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NameScreen NameDescription
Geno StarRPMaker GenoStar^_^ Hiii...I like most anything about video games except sports. XP but umm.....hi? hi. :)
GinaAzureGinaNo description
GregblacklegionareHi All I LOVE Sonic and crew. Ive been a Sonic fan since I was 3! my favorite character probably is Knuckles, but I like them all. Im also into MechWarrior, but I like Sonic more. Im 13 and I play the base guitar. Plz AIM me :^)
Greg BRed Eyed KitsuneMeh, I like Sonic a lot. Knuckles is very cool, but Tails rocks, and is my favorite. IM me if you want, I'm not THAT boring -_-
GriffinZenricXCall me the Sonic guru. I know EVERYTHING about Sonic. A walking encyclopedia is what you can call me. Ask me anything, and i'll know the answer. not only to current sruff, but future stuff too