Links - updated 5-18-22
In this section you'll find links to all your favorite links! Whether is be a Sonic Fan site, an Official Developer site, or even just a General Gaming site, you'll find it here!

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AIM - updated 4-6-03
In the AOL Instant Messenger page you can find your fellow Sonic fans' screen names, along with their real names and little descriptions. You can also submit your own info so the rest of the community knows where to find you.

ICQ - updated 4-6-02
ICQ, short for "I Seek You", is one of the most popular forms of communicating through the Internet. This program allows you to do so much - besides chatting, you can send voice mail, exchange files, and loads more! Find other StH fans' ICQ numbers here.

Other Messengers - updated 4-6-03
Don't have AIM or ICQ? Prefer other messenger services? View and submit info for other services such as MSN and Yahoo messengers here.

E-Mail - updated 4-6-03
E-mail is one of the oldest form of communicating online, and yet it's still the most popular! This page contains names and e-mail addresses of other Sonic fans. Who knows, you could make a couple new friends here!

Journals - updated 4-6-02
Online journals such as LiveJournal are becoming more and more popular these days. If you like to spill your thoughts, and you'd like to see others read them, why not get a free plug for your journal here? ^_^

Newsgroup - posts daily
Welcome to the Sonic the Hedgehog newsgroup! With any newsreader program, you can retrieve news about StH and related topics every day! You can also post your own messages to voice your opinions.

WebRings - updated 8-20-07
Here you'll find numerous amounts of WebRings that Sonic HQ is a part of. Here you can join a ring, check out other sites within the rings, and not have the hassle of trying to find the link to a site ever again!

Sonic Oscar Award - updated 8-20-07
The Sonic Oscar Award is Sonic HQ's official award for website excellence, awarded to great Sonic sites across the Web. Check this area for past award winners, rules for application, and an application form.

Sonic HQ Community! - very active
A great way to get in touch with fellow Sonic fans! Join discussions on Sonic, philosophy, weirdness, science, gaming, fan projects, role-playing, and more.