall through the next set of holes and run off the right side.

    Zone 3:

    A race on brick platforms over lava.

    Track 3-1: Just jump from brick to brick off the right side. AND DON'T FALL INTO THE LAVA! You'll have to start the lap over if you do.

    Track 3-2: Jump up the bricks and then fall through the right side.

    Track 3-3: Same thing here.

    Zone 4:

    The jumps start to get a bit more challenging in a subterranean ice cavern.

    Track 4-1: Jump on the Ice platforms over the wall and fall. Then jump up another wall and fall off the right side.

    Track 4-2: There's a hole here. Don't fall in. Jump up and go off the right side.

    Track 4-3: No more holes. Just jump up off the right side.

    Zone 5:

    This zone blew me away! Extremely cool. I've never seen anything like this in a fan game.

    Track 5 is a bit different. It will be all black with just a spotlight to guide you. I'll do my best to explain the tracks to you.

    Track 5-1: At the start jump up a little to the right. Then jump again a little. Do this another couple times until when you jump you stop on something above you. Then keep jumping up a bit till you close to the top of the screen. Then keep jumping a little to the right until you can go off the top right of the Track.

    Track 5-2: Jump right then left until you can get to the taop of the pillar. Then keep jumping from pillar to pillar until you can go off the side. There are four pillars.

    Track 5-3: This is the hardest of 5. There aren't many platforms. Jump up three to the right, then jump left and climb three more. Then you can either make a blind leap off the right side, or wait for the spotlights to reveal the last platform.

    Zone 6:

    Sonic and Tails must avoid Robotnik in his home base.

    Track 6 is pretty straight forward. Just jump up the platforms up to the top, and avoid Robotnik. If he hits you, you have to start a lap over.

    Zone 7:

    You've made it to the space zone! This is another extremely cool zone. Stars spiral in the background as the 7 chaos emeralds ricochet around the room.

    Track 7 is the last. There are 5 levels here. Just jump up off the top.