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M@ (matt)shmattinIM a huge sonic fan since 1991 and i loooove to go soaping (grinding rails w/ your saop shoes..for those who dont know what soaping is) and i love to explore our famliys 400 acre farm!!1
MJ DixonVerminI have been a sonic fan since 1991 whaen the original game was realeased, I love it it rocks I come from the uk and am always looking for anothere british fan.
MandyRinni2000I love Sonic! I also love many other animes and RPGs! I love to draw and write also, and I like making webpages(i have 4 of them!) ^_^
MarcusGehtto101Sonic fan(mostly a tails fan)but whose to say I like to play Soccer most of the time
Marcus BossardMasterDZ3Hey, im a single 18 year old male. I'm a freshman computer science major at umass dartmouth. First time using this directoy. Want chat? you know who to IM...
Martin KellyMartinI am a mad music lover and especially like Sonic Music! My favourite game of all time is Sonic 3D. In lines of music I also like Queen, Def Leppard, Lenny Kravitz, naming only a few.
MattMatt the YakYeah. I like Sonic and all, and lots of other stuff, I have a page at which has a Sonic section...
Mattrougewispwell, i like, hmmm, gaming, gaming... aaaannd, dont forget gaming, and then ay got yer gaming, and then theres gaming, but that leads to more gaming, which brings me to my favorite, gaming, although i cant decide between gaming and gaming, hmmmm
Matt Bonneysonic1matti'm a 10 years old and crazy about sonic!! i love everything about sonic.
MatthewOnsokuniMy name is Matt, and I run the SEGA Sonic The Hedgehog Role-Playing group of AOL/AIM. If you're interested in getting in on a good, entertaining long-term RP, or maybe just finding somebody to blab at about Sonic-related things, feel free to toss me an IM! Oh, and please check out the website at !
MaxmaxsnowyoshiHey all! ^_^ You might not be able to tell by the SN, but I'm a large Sega fan as well as being a Nintendo fan, and I have been since the days of the NES and the Genny That may make me sound kinda old, but I'm really only 17, so it doesn't mean much XP
I'm more a fan of SegaSonic than the other continuities, but I'll still talk about any of the rest of them; just don't expect me to know as much of what I'm talking about ^_^() But if anyone wants to talk about Sonic or anything in general, try and find me!
((Oh, and my favourite character is Tails, just so ya know ^^))
Mega Man ZXColdXHey, I'm a Sonic and Mega Man X fan. I help out Darkspawn and KURRgen in writing the WWF stories. Would like to hear from you.
MetalsonicMecha_TailsI am a huge fan of Sonic and have a webpage which is down at the mo! I'm also a big fan of South Park.
Michael KentmagikentFun Guy in Ohio.
Michael LovanBlueBlurSTHVERY big fan of Sonic. I know nearly everything on the blue blur and would like to know a tiny bit more. I also am a DBZ fan. I'm a 12-year old in Iowa. Check out my message in the SatAM petition. I have about 4 or 5 messages. One was very impressive that someone wrote back about it. I won't tell you what the message was, so you're gonna find it out your yourself. Well, that's about it. Gotta Juice!
Michael Wilesmwiles15I'm just looking for the comic book *sniffle* I'm lost!!! Oh wait, I'm Overlord Wiles!!! Bow down before me!
MichellePrettySoldierCMHi ppl! I'm Michelle, and just luv anime! And of course, gotta luv Sonic. (Miles is so adorable!) DBZ, MKR, SM, CCS, Tenchi, all those other anime.. i just love! Also luv drawing! So if ya wanna IM me, go for it! I'll always be up for grabs ^.~ j/k j/k
Mikebloodhoundfan13I love music and video games. I just got into sonic. I wish I had more info on sonic things though. plz help me out!
Mikeprincescytheri love sonic scyther is the bad guy in the matrix not the pokemon
Mike PMike P 3313Hello, my name is Mike. I was a closet Sonic fan for years. I read the comics, played the games, watched the shows. But all my friends hated Sega. But then I graduated and went to High School, where everyone likes Sega. I also like Nintendo.
Mike the Hedgehodmike2master52889Im 13 male.Love sonic adventure 2 battle!Likes DBZ.Contact me!
Mikey KSegaSkaterNo description
Miles "Tails" ProwerTails2258Hello everyone! I am Tails2258, the biggest Tails fan on the net. I love Tails because of his ability to fly and his ability to create amazing inventions. I've played every single Tails game to date! Tails has made fans proud for over 10 years now.
Miles *tails* prowerTailsTheF0xhey, i'm 15, male, and very into sonic, specifically the SatAM cartoon show and earlier Archie comics, but i still read the new ones. I love to chat with other people who like Sonic, none of my friends do so they think i'm an idiot, but that's ok, cuz Sonic rules, but Tails is cooler. IM me any time, i'm on most of the time, but if i don't answer, don't get all mad cuz i just leave it up and i'm not always there.
Miles A MatthiasMiles Tails FoxWhat's up ya'all? I've been a fan of Sonic since I played the originals for Genesis, and though I just recently started collecting the comics last year, I'm already a fan of those as well! Anyways I'm creating a Sonic Fanfic Spin-Off site, Mecha Desotryer Headquarters (, check it out sometime, I could use more visitors. I'm always available to chat, so feel free to make yourself known!
Mobius TetherBloodMobius TBloodBill Detsikas. I live in Greece,I like everthing Sonic-related and am an extreme Final Fantasy Fan, I like to write and read FanFics, and I am a regular Mobius Forumer... PS. BEWARE OF CHIKEN LOVERS!!
Morgan AllisontailsmilesI love sonic and all the games they are awsome
Murray ThomsonMobius2hobbitonI've been a fan of Sonic ever since I got my Megadrive with Sonic The Hedgehog 2 back in 1994. I have a HUGE collection ofmerchandise ranging from magazines and comics to plushes. I own Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic Spinball, Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic Compilation, Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island, Sonic 3D and Sonic R on PC, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Shuffle, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Adventure 2 anniversary pack, the official soundtrack to SA2, Sonic Advance, will own Sonic Advance 2, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Mega Collection. I guess I like Sonic just a little too much...
magnuszhorVak-gammonI'm a character in the sonic universe.I am Vak-gammon the wolf.Haven't been in any of the sonic games,though.I'm a wolf,obviously.I'm about 6'4",190 lbs,dark blue fur,and bright red eyes.Looking for an online sonic forum where I can post a story.Oh,and my age?well,i'm not an 8 year old kid.just a wolf who lives in the darkness,and I will wait for my time in the sun.
mattSuper Tails12I've been a fan of sonic and his things for a very long time. i bought a genesis when they first came out to play sonic the hedgehog. i now have a dreamcast with SA and soon to get SA2. i have a few comics, posters and toys. but my favorite thing is my sonic doll. i like to chat with basically anyone, but if u know sonic, then i would like to talk 2 u. bye now.