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Super sonicS_A_R_P_owner^_^' Well, This is the AIM super sonic, but on yahoo. This is the owner of the Sonic Adventure Role Play site. Feel free to IM me if you have any questions.
Samsam_after_earth@hotmail.comMSNI am a long time sonic fan, love video games, t.v., and watching movies.I'm on the swim team and tennis team.I do what I want, I'm a kid.
Sapphire Lunaluna_san1@hotmail.comMSNHi! Along with Sonic, I love anime, video games and I love to draw too. I hope of becoming known for my art someday^^ I'd be glad to talk to you =^.^=
Sarah Melhuishmy_attitude_is_worse_than_d12ukYahooSonic fan(MAJOR), Pokemon trainer, and lover of all things Japanese. Anyone who has Sonic 3 (or any other STH game) drop me a line!
Sebastian (nickname Bas)bas_was_here@hotmail.comMSNi saw one of the comics when i was traveling and after reading the comic i was hooked. When i arrived in Holland (where i live) i went searching for a import comic shop and starting ordering the comics. Interest are anime, comics (duh!) and chatting.
Shadow_the_hedgehogkrystinanoelYahooif you cant tell i'm a shadow fan,love rpging,combate,and argueing over things...really i do,ask anyone that knows me,i do...lol...i hope someone yahoo's me cuz i barily have anyone on my buddy list
Shawn A. Thomaskenko5@hotmail.comMSNI'm a Sonic fan, Pokemon "Trainer", Gamer, Anime fan, Programmer, and Christian. I'm way past cool and I know it! Come on and talk with me!
Sonikitasonikita2@hotmail.comMSNIm a poster on the SHQ Community, I like Sonic, Half-Life, Shenmue and Gorillaz!
_StreetSonic_parappa50@hotmail.comMSNI love sonic the hedgehog and co. and I even have my own group about sonic and co at http://groups.msn.com/SonicFighters.
stanmechaknuckleschaosYahooroleplaying, sonic the hedgehog, baseball, oher sports
stanwise1foru@msn.comMSNroleplaying, sonic the hedgehog, baseball, oher sports