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Samanfur31900221No description
Sonic170185746As of now, (year 2003) I'm 13. All I ever think about is Sonic the hedgehog. I have a Sonic website & I'm writing 2 fanfictions at once, called The Story of Tails & Silver Chaos. I'm always lookin' for other Sonic fans on ICQ.
Sonictail35867642the name says it all
Startail the 'Coon2683441I'm Startail , I Just Love Sonic and the Freedomfighter gang from SatAm ... Umm. Think that's why I'm here ---Well, I'm the founder of the Sonic 2000 site ... now more at sonic2000.just.nu or www.segasonic.net/startail ...My favorite character is Sonic and the always adoreble and cute little Tails (i all versions =]) , umm , what more ...I Lives in sweden ... thu thats *far* out!
Stormtrooper 873418261Aw, tis Troophead, the Forum regular/Sonic HQ fanfiction editor. Don't mind me.. I change my ICQ nicks regularly.
Swifty40133667My "alias" if you would call it is Swifty. I run a couple of unsuccessful sites. TSN: Fan Fiction Vault, Swifty and Defector's Comic Site, Deth To Penguins: HQ, and my newest site, Sonic Role Playing Forum. Try as I might, something always goes wrong.