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Jessica Ross Echidnamissjess011@hotmail.comMSNI like Dragon Ball Z , Sonic the Hedgehog , Roleplaying , Furries.
I am a furry artist and writer.
Jimagentanvil@hotmail.comMSNHey, people. My first Sonic experience was at a Sonic 2 booth at a Blockbuster Video oh-so-many-years-ago... and now the greatest forms of electronic ever conceived are the Genesis Sonic games. I'm also into noodling around with all the music from those games too... you know, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, etc.... so if you're into that please gimme a buzz!
Jonathan L.shyguyjl@hotmail.comMSNI am a Tails fanatic. He is so cute!! I love drawing Sonic characters. If you message me, let me know that you found me on this directory, thank you.
julie stubbschibijulie@yahoo.comYahoo*^_^* Many of you don't know me, but i'm the lone writer from the TSF fanfiction section co writer of Oddesy. ^_~ I am indeed a Sonic Fan by nature*( and a Knuckles LOVER)* As well as a whole gala of sonic universe, artwork and other good stuff sonic related. i am also an arist by trade. I'm mostly into anime. And if you'd like to see my artwork you can go here: http://chibijulie.deviantart.com
but other than that, feel free to chat it up with me whenever you'd like, or leave me a message, i'll always get back to you *^_^*.