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V-Chancuteduo202Hey! I'm 14 years old turning 15 in August and am a HUGE FAN OF SONIC!! My favorite is Sonic and Shadow! They r both so kawaii! ^^;; hehe. I have 2 more sns but i'll give those to u when u IM me ^_^. I love to chat and meet new ppl. Hope u IM me! Latez!
VectorGameMusic3Member of Sonic HQ. Interested in Sonic, MegaMan, Mario, Dinotopia, Star Wars, and Game Design/Programming.
VegitoThunder CrisisI like dragonballz and gt IM me and ill tell ya the rest
Vernycinos29Hello, I admit, I am a 16 year old Sonic fan. I love the SatAM show and I am pretty mad that DIC is showing another Sonic Show aand not continueing the Sanoc SatAM.I'm doing a petition to Save the SAtAM Show from complete destruction. I am a band geek and IM me. luv to chat. And luv to draw.