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KB, the Hybrid MessiahSybersonikkuI am a 15 year old male hybrid (50% human, 50% hedgehog) who in short is THE ULTIMATE SONIC FANBOY! I like drawing comics, playing Sonic games, and downloading Sonic fangames.
KJCWolfZeroX3Im a video game addict.. I like all kindsa games like Sonic The Hedgehog, FFgames, ChronoTrigger, Chrono Cross, Megaman Games.. etc...
KatherineDixie201329LOVE Tad & Dixie!!!!!!
KathySonicStar77I've loved Sonic ever since i was...well,ever since my sis got a sega genesis for christmas and the sonic CD.Even now i bug her to play it.anywayz,i'm practically alwayz on,and alwayz bored,so a couple of IMs would really get me happy :) I love Sonic,and he's my whole life.feel free to put me on ur b-list!!
Kathy-LuKoneko KathyI'm just a normal Sonic fan, I make my own comics, and I make up my own characters ^ ^ I tried alot to get my art on a site, and trust me, when I mean alot I mean ALOT! @ @ ^ ^
sa2b is addictive...
KelliKel the HedgehogYo! I'm 14, and I LOVE anything related to Sonic. I write fanfics, play video games, skateboard and draw. I also love making up my own Sonic characters. I like music by Avril Lavigne and Eminem. **Rock on, rock on, peoples**! Kelli x x x
KevBboyGeckoI used to have sonic 1 and 2 and completed them both cheating and not cheating and they were the best, plus I could draw all the characters from sonic the comic perfect since at the age of 8 which I can't believe! You can IM me on AOL if you wanna chat about it. its the screename I used.
KewieKewieKittenI love Sonic but my favorite universe is SEGASonic. I resently went on a small 'Shadow Craze'. I like Shadow alot but Tails and Knux are cool too. But so is Amy..and I'm crazy..heheh..I also like NiGHTS into Dreams. And I love to draw.
Knux434/Sonic El HedgehogoKnux434Ohh u wanna know me huh well I can tell u I am more of a fan of the reqal Sonic than Archie Sonic but I still kinda like it. But I am a huge Sonic fan. And everyday I am getting closer to liking that comic.
KnuxSonicKnuxSonicSonic fan since '91, currently finnishing up high school and planning on getting a degree in computer science and/or graphic animation so I can work at SEEEEEEEEGGGAAA!!!
KokoJenMai16Mmmm, lesse. I like Sonic, Star Wars & anime. I think I'm a good drawler...but I can't judge myself. But I guess I'll do requests..or exchanges.. Just drop me a line antime on AIM. I'll get a web page up soon.. if I ever get of my lazy butt..^_^;;. Ja ne!
KylelegowizrdWell i'm a bit of a sonic know-it-all i try to know everything about sonic i'm always looking for a challange among someone who thinks thier better than me but don't take that the wrong way! i'm verry silly and random and is always up for a talk about sonic and using AIM i got ALOT of sonic pics and screenshots and lots of funny stuff i've found that i'll share for some fun so anyway i would have to say my favorite is metal sonic he's so cool yea i forgot to mention i'm 13 and what not so challenge me talk with me joke with me drop me a line!
Kyran JacksonKyranI'm a Sonic fan, I've got every SatAM ep on my comp apart from ep 11. I love Tails and if he was not in it I might not be a fan.
kim"ididn't do it"Ice Slidei'm a fan of the wolfpack and julie-su. i want the sat am cartoon back on ,so i can get grochie. i want wolf pack downloads!!!!!!!!!!! and i like seaQuestDSV.
kirby-chan!!WeissKruezGirlHi, im a sonic newbie and I really like shadow!! i f your 12-14 pleaz IM me. I luv anime and other stuff. Im usally on the comp. so Im or email me any time!! ^^