Sonic The Hedgehog #141 Review by Chronos Cat
Issue 141

Editor in Chief: Richard Goldwater; Managing Editor: Victor Gorelick; Editor & Janitor: Mike Pellerito; Special Thanks to Robert Leffler and Dyna Lopez at Sega Licensing.

...And the game continues...

Art by Patrick Spaziante

Sonic prepares to charge into battle, with Knuckles, Locke, and Lein-Da as his back up, while Eggman looms over all... Simple, and without any meaning to it, but it looks good.

Drawn by J. Axer, colored by Jason Jensen.

It’s Lein-Da, with that insanely evil grin WB introduced us to. Unfortunatly, she’s suffering from the same lumpy skin condition as the charecters in the past few frontispeices...

“Return to Angel Island” Part 4: “Ultamate Hero”
Written by Karl Bollers, penciled by Jon Gray, inked by Michael Higgins, Jim Amash, & Rich koslowski; lettered by Michael Higgins, John Workman, and Jeff Powell; colored by Jason Jensen.

Summary: Hunter and the Dingoes attack the Hidden Palace Zone, inflicting heavy casualties upon the Echidnas. But, when all hope seems lost, Knuckles regains his powers and saves the day. (This time he turns pink, not green, and goes back to red when the battle’s over.)

My Rating: Impressive story, awesome art. 8 out of 10

Comments: Hunter is creepy in this story... (He makes a good henchman!)
... Neat touch (but kinda sad) the beat-up teddy bear in the last panel of page one.
... Finitevus looks pretty impressive as he’s preparing to fight.
... We finaly find out that Knux felt sick when in the presance of the Master Emerald because it was jump-starting him. (Man, he looks evil when it happens! Reminds me of evil Super Sonic.) Also, aparently Archamedes suspected this before, which is why he thought Knux “kryptonite poisoning” was a good thing.
... It’s funny when even the DL fall down worshiping Knuckles
... Finallya hint of the not-so-secret past of Remington, when Lein-Da refers to “family” in the same panel as a flashback of Remmy
... Wonder what ever happened to the blind girl from a couple issues back.
...And then, another creepy scene, where we see all of Robotnik’s prisoners, trapped in “Egg-Grape” pods and undergoing brain-washing.
So, who’s in the pods? Let’s see... A chameleon, an unamed legionair, a legionair called “Simon”, an echidna mother & child (in the same pod!), the legionair “Rykor”, an unammed echidna, an echidna named “Kanewisher”, an echidna named “Bimmy”, the council of ants, the one and only Xenin (been a while since we saw him!) ... and, of course, the fan-girl favorite, Remmington.

“Mobius 25 Years Later: Scenario”
Written by Ken Penders, penciled by Steven Butler, inked by Jim Amash, lettered by John E. Workman, colored by Jason Jensen.

Summary: Knux and King Sonic meet with Rotor and Cobar (Sonic’s none too pleased to find they’re trusting a legionair) to discuss the end of the world. They learn that it’s all Sonic’s fault, and he promises to do whatever he can to help. Then Lein-Da shows up, demanding to know what Cobar’s up to.

Rating: The story continues to plod along, this time with some noticible errors. First of all, I really can’t see the comic’s version of Sonic (or any other official version, for that matter) understanding the two super-scientist’s techno-babel.
Second, they blame it all on Sonic -- but none of the events refered to were caused by him.
The first scene is from Issue 19, “Night of 1000 Hedgehogs” (although the footnote refers to issue 11’s “The Good, the Bad, and the Hedgehog"). The thing is, he really had no choice in 19 -- if he hadn’t acted, Robo-Robotnik would have conqured the multi-verse. (In 11, on the other hand, Sonic entered the Cosmic Interstate of his own accord; but the damage done there couldn’t have been any worse than in any other Zone-hopping story, and Cobor was refering to a specific incident.) ...The Ultamate Anihilator incident definintly damaged the multi-verse, but Sonic didn’t cause it, he just happend to be at ground-zero. And as for the Quantum Dial, would Cobor really have prefered Sonic let it suck Mobius into a black hole?!
As for the art, it’s good, solid Butler work... but it just seems to be lacking something...
I give episode a 6.8 out of 10.

Comments: I’m still waiting for an explanation as to how Sonic, Sally, Julie-Su, and especially Lein-Da manage to stay so youthfull looking after all these years...

Sonic Grams

"Start" by Mike"
"Off Panel" written by Mike Gallagher, drawn by Dave Manak, and colored by “Leonardo DiFinchi”. Mike weighs in on the “Is M25YL the real future?” question.
Letters by Rogelio Hernandez, Jonathan Lee, Austin Watterson, Chris “Knux” London, and Robert Rodrquez; answered by Mike. I notice the quality of letters chosen is improving... As for Mike’s answering style, the change in it is subtle, but it does work a lot better than it did at first.
"Fan Art": A bloated and well colored Robotnik Prime by Bryan “Sandman” Sanders; a stylish Sonic in motion by Marcus Williams; a kawii pastel colored Mina by Kate Regan; Shadow wearing a scarf and using a portable CD player (?!) by Christy Nakada; and Espio, Vector, “Ricky the Snake”, and “Friller the Lizzard” in “Reptiles Rule”, by Bryson Kaps. Chronos art awards to Sandman, Marcus, and Kate.

Final Thoughts

M25YL is dying, but the main Sonic story has been reborn. With Karl coming up with the ideas, Mike P holding the reigns, and WB providing the eye-candy, the main story is going good. Still, I have a bad feeling the next storyline is going to be a train-wreck along the lines of the first two chapters of the Tommy Trillogy...