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Patrick JohnsonPJMobileI am a HUGE Sonic fan, since 91 or 92. I have a Sonic site at, which is currently down. I am also a fan of Star Wars.
Plutonian ShoresWolfPac123456ok.... i'VE been a Sonic Fan every since the minute I saw the first advertisement/commercial back in December 1989, i think. But anyway, if you wanna talk about ANYTHING, my SNs up there. Oh Yeah!! i'm a big fan of Rouge The Bat and Miles "Tails" Prower. =^_^= he he. Talk to ya later.
PrivateSonicPro90im a fan of many video games even sonic mostly.i play lots of sonic games i used to like pokemon until bein a champ at school wasnt enough so now sonics my game
if i was a sonic character id be knuckles because im tough have a temper and i like the girls A LOT!!!!