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AJTrueBlueRadRedI am a huge sonic fan. I have almost every sonic comic. I'm 16 and like to talk about anything relating to sonic.
Aaron Friesencomicbookhero128I have been a HUGE fan of sonic when i first played his game, and i havent stopped yet! (soon to be web page...!!!)wow!
AdamBeefnbird2Hi, I'm Adam and I like to draw, read, write, and play videogames! I'm trying to come up with ideas for a website I'm making, so please submit some to me!
AdamcurleeeeyHello people! I've always been a fan a sonic but I actually became a superfan when I got my dreamcast and Sonic Adventure. That's the game the introduced Big the Cat! My favorite character! Well I'm 13 years old and will talk to just about anything! I'm a good people person.
Admiral B.M HedgehogSncKnuIm a big fan of sonic and i hate Mr.Encyclopedia's (aka Mach's)Guts
Alex- Nickname: Doomsday TailsDoomsday Tailseeee, well.....i'm a sonic fan (duh) my fave characters are Shadow, tails, sonic and knuckles-i am 11 and like to draw (guess what i like to draw) l' m a good sonic RPGer...plz IM me...and i like to talk/type see ya soon!
AllenAllenTRGHello. I am a 15 year old male fox, and I've been a fan since 1991. Talk to me anytime! I need a girlfriend who LOVES Sonic!
AmbersilversailoramWell, when i was younger I wanted to marry Sonic.. does that tell ya anything? I've always been faithful to SEGA because of Sonic. Haven't read any of the comics, but I'm totally willing if I get a little encouragement from someone who has. I'm 16, love to draw Sonic and anime/manga. email me if ya wanna chat. (I have AIM, yahoo and hotmail messangers)
Ammanda (little one)RyokoSaotome343umm 15 and i have every Sonic book in print and a bunch of other also looking for a writer for a continuation of the knuckles series. i have been drawing for 10 years now and i do manga as well. but yeah...i have no friends at my school who have read Sonic. umm....if it helps my fav bands are subhumans, anti-flag, glay, chisa yokoyama, Union 13, and a bunch of other stuff im way to lazy to list..............
AmyBabyPuertoRHi! My name is Amy and I am 14. I've been a Sonic fan since I was 3 years. I LOVE anything of Sonic. I also collect anything of Sonic. I like SatAm, SU, and AoStH. But I'm mostly a Big Sega Sonic fan and a Sonic and Amy fan at that too. i like fav Music is rap,r&b,rock,pop,salsa and freesyle. I would love to talk to anybody. You can talk to me anytime. bye!^-^
AmyMyaLe99I'm an artist. I like to read and write stories. I am known here on the HQ as KiraLe.Cya :)
AmyRoseAmyRoseI love Pokemon and Sonic
AndreaPuppypwr15I'm 13 and a bit of a Sonic Newbie, I've only been a Sonic Fan since about a week before Sonic Adventure 2 came out. Ever since, I've been dedicated to Sonic and anything related. I have a Dreamcast with SA2, SA, and Sonic Shuffle. I'm working on getting the comics I have 98-now, and more coming. Also I plan on getting some more Sonic stuff sometime in the future. I'm also learning to draw Sonic and the other characters (if you can help me PLEASE DO!). My favorite Sonic characters are Shadou, Tails, Knuckles, and Sonic. I enjoy talking to other Sonic fans, I'm online a lot, so hope to talk to ya!
AndrewSonic123sI am 11 years old, and have been a HUGE Sonic fan most all my life, ever since my mom got me Sonic 1 for Christmas on the original Genises. I have always been a total Sonic nut and always will be. I make up characters sometimes, I have played all the original Genises Sonic games except for one(I can't remember which), But I am not very into the Sonic comics, neither Archie or British "Sonic the Comic". Still, I am completely Sonic crazy in every other possible way, and hope to soon get the Dreamcast games. I also have 2 Sonic pages, one of which i can't find. E-mail or IM me and I will send you a link to the other one.
AndrewTailsPrower420I'm 17 and a huge Sonic fan. I play,read,and watch Sonic everyday. I collect Archie Sonic comics. Talk to me soon.
Andrew Paulsonsonic_hedgehogsI'm the biggest Sonic fan,I like to collect Sonic anything,and love to play and read Sonic games,and Comics of Sonic The Hedgehog!
Andy FieldsNeoSqueeksNo description
Andy Ice(ocydna)knuckles637hit me back just ta chat
feel free to invite me to sonic RPs and such...and i m me if yall problemo!
Annie CoonAnnie CoonUhm, I'm Annie! I love STH, so if you wanna chat, feel free to IM me. :)
AnthonyMilestails1859i like tails all the way people and i like the mario bros they r cool.
hey people i have a club and i have hook ups to the sonic team here r people we need: tikal , big the cat , victor the croc,charmmy if u feel like being one of those charcters im me im 14 male
Anthony100Hyper Anthony100Hiya!! I'm the owner if the Sonic Treehouse ( And lover of all hamsters!!! ;)
Ashlicuteblondeaz14No description
Axes (matt)shmattinI've been a HUGE sonic fan since 1991 and still am. I love to go soaping (grinding rails w/ your soap shoes..for those who dont know...) and exploreing my fam's 400 acre farm! p.s. you can find me at the south island forum as supersonic77 ttyl!!!