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NameScreen NameDescription
FirebirdBeth23322116 yr old(soon to be 17) Sonic fanatic. also a very good Sonic artist. I TAKE REQUESTS TOO just give me a few days to work on it :). Have a website... email me if you want the address!
FishboyFishboy919I'm a member of Sonic HQ, while maintaining the downloads and directory sections, I also help out around with many other websites. I work on Patent Pending, which is an emulation site, and I also maintain my own personal, and Sonic site. Phew..that's a truckload isn't it?
FlashbackFlashback FXSonic is a culture for me. Now I've got two projects referents to our blue speedy friend. Sorry for my bad english, I'm spanish.
Fred WoodfuzzybuttpootpieI like making fangames