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Knuckles the Echidna15784167Basicly im working to bring back the rich content that simplenet hates for those of you familiar with the simplenet crackdown you know what i'm talking about but for those of you new ill sum it up here: 2 years ago simplenet the most popular host for sonic sites at the time started a crackdown on any and all sites with illegal copyrighted content (expecialy MP3) this was all due to a legal dispute between Diamond Multimedia and Record Companies over the rio (1st commercial MP3 player) they claimed it was a way to spread ilegal music and this scared simplenet out of allowing the sites with this to remain so anyone on simplenet with MP3 either deleted the MP3 or lost the site but I have created The Ice Cap Zone to re-create this part of the past i strongly reccomend going to the sonic links section and visiting if you want to see for yourself. just remember to help us out by visiting our sponsors and siging the guestbook or voting for us in the top 50 sonic sites