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RachelSpotLane2ndHiya, I'm a huge Sonic fan. I've been that way ever since Sonic 2 came out. I'm a Sega Sonic fan but I like Archie Knuckles also. My favorite characters are Tikal and Julie-Su.
Rafael ValenciaRAFhi! Im a sonic fan artist and so far trying to getfamous by joining in fan comics and so forth.alot of people apprecaite my work but since i am virtually unknown to a lot of people, i dont grt much praise.if you want to veiw my art go to to and look for me in the fan art section.
Raikou FighterRaikou FighterI'm one of those little Sonic fans trying to be interesting. I love to draw and play Sonic games, but if you know a better game I'll sure listen...
RayRay MightyNo description
Ray B.rayman269Hiyas I'm Ray M/13/Seattle Wa. Anyways I like Sonic, RPG's, Webdesign(my site is, Videogames, Comics, Pokemon and some other stuff. I currenly spend most of my free time chatting on M.U.C.K.s, doing homewerk, playing video games and working on my website. I'm usually on AIM on the weekends, and would like to chat. So drop me a line!
Rebecca GunnJennyTablinaIm a big sonic fan and disney fan. I love to draw and chat. oh and show off my art ^_^;;
RickICLRickHello. The name is Rick, obviously. ^_^

I like to Role-Play some Sonic, and I run my own Sonic the Hedgehog RPG. I've been a Sonic fan since 1991-ish, and I'm really big on the games. I don't know much about the comics, and maybe someone could teach me a thing or two.

Aside from Sonic, I'm also interested in the NES quite a bit, I like to rap, role-play online, and watch wrestling. I also like to work on websites.
RickRick CressenHey, all. The name's Rick, and I'm basically a pretty big Sonic fan. Played the games, but I'm not exactly up-to-date on the comics at all. I also run a Sonic the Hedgehog RPG, which has currently gone under renovation, and is now re-active again.
Rio MooreBaby22803I'm real...I like Spiderman...Got any questions?
Rob LeeSonicMCFCHi I'm Rob. I'm 12 and come from England. I'm a massive fan of Sonic & his games but will talk about nearly anything! (I'm Sonic Hedgehog UK on the Sonic HQ Forum)
Rockeysonichqrockey2Well come to say, I'm a new staff member. LOL, soon it won't be that new...anyways I do game reviews and other small things for this site. Cool to work with the HQ
RonDarkblade4785i am THE sonic fan. my life is sonic, i eat sleep drink sonic. sonic sonic sonic. i have four copies of every ish one to read, one to keep as new, one to keep as new and sell when the series folds, and one to keep and sell as indvidules when the series folds. i know EVERY THING MU HAHAHAHAHA
Russell BlakelyDashTHNo description
RyanKirdigHey, I've been playing Sonic since I was like 4 so I just love the guy, i have a favorites list of 90% Sonic sites and I write my own comics Based off of Sonic comics.
RyanNGSonic2003Yo! I'm ~=Sonic2K3=~ of Sonic Enterprises ( and I would always like to talk to a fellow Sonic fan :) I'm more of a fan of Sonic GAMES than anything else btw.