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DKDKI am a teen who writes and draws my own Sonic stories. If they arn,t up anywhere, contact me at (its my dads adress, refer to me)to get a story.
Damien "Missingno5000" WrightRaujinnI've been a sonic fan all my life, ever scince I first played Sonic 1 for the Mega Drive in 1991. I've been with the mofo for a good long time now, and my interests include game creation and drawing manga-style. I'm not the best out there, but I try. =P
Dan OdgersdanodgersHey I'm Dan I have been in to Sonic since the VERY start i had all the issues from 1-123 in Sonic The Comic but they got flooded! I looking from some new one to trade! IM and lets chat Sonic!
Daniel Winnerwinnerstriper1I am 12 years old & looooooooove Sonic! My first video game was Genesis that came with Sonic3 & S&K when I was 4 years old. Ever since then I've gotten to know more & love more about Sonic. If you want to talk or ask me about anything, feel free to email or chat.
Danny McMannDoomster83HEY ALL!!!! Well...i like Sonic (WELL DUH) but i also like StarCraft. I also LOOOVVVEEEE Role-Playing Games.
DarinZero1618I'm a 15 year old male, who likes (What else?!) Sonic, though Knuckles has a teeny-tiny bigger spot in my heart. I'm totally into anime of almost any kind (The DB series, Pokemon, Shadow Skill, Digimon, Cardcaptors, Sailor Moon, etc.). I'm also a huge medieval/fantasy fan, and an even bigger RPer. Did I forget anything? Hope not.... ^-^'
Dark HedgehogDarkHedgehogAI have been one of the biggest Sonc Fans out there! I love playing and collecting Sonic stuff! I am an artist, and I draw Sonic The Hedgehog all of the time! I even have a huge website!
Darkest LightKokuei HikariWhat is up, DL here, chillin on the Northwest side...xD
Naa Im a Sonic fanatic, and constructs historical Sonic my free time. Im me if ya wanna chat, e-mail me about anything...and that's about it.
Darren "RedFox"RedFox742Fan fiction writer, reviewer, and cartoonist, I'm fifteen and living in Eastern Massachusetts. After one particularly frustrating episode involving the Sonic 3 Casino Night boss, I decided to go online and look for tips. I sure as heck got a lot more than I bargianed for, though! Now I'm totally caught up in everything Sonic, and am not making any attempts to fight it. Oh yeah, Tails rules!
DaveMETALS0NICtaking care to note that that isnt realy an "o" its a zero. my name is dave and im , *gasp* a sonic fan!! ive been a sonic fan since sonic 1s release and will continue to be.
Dave WoodwarddavewoodI think that Geoffrey St. John is a lot cooler than Sonic. I'm writing a piece of fan fic about him right now. I'm looking for other fans of Geoffrey St. John.
Deanthebiledemonhello! im not going to say that im the biggest sonic fan ever.. because im probably not. im 16 and like to stake/soap and play on games. and i like sonic and everything he stands for!
DeliriumEwanMe2I like anime (esp. Sailor Moon), sonic, final fantasy 7 & 8, and music (esp. Tori Amos, and Alanis) and reading anything by Neil Gaiman.
Distonedwanderer16ive been a fan since before the comic book, i miss SATam horribly, i'm into video games big time, and truly believe there is no greater comic book than sonic. i'll talk about anything sonic-related and much more. i love sci-fi and fantasy video games not to mention a few books.
DianaDragonaKaImaziwhat can I say..I'm a true blue sonic fan
DiegoHeroic Ifrithey im a big sonic fan and many anime like Trigun,OutLawstar and many others
DigiTailssmile7a6'k, I'm Bluehog's sis.I like Sonic slightly.I really prefer Tails to Sonic.
DimitriLord EnerjakUhh lets see...My favorite foods/junk foods are Slim Jims,Gummy Bears,Chili Dogs,Grapes(seedless),Apples,donuts,and Raisenets.I love to RP but I am unable to find any DL members suck as my grandson Kragok,ect..So ALL DARK LEGION MEMBERS REPORT TO BASE!
DomdohodipoOh, I absolutely love Sonic! He is my favorite... anything!! Some say I'm obsessed, others say I'm a fanatic, I say I don't care what they say! (Although it's true! He he!) I wish there was anything else to say IM me p-p-please.
DracoMasterryusenseidesuMy Website ( is as Follows: My site is dedicated to the promotion and distribution of Fanfiction, right now exclusively to Sega's Mascot and Archie Comics #1 selling comic Sonic the Hedgehog. Right now we only offer stories in their original text form, but as soon as I move to a different server I'll be offering them in MP3 form, yes, MP3. I have the tools to record text into a sound file and will be posting them on my website, as far as I know it will be the first to ever offer this
DrewSonicBowlsNo description
Drew RyanKidmerlinPS2I like Sonic, Playstation (sorry), and other cool stuffs. I am 13.
Dustin CreechPerfectRaider109Hello! I got my s/n from being a huge fan of Tomb Raider and Perfect Dark. Of course, I like Sonic too! My fav. characters are Knuckles and Metal Sonic. Talk to me if you want to talk about Sonic or anything else related to video games.
DustyDustmac2000I am a 12 yr. old male. I like to create web sites. Im crzy about sonic and i still play the sega genesis.I watch The Sonic Cartoon on Toon Disney. Ive been a fan of sonic ever since I played the sega in 1994.
david foxveefox1yes im realy a fox i like sonic digimon dinos starfox yoshi mario art(thats a big one)pokemon is ok (i guess)i love to draw if you want a reqest done just ask i made a small team called teamfurry if you want to join it aim me a we'll get you in
drerazorblade4 lifei love sonic so much it really dosent make any sense but im planning on buying some soap shoes can any one tell me the best place to buy them at or a website online???you can also im me at cyberfoxx89.but im usally on razorblade4life