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Earlearlm04I've been a sonic fan since i was little. I love the comic but my favorite charcter is Knuckles because he seems to get in the worst trouble but always battles it out to the end. Knuckles is the MAAAAAANNNNN!!!
EarthanTecztecatlSonic is probably the coolest all around character ever. And all his friends rock too. There isn't a single character I have a problem with, which is rare. But we all know Sonic kicks ass, that's why we're here. Contact me if you wish to know the amusing story behind my name (It's Mayan, I believe). I'm a slug-man! Anyway, I'm always willing to talk about Sonic, so if I happen to be online, tell me all you know. Y'know and I may let you live...but prob'ly not.
Eddie Wright JrPokePro90I like Pokemon But it got boring.Then I played Sonic I got interested.Its cool!I record the tv I like Sonic more Im at Yahoo so send e-mail or Yahoo Messeger.
Ender/ZifeizifeiNo description
EnigmaZyro84hi anyone i'm sad cause i can't make my comic IM me to cheer me up please. o I love fan fics. so if u have one let me read it! I know tons about the Sonic games on Genesis just ask me
Eric L.Seraphin TLHey! I'm TL, the guy who runs this directory. If you need to get in touch with me, be it regarding this directory or just to chat or something, don't hesitate to contact me! ^_^
Eric WrightNyco FoxxieDraw many things aside from Sonic related stuff. I'm a MASSIVE archive for hints and help on any sonic game below the DC ones ;) (Honestly, try me folks...)
Erik K.cyber knukelsi olove the new sonic comics ive been collecting since issue 80 and have sonic 100 and all but most of the sonic games on pc if and im 14 and would like to talk to a girl who likes sonic too,
epyonjepyonjjNo description
espiogirlMewMyuu151I'm a BIG Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokémon fan. I'm a great artist and chat with me anytime!