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Fishboy5728101I'm a member of Sonic HQ, while maintaining the downloads and directory sections, I also help out around with many other websites. I work on Patent Pending, which is an emulation site, and I also maintain my own personal, and Sonic site. Phew..that's a truckload isn't it?
Flynn Taggart40886108A 20 year old with the heart of a child. I have enjoyed sonic since he first came out. I am the webmaster of the Sonic and Friends site which is growing fairly quickly. On the site i role play as a young mouse not much older than tails. Im from the good ol' USA but my nationality doesnt keep me from enjoying other cultures as well. I enjoy japanese and am currently learning the language. Catch ya on the flip side. I'm outta here
Frank-N-Furter14501901I'm just one of those big Sonic fans out there. That's about it I think.