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by forumer Rico Underwood
Thank you for your interest in the Sonic Oscar Award! This is an award given periodically to Sonic the Hedgehog-related sites deemed excellent in design, content, and originality. If you would like to submit a site for consideration for this award, you may do so below. We hope that award-winning webmasters, by being recognized by one of the most well-known Sonic sites on the Web, will benefit from this award by enjoying increased site exposure, special recognition, and a positive reputation for Web site development.

The general guidelines for an award-winning site are as follows:
  • The site must be Sonic-related. This includes, but is not limited to, games, comics, television, fan-made works, "goodies", etc.
  • The site must consist of more than one page; it must be a chain of pages.
  • The site must include some original content. Sites containing only recycled, widely-known information or content, will not be considered.
  • The site should be visually appealing, easy to use, and acceptably fast to load/display.

Winners of the Sonic HQ Oscar Award
Congratulations to the following Web sites, winners of the Sonic HQ Oscar Award. As such, they have been deemed excellent, and we recommend these sites to all our visitors! :)
Chaoz Jamez's Fan Art Archive & Sonic Research CentreAwarded October 2001
Dirty PowerAwarded August 2002
Emerald ProjectsAwarded June 2001
Fans United for SatAMAwarded May 2001
Graffiti Wall, TheAwarded January 2002
Khaoxx MediaAwarded May 2002
Mystic MobiusAwarded December 2001
Shadow The ComicAwarded March 2002
Sonic Foundation, TheAwarded February 2002
Sonic Hacking CommunityAwarded November 2001
Sonic PandemoniumAwarded August 1999
Sonic Stadium, TheAwarded September 2001
Sonic Underground.netAwarded July 2001
Sonic UnitedAwarded January 2003

If you know of a site that you feel meets the guidelines above, please feel free to submit it with the form below. However, please note these additional submission guidelines:
  • You may or may not be the owner of, or a staff member of, a Web site that you submit.
  • Please provide all the correct information on the form. All fields are required unless otherwise noted.
  • Again, please, do not submit a site if you do not feel it meets the guidelines above.
  • Submitted sites will generally be reviewed monthly. Please note that a winner will not necessarily be chosen for every month. (This is a change from our previous policy.) However, no more than one site will be chosen each month.
  • Winners will be notified via e-mail. If a party other than the site owner made the submission, the winning site owner will be notified of the submitting party's name and e-mail address, unless this service is specifically disabled (option below).
Good luck!
Step One: Your Information  
E-mail Address
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If you are not the owner of the site, check this box if you would not like your name and e-mail address reported to the site owner in the event that this web site is chosen as a winner.
Step Two: Site Information  
Site Address
Owner's E-mail
 Note: This field is optional. You may leave it blank whether or not you are the owner of this site. However, if it is left blank, no means of contact is found on the site, and you are not the site owner, the submission will be disqualified.
Step Three: Free Response  
Please describe, in at least two sentences, the reasons you feel this site should be chosen as a Sonic HQ Oscar Award winner. Please write in English only. Errors in spelling, grammar, etc. will not affect a submission's consideration.
Step Four: Submit  


Please press the Submit button only once. If you experience problems, please send e-mail to the Directory Manager.