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BeckyMorainHey all! I'm an 18-year-old Sonic fanfrom Liverpool, England. My fave aspect is SatAM, but i even like the Arcie comics! I'm into most everything, and I have a website: with some of my fanfics on and stuff.
Benjamin the HedgehogGoobs67Hey! I'm working on a Sonic the Hedgehog Site which can be found at ! I also like to draw characters from Sonic as well as create my own (Which I am working on!) I really want to RP with these characters, so if you know of a site that RPs, want me to draw something or discuss the Sonic Comic IM me!
Biafra RepublicBiafraRepublici'm a big tails fan

p.s. I changed my name legally October 2001
Billy Halebillyhale86im one short person, i like soccer
Blue dudejeffmon89I love sonic games ever since I fist played triple Trouble andd now I'm a huge fan of sonic
Bluehogbluehog4uI am Bluehog. I make Sonic Fan games. I am willing to talk Sonic.
All my stuff is accessable on my website.
I am new and wish to help Sonic Fans out there
BoomerBoomer10x10I like Sonic games, I use to collect the comic. I also like skateboarding.
BreeAnn Barlow (Cassie)RedwalJediUm, I'm addicted to Star Wars, Sonic, anime, rock candy, music, and art, an that's all yer gettin outta me.
Brian MedinaKnux2000I'm Brian Medina; Bune on Ken Penders's Message board. I like Sonic, Knux, some other stuff, and thats about it.
Brian MorrisonIczer5No description
Brian SapinskiSonic WhammyNo description
Bryantcoolgye3000Hi all I'm 11 and I'm a huge sonic fan!!!
BugBugpossHey, Bug here, just wanted to join the AIM list! If you wanna chat, you know my AIM SN! :) Check out my Sonic site, The Page Of STUFF.COM:
beckyiwanttobenormali love art n muzik