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NameScreen NameDescription
LanceGenraderI'm a Sonic lover who is another one of the crazy guys of the MoFo!
LarryLarryCar87RPing STH chars, collecting early and new issues of Sonic, playing all of the games(that I have found), and just all around Anime Finatic(more Sonic than others).
Laurie/Lucky SummersRabbitsRule4Hiya, I'm Laurie! I'm a big Sonic fanatic, and have been since Sonic first came out in 1991! I'll talk to pretty much anyone, so IM me if you wanna talk about Sonic!
Lee Soo TianKnux LeeNo description
Leonard WeirichLWeirich37I am 37 years old, but as hard as it is for me to admit it, I am just crazy about Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic is not only cool, but he makes Doc Robotnik, Coconuts, Scratch, and Grounder look like bumbling idiots. GO SONIC!!!
LindaNovember Rain 33I'm Linda, or Miss Lindy as I am refered to by many. I love Sonic, Gundam Wing, and Rurouni Kenshin. Video games are one of my fave things to do, and I plan on doing some programming some day. Might I add that one of my silly dreams is to work with the Sonic Team. I draw and write fanfic of various fandoms. I also play guitar.
LockeX MagnaCumNada XI am 19 and I have been a huge Sonic fan since the first game came out. if anyone wants to talk Sonic IM me.