An interesting collection of pics used by Sonic Team to plan Sonic 1. This page is part of The Super Sonic Speedway.

Maintained by famed MIDI composer Koryan, this Japanese site has tons of fan art and provides an interesting look into the Sonic of the other side of the Pacific.

Now THIS is a gem! Somehow Alessandro Sanasi managed to get ahold of some pages from various Sonic mangas. Check this page out for some REALLY NICE pictures of the manga!

Now THIS is the review man! Dan regularly gives reviews of the Sonic comics and some say his reviews can be FUNNIER than the comics themselves. Just check out his review of Sonic #33 for a PERFECT example. Click here for a patented take on Drazen reviews firsthand!

One of the premier writers for Sonic The Hedgehog as well as being a talented artist in his own right, Ken Penders' website hosts a lot of his Knuckles stuff as well as preview covers new and old! He also hosts a nice little regulated chatboard as well! Drop on by and take a peek!