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JJsonicnightmarehello all. This is the one the only sonic nightmare. A total fanatic of sonic since the age of 6. Now almost ten years later i am still a proud fan. I am a pretty good writer and hope some day to make a comic book (if i learn to draw -_-) l8r D@y$
Jaredsonicguy756I am 13, almost 14. I have been a Sonic fan ever since I was 5 years old. I have my own Sonic site named Sonic Planet. Here is the url:
JasonInfern2220 year old male. I just moved to Michigan from Florida. I like Music, Movies and Sports.
JasonJLBTHEBRAINHi, my names jason, long time player of sonicgames, newbie to boards. I live in oklahoma enjoy watching my skin turn pale at winter (lol), reading, videogames, computers, ennis, basketball and writing. I also enjoy doing an "INSANITY REIGN" at free reccesses at school. This means i drive stupid ideas into very small children's heads (AKA kindergarten to 2nd grade) and am watched by my friends who cant help but laugh... and also, you can find me on the boards as "shadowsonic" my charecter on RPGs is "Jason the fox"
JenJenKitsuneHi! I'm Jen, owner of a little message board that can be found here:
JeremyjeremybristerJust seeing if this works.
Jerimy BassMarauderI'm 20 years old and a student at Oklahoma State University. I've been a Sonic fan since 1994. I also love Animaniacs and Road Rovers. I love just about all kinds of music. I love football and baseball. And I love Bill Cosby.
Jerry P.jerprowerJ Weekley. I'm 17 years old. I'm a fanfic writer who's series is loosely based off SatAM. I also like other sci-fi and fantasy (yes, I consider Sonic to be sci-fi), and I have a pretty active imagination. I am currently the sole director of the Yet-To-Be-Launched Shrine of Chaota Company, which will showcase my Sonic stories, as well as two of my original series. Got anything intelligent to talk about, don't hesitate to contact me. I should let you know that I'm a librarian, and I get really annoyed when there are a bunch of books that some idiot let just sitting there on the shelf, so I may not be in the best of moods right after work. Give me some time to calm down first, then we can talk. (BTW, I love discussing fanfic).
JessicaSpirogirl10Hello!!!My name is jessica and i am 10 yrs.old!!I love,love,love TAILS!!!!!! he is os cute!!!!!!! i love to make up stories about tails and his friends!! i love cardcaptors,wwf,sonic, sailormoon, and dbz!!
Jetter MonsoonCyeBlocker2Hi! Name's Jetter Monsoon. I'm a green hedgehog, and I look just like that faker Shadow. I've been fighting Eggman's EggBot for a while. IM me if ya wanna do a Sonic Chat on AOL or AIM!
JimAOChimp ferr.... Sonic fan, that's right. The Genesis games were my main thing... since 1992.
JimMkcrazy12I lovvvvvvvve all that is electronic and Sonic the Hedgehog-related (the TV shows and the video games), esp. the Sega Genesis Sonic games (i've only played a demo of the Jap Sonic Adventure- not enough to please me - that may change when I play the REAL game!) Other the Sonic, I love surf music, and playing it on my red Les Paul Special Model electric guitar.
Joeymeenktails > *
JohnVincent HedgehogI have been a Sonic fan since the first game, I am 18 years old and am going to Ball State. Sonic, Knux and Tails are the greatest. Talk to mah!!! :)
John KnierimKnierimHasGas13 YO a sonic FREAK. i also like Pink Floyd but here is mostly Sonic so feel free to IM me to talk about Sonic things or ask me about him cause I know a whole Lot (possibly not as much as Sonic HQ though).I am barely on my AIM thingie but feel free to use my e-mail Screen Name (Pinkishblueblack) and you may get an answere!
John Youngdigiangel234I LOVE Sonic! I've been a Sonic fan since sonic started and have every game, comic, and movie of Sonic. i have beaten every sonic game in the U.S. and don't intend to stop now!
Jonthe desert sageI've always been a Sonic fan and I know everything about SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!
Joseph RitterRedmewtooNo description
Josh P.pugzie87Hi! I'm Josh. Or known as Sketch. I am a big Sonic fan. I even have my own character! You want to know who he is? Then IM me!
Juan TolentinoJohnTc33Hey there! The MoFo's resident Catholic (err..second resident) is here. I'm kinda getting into the Sonic universe (Archie) right now, so...please give me a comic, PLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAASSE??? I'll give ya Reese's Pieces ^_^
Justin Gehrtsweatherman03Um... I'm a Sonic fan. Heh... boy, what a surprise.
justin t.sonicmastakidhey, i want too start a lil rp group so im me if i'm online! cya!