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Naiya Miles Prower (ok, ok, Soph)AriesGirl201Mega Miles "Tails" Prower fan. Bahaha. Oh yeah, I'm an artist, writer, singer (in a band, yeah!), and I make games using Klik'n'Play (bleagh...). Not bad for a 13 year old, eh?????
Neo ChaotikalNeo ChaotikalI am the one and only Neo Chaotikal.
NeoHavoxNeohavoxTotal sonic enthusiest!(Did I spell that right?)
Neon ChaosTotal NeonThe webmaster of Sonic Adventure: Total Neon. I like all the Sonic carttons, and games. My favorite is Sonic Adventure.
Neon.CatNeon Cat ChanA Sonic Artist who accepts Requests. I LOVE The Chaotix. Vector is my favorite ^.^ I also Like Anime alot and draw that as well.
NickCptMnkyboyI'm mee, mee too... And I love Sonic and all of the sonic stuffs, excepting that one stupid sonic show that came on... not the SATAM one... well, nevermind.. anyhow, I think I'm done rambling... Oh, and I love Sonic stuff too.....ehehehehehehehehhehehehahahahahhaah.
NicoleSuper KippyI'm 16, and I love writing fan fiction (especially Sonic fics). I don't have much written, but I'm doing as well as I can. Feel free to IM me, but please don't fill my mailbox up with junk.
Nikoshinsonic13Hi. My name is redsonic13. I am a huge fan of Sonic since day 1. I can draw him very perfectly. I can surf, skateboard, and play basketball. I am already writing stories of Sonic. I'm starting with Sonic Adventure 3, 4, and 0. I am also making Knuckles Chaotix 2: Return of Ray and Tails Adventure 2: Revolution Warfare. But it's on a different messageboard
NikoleMiss SeroriI love Sonic, and I usually am writting stories on my message board.
NinjaSonicSpritezI like to make game sprites for Sonic Fan Games. I send 'em to Rlan at SFGHQ so IM me with any requests/sugestions! I don't do rips(only SSA) cuz emulators mess up my computer
NoeleNoeleT2I'm a 15-year-old girl who loves Sonic and buds (but I love Knuckles and his buds a teeny bit more :). I also like to draw Sonic chars/sometimes anime (I sometimes take requests BTW :). I also like the DB series, and pokemon. And I also like my 'net friends, and I like to RP. And I like the sonic chars I create, my favorite is Melissa "T2" Prower! And, that's it, so buhbye now! ^-^
Nytro StarfireNeoMaxwell002Eyyy. Im in tha art department thingy with RAF and WB and them people. :D Anywayz, im weird, funny, and serious when need be. Ima be an animator. Im trying to learn Japanese stuff. And learn Photoshop 6.0 and MacroMedia Flash 5.0 Well thats it, im boring. Ima cute gray kitty with a fluffy tail =^-^= tis all. cya!