Quick Info
  • Title: Sonic Robo Blast
  • Author: Sonic Team Jr.
  • System Console: PC
  • Genre: 2D Platformer
  • Rating: ***
  • Additional Links: Author Web Page & Download

    Sonic Robo Blast is very large for a fan game, with 20 zones, not counting the Sonic Pong mini-game. The zones are cool (especially the Robo Base), the level design is better than you would think possible for a non-scrolling Sonic game, and the bosses are imaginative. However, the game would have been many times better if not for the bad control and numerous bugs. The utterly random collision detection and the bug that makes Sonic roll into a stationary ball every time he jumps make it almost unplayable.


    Robotnik has built a huge new base, the Ring Satellite. In Knothole, Sonic first encounters a mob of badniks, then Robotnik himself! After the fight, Sonic continues through the Great Forest, headed for Robotropolis...


    Knothole Base Zone
    Great Forest Zone
    Lake Zone
    Ice Palace Zone
    Volcano Zone
    Echidnaopolis Zone
    Flying Lab Zone
    Mechanical Mayhem Zone
    Robotropolis Zone
    Robo Base Zone
    Space Chase Zone
    Ring Satellite Zone
    Doom Zone
    Last Land Zone
    There are Secret Zones too!

    Passwords & Secrets
    Hidden Stuff Passwords:
    Anime Sound Clips: sonikku
    SATam Sound Clips: waypast
    Screen from the end of the beta version (inaccessible in current version): flatonneh

    Sonic Pong:
    This mini-game can also be accessed from a secret place in the Flying Lab Zone.

    Sonic Pong: hitmehard

    Zone Passwords:
    These passwords are given to you when you complete certain zones. You should definitely try to finish them on your own first.

    Zone 3: tezdiesca
    Zone 5: nokenulak
    Zone 7: susonoir
    Zone 9: chevalson
    Zone 11: droodaher
    Zone 13: cashrida

    The Hidden Zones:
    After you finish the regular game, you receive the password to the 3 Super Zones (one is hidden). Finish the hidden Super Zone to get the password for the 3 Hyper Zones (one is hidden). Finish the hidden Hyper Zone to get the Out-Takes, the ultimate ending to the game.

    Take my advice: Only use these codes after you've actually finished the regular game. Use the 99 lives cheat (below) to finish the regular game first if you have to. You'll have a greater sense of accomplishment, and the hidden zones will be a lot more fun.

    Super Zones: iamhard
    Hyper Zones: iamsonic
    The Out-Takes: whatda??

    Cheat Screen:
    Click around the top right corner of the orange area of the title screen. A menu should come up, allowing access to these features:

    99 Lives
    999 Rings
    1 Life (Super Hard Mode)
    The Ultimate Cheat (click it to find out)