Quick Info
  • Title: Sonic The Hedgehog Brick
  • Author: Johan Leion
  • System Console: PC
  • Genre: 2D Action Puzzle
  • Rating: ******
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    This is probably my favorite of all the fan games I have played. It's a game that makes everyone who sees it in action say "COOOL!!!" Like Sonic Spinball, Sonic Brick takes an arcade classic and puts Sonic in the role of the ball. One of the more polished fan games, it features great graphics (including a professional-quailty sprite animation for finishing stages) and a diverse soundtrack. There are bugs, but they are not as common as those in most fan games and they usually don't affect gameplay very much.


    After the Destruction of the Death Egg, Robotnik found himself in a difficult situation. Defeated utterly, he lacked the resources to attempt another Death Egg or even to build a new badnik army. So he built a much smaller version of the Death Egg - the Brick Egg. This new weapon doesn't require a massive energy source such as the Master Emerald. It simply builds small bricks out of rocks collected in a quarry near the Metropolis Zone. After the Brick Egg flies to a high enough altitude, its drops the bricks from the sky.

    It's up to Tails to fly Sonic high enough to intercept the bricks, and to keep Sonic from falling! Meanwhile, Knuckles glides in from the Floating Island to provide what help he can. Robotnik has left the Brick Egg in an attempt to make things a little harder on the duo, but the greatest danger comes from a certain blue robot who is lurking around...

    General Gameplay:

    Click on the title screen to get started. During the game, the mouse is used solely for controlling Tails, but you can use the mouse for other things in Windows by pausing.

    You move Tails left and right along the bottom of the screen by moving the mouse left and right. To start the level, click the left mouse button to launch Sonic diagonally left, and the right button to launch him diagonally right. Try to launch him towards empty space so that you can adjust to controlling Tails before he comes bouncing back to you. When Sonic hits a brick, it will be destroyed and an item may come out and fall towards the bottom of the screen.

    Make sure Sonic lands on Tails' tails, or he'll fall out of view and Tails will have to retrieve him. This costs one "life." You start the game with 9 lives. Once there are no more breakable bricks in a level (or, in boss levels, the boss falls off the screen), the level is finished. When the next level starts, be prepared to pause and write down the password before you launch Sonic.

    Item Guide:

    1. Brick - Break 100 bricks for an extra life. There are indestructible metal bricks in some levels.

    2. Ring - Grab 10 to get an extra life.

    3. Knuckles Item - A green and gold rectangle with a red "K" on it. Grab this and Knuckles will glide across the screen, breaking any non-metal bricks in his path. Knuckles not only cuts down the amount of work Tails has to do, but he often makes a "tunnel" through the bricks. If Sonic bounces into this tunnel, he'll bounce rapidly between the "roof" and "floor," breaking a large number of bricks and usually revealing a lot of items. There is a downside to Knuckles' arrival, though - you won't have the broken bricks added to your total, and Knux never makes items from the bricks.

    4. Eggman Item - A white Egg with a red "E" on it. Surprisingly, this is actually a useful item. Robotnik will fly by slowly in his Egg Typhoon, leaving red bricks in his path. The bricks and Robotnik himself can be pretty annoying, and tend to cause Sonic to bounce in inadvantageous directions. However, if Sonic hits Robotnik's ship 8 times, it will go down in smoke and he'll be awarded an extra life! Besides that, the bricks seem to be a little more likely to make items than those that exist at the start of a level.

    5. Metal Sonic Item - A blue "M" that actually looks a lot like a pair of binoculars. Make avoiding it a top priority! Metal Sonic will fly through the level and leave 2 metal bricks. It doesn't sound that bad, but even 2 metal bricks can make a level considerably harder to finish once you are almost done and only a few bricks are left. Just make sure you don't pass up a ring or, even worse, let Sonic fall in your attempt to avoid it.

    6. Chaos Letters - The letters S, U, P, E, and R don't affect the game at all unless all of them are caught in the same level. When that happens, Sonic becomes Super Sonic! He flys all over the screen, erratically breaking every brick in sight. Collecting all 5 letters is basically a shortcut to finishing the level. An odd but harmless bug that occurs sometimes when you get all 5 letters. When it happens, 2 Super Sonics actually appear on the screen. However, this has no effect, except to get the bricks cleared faster.



    Level 8:
    The most serious bug in Sonic Brick is in Level 7. Although the level plays normally, it doesn't end when you clear all the bricks. To get the code for level 8, use the password for level 7, but add 1 from the first digit, add 6 to the second digit, add 7 to the third digit, and subtract 3 from the last digit.


    Level 1

    Sonic with Surfboard:

    This level is the first, and the second easiest. My favorite place to launch Sonic is left towards the left side of the screen, so he'll bounce off and hit the sole of the "brick" Sonic's shoe. The upper left corner of the screen is an area where you will sometimes get lucky and have Sonic bounce continually between the upper corner and the brick structure. It's always to your advantage to have Sonic hit as many bricks as possible while coming down to Tails as little as possible. This is a good level to practice getting extra lives from hitting Robotnik, since you can easily restart.


    Level 2


    My favorite place to start is pictured. Watch out for the metal bricks in this level.


    Level 3


    This level is a bit easier than the first, thanks to its rectangular structure and the fact that you can have Sonic bounce between the top of the screen and the top of the structure for quite a while.


    Level 4

    The First Boss:

    This is tough! The metal bars constantly move up and down, and it's very diffeicult to get Sonic into the upper area where Robotnik is. Robotnik plays dirty this time - he tries to knock Tails out by letting bricks fall on him! If Tails is hit, he'll be stunned for quite a while, and it's almost guaranteed that Sonic will fall off the screen when this happens.