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NameScreen NameDescription
Cameron GrahamRabakuI like drawing and video games.
Carlos GomezHedgerock3I been a fan of sonic since the first sonic and still have. When Super Sonic first came out thats when I really became more into Sonic the Hedgehog. No matter what new characters they put in like Shadow or Metal Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog will always be the best. If you want to talk about Sonic drop me a line.
Carol SchneeweissEGFoxitYah! n_n~ Ahm.. I draw :P I usedta be on yerf/SCFA, now my art's pretty much at . :) ^-^
Chaos ControlsymbioticchaosI luuuuuuurrrrve Metal Sonic and the colour purple!
ChrisUEF Sonic..... ;)
Chris Lightniser (DarkSpawn)Sonic2029wassup? im about 17 years old, an average guy totally LOVES sonic the hedgehog stuff and some anime and LOTSA WWF WRESTLING! i have a website which is an ALIEN TRILOGY-SONIC crossover saga. check it out at: And also my friend (KUURgen) and i write WWF/Sonic fanfiction. check that out at:
Cyla McKaineCylaMcKaine1Hey! I like, well duh, Sonic, drawing, chattin wit my friends on the net, and other crazy junk.
chaostailschaostails1ok i have been a sonic fan 4 ever just aim me im 13
craiggndFnas the icq entry ^^