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T-M-Emaster echidnaHeya I'm T-M-E HQ forum wanderer with a Sanity cannon =P. I'm an online RPer and RPG creator, oh yeah I suffer with insanity too
T.J. A.Malin M HHi there, I'd like to say I got hooked into the Blue Blure ever since it came out in 90. Yeah, I know, thats hard to believe, but I am serious. I gave up my old NES just to start playing, and I've loved it all ever since. Id have to say Sonic is my all far favorite, but I like Knuckles, Shadow, Gamma, Rouge, and Cream all the same!
T.J. JohnsonZeroJager86Gee, where to start? I've been a fan of Sonic since the first Genesis game. Although I didn't get any SEGA consoles until '98, I always ended up at a friend's house playing Sonic games. Then I got a Nomad and some StH games. when it broke last year, I bought a Genesis 3, so I could keep on playing the classics. I recently borrowed a friend's Dreamcast and both SAs, which I completed within two days. SONIC RULES!!!
THOR the HedgehogThor th Hedgehoghello all i am thor the hedghog, an RPer online. i started a sonic RP group on AIM so if you are interested please IM me thanks.
TIMOTHYtda3di am 13 i have been a fan my whole life
TLSeraphin TLHey! I'm TL, the guy who runs this directory. If you need to get in touch with me, be it regarding this directory or just to chat or something, don't hesitate to contact me! ^_^
TailsMajora_567Hey I love sonic and zelda and i can draw relley well os I'd love ta hear from ya
TailsWithAttitudeTailsWAttitudeHiya! Call me, TWA! I'm an Artist, fan comic writer, Role Playing Gamer, second of the Official Lunatics, and Herald of the SatAM Haven. Got something to talk about? AIM me!
Takv trunks xi luv 2 draw, and I'm damn good at it! i luv dragonball z, pokemon, and sonic like hell......i draw dbz and sonic crap all of the time......i made up my own sonic character......his name is tak and he is an echidna.......ok
The TThe T LightheartI am a huge anime and video game fan. I like Sega, Nintendo. I have my own site, that you can check out if you IM me. I've played every Sonic game ever, except for Sonic: The Fighters and SegaSonic (Arcade). IM me! now!
TimMrPants23453Sonic is one of my favorite video games! Actually it is probably my most favorite. I'm trying to master drawing Sonic art and Ialso like anime.
TimTim 14543I am a young teen who's really keen on bashing the Sonic+Sally continueum. Contact me if you dare. BWA HA HA HA HA!
Tontes316Tontes316Hi, I'm Tom, and I'm an alcaholic (sorry, wrong meeting). Erm, I'm a Sonic fan, like drawing Sonic and always on the look out for new friends to make on the net. If I'm online, drop by and say hi.
TonyCuckooGuyNo description
Punk Skater3153
Let's see... I'ma huge Sonic fan. When I first got my Genisis a long time ago,it cme with a Sonic2 game. That was my firt video game ever... I was like 3 or 4. Ever since then, I started playing more Sonic games, reading the comics and I even watched the Sonic cartoon... Whatever happend to that?? Ah ell just IM m :-D .
TravistraviscomputerI like Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Knuckles the Echinda, Amy Rose, and Manic. One word of advice. I will be happy to talk to you on AIM, but it you start saying bad things or sending viruses, I will highly not talk to you anymore.
Tristan BresnenTSSZNewsNo description
True RedSailorJulieSuI love Sailor Moon, DBZ, basketball, and baseball. But above all else, KNUCKLES RULES!!!
Tyler WaldmanSMART14553My favorite games are Sonic games and Shenmue. Besides video games, I have no life at all. But I'm proud.
tails prower(sk8er15965)sk8er15965i own the fast growing site sonic secrets group. and im head of the sonic 2 millenium project at ssg.of you need advice on sonic,want to join ssg or just want to talk to a fellow sonic fan im the person
the Goddess Marie!sailorcat2002hey!! Im Marie(not my real name). Im,i guess, am knew to this stuff so pleaz IM me anytime!! Just say u like Sonic and stuff, k? bai bai!