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Andreagypsyechidna@msn.comMSNOkay...I enjoy sonic the hedgehog, I'm a bit new to it, I've been a fan since abouta week before SA2 came out. I collect anything sonic, from the comics to the action figures. I love to read, write, draw, sing, talk with MSN, AIM, or anything else. I absolutely LOVE rping, I'm not much for combat, but I'll give it my all. ^.^. I'll join any rpg, so just IM me.
Aniketanikadam@hotmail.comMSNNot many Sonic fans way out in India but I was a Sonic fan since I was 5. I like science, anything Sonic, in-line skating, cartoons and computers. Drop me a line.
Anthonyhyper_anthony@hotmail.comMSNI like Sonic, Anime, Video games, and T.V. I'm a kid, and I dun care!!! :-p
ApacheMan2Kapacheman2k@msn.comMSNname's ApacheMan2K, fan of anime and gaming from old-school to new-age, including Sonic, MegaMan, and Smash Bros. Melee