Return to Angel Island
Part 4: Ultimate Hero

Page 1 finds Hunter massacring the Hidden Palace Zone with a ZORCH.
Meanwhile in Dingo City on page 2, The Chaotix and the DL haave massacred the dingo army. Lien-Da squabbles with Locke, and Locke tells Sonic to bring Knux along to Hidden Palace Zone.
On page three, Hunter infiltrates the Hidden Palace with another ZORCH. Archimedes pops up and tries to corral Wynmacher, Lara-Le, Kneecaps, Saffron, Remington, and Finitevus into the Master Emerald Shrine. Remington intends to stay and hold up the fort.
The women-folk and baby seem to be safe on page 4 when Hunter blasts his way in. Remington charges, and *sob* gets ZORCHed. Hunter and Finitevus face off and then-
cut to page 5 where Wyn, Lara-Le and Kneecaps, and Saffron find a disconsolate Archimedes. Together they all have a good cry. (Kneecaps' little speech bubble is heartbreaking!) Hunter is about to, presumably, ZORCH them all when Sonic and Knux come to the (supposed) rescue.
Page 6 has Hunter trying to ZORCH the heroes. He traps Sonic bouncing back and forth between spring balls. (Oh how I hate it when that happens!) About to fight back, Knuckles falls to his knees and cries out in agony.
Meanwhile on page 7, Lien-Da, Locke, and The Chaotix have returned to The Hidden Palace Zone to find it in shambles, and they are surrounded by dingoes. Lien-Da rounds on Locke, and Julie can't take any more.
On page 8 Julie-Su hands it to her and the two stare each other down - Kommisar with tears in her eyes. Vector breaks up the imminent cat-fight. Hanging behind for a moment, Lien-Da voices her grudge against Julie-Su because "Father loved her more." Charmy takes Julie-Su to find Saffron and Knux.
On page 9 Lara-Le leans over a bleary eyed Knux. Hunter is about to "collect his trophy" when Knux is overcome by shocking pink electricity and becomes Super Knuckles on page 10! Sonic says it all - "I gotta admit-- I wasn't expecting that to happen!" And by everyone else's faces, neither were they.
Hunter begins to sweat on page 11. Locke remarks that Archimedes was right, and Super-Knux goes in for the punch.
Outside, on page 12, The Chaotix/Dingo brawl is interrupted by a THOOMing pink blast as Super-Knux drops Hunter into the oceans of Mobius.
On page 13, the Dingos retreat and the crowd drops to their knees chanting "A-VA-TAR!" Lien-Da gets pissed.
Knuckles gracefully lands on page 14, having regained his chaos powers. Archy explains that his powers were merely dormant, and that contact with the Master Emerald reawakened them. A holographic projection of a bulging-eyed Eggman shows up, and is quickly smothered under Sonic's foot.
On page 15 Archimedes delivers the news to them that Remington and Finitevus were casualties of Hunter's chaos spear. Lien-Da remarks that "There's no time to mourn friends...or family." and there's a tribute panel to Remington - in his pre- and post-Return to Angel Island incarnations. The spaceship arrives to bring Sonic and co. back to Mobius below.
On page 16 Locke and Knux wrangle over Knux's leaving Angel Island. Knux bids his mother farewell.
In New Megaopolis on page 17, Eggman comments to M that his plan was not a complete wash and we see numerous pods, each containing a 'casualty' of the chaos spear - including Remington. Each pod-person appears to be having their minds erased, energy drained, and infused with a toxic wash.

I'm not sure how much I liked this story. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything special. I'm glad we haven't seen the last of Rem.

M25YL: Scenario
King Sonic and Knux meet with Rotor and Cobar. Julie-Su talks with Sally. Flashback panels to #11, #50, and #125 where Sonic disrupted the space/time continuum. Kommisar wants to be filled in.

Drek. That's all I have to say about that.


*Classical music is played as we see four figures in shadows, until the lights from stage shine down upon them...


KNUX: Ummm, Neo, this is the part where you talk?
NEO:...*sniff* I...I know! Itís just...this is our last talk show host thingy... *sniff* After that, I go back to my own review.
SONIC:...Ummm, NeoÖyou are aware that you can do this again if you want.
NEO: *sniff* I know...but I said Iíll stop after the last Angel Island Arc saga and I vow to keep it that way. It was so great, you guys. *sniff* Iíll miss you all.
REM: For goodness sake, we will still be here, Neo. You created us...well, your version of us. Itís not like we will disappear, especially since you draw us almost all the time!
SONIC: Actually, she barely draws me. Sheís obsessed with drawing echidnas. Pretty upsetting.
NEO: Sorry, Sonic. *sniff* Tell you what, Iíll draw you sometime in the future.
SONIC: Deal.
NEO: Okay...since this is our last review, I want you guys to be civil. No violence, okay? Especially you and you *pointing to Sonic and Rem*. This is a time to be happy...I guess.
REM: Let us just review, shall we?
NEO: Okay...

Whatís your opinion on the cover?
KNUX: It remains me of last issues. Two people stand side to side and something is in the middle, in this case, itís not the ME, but Lien-Da.
NEO: Yea, it doesnít exactly thrill me.
SONIC: On the plus side, I look awesome as always.
REM: One thing I wonít miss is your ego, Sonic.
SONIC: I wonít miss your insults.
NEO: Okay, was Spaz not aware of Lockeís design or was he lazy to look it up? Heís pants less and shirtless, which isnít the case in Dubís design.
KNUX: I donít know. I donít like it, but we canít just suddenly change it.
NEO: We should travel back in time and warn Spaz. Whee!
REM: Sit down before you hurt yourself, Neo.
NEO: short, we think the cover is clean and not messy *cough139cough*, but not enough to impress us. I give it a 7/10. Okay, next page.

REM:.... *looks at book again with uncontrollable anger*
NEO: Okay, guys...especially you, Rem, CALM DOWN.
SONIC: *catches breath* Damn...such a evil picture. REALLY evil!
KNUX: *catches breath* Whew...I think my heart just stopped for a brief second.
NEO: Well, considering I like the evilness behind this picture, I give it a nice solid 9/10.
SONIC: 9/10? Whatís the flaw?
NEO: She kinda looks weird. Must be the way Axer drew her mouth. Itís devious, but I donít particularly like it.
REM: *tries to stab the picture* NEO: Remington, GIVE ME THAT! *takes knife* I said be civil! Next page, the main story.

Return to Angel Island: Part 4: Ultimate Hero
WRITER: Karl Bollers
COLORIST: Jason Jenson

Wow, that be a lot of green. Whatís with that circle Eggman thing?
KNUX: I think itís Eggmanís communicator with Hunter, Sonic.
NEO: Man, he was nothing in that Knuckles issue because Hunter is rather find looking in here.
SONIC: *GASP* Neo is into human then us furries, shock!
NEO: Heís an overlander, and besides, I like humans. Viggo Mortensen for one...speaking of Viggo, remember the echidna I named Viggo way back in #139.
REM: I was hoping to forget it, but then you mentioned him.
KNUX: Have you figured out how youíre going to work him in your series?
NEO: I was thinking of Brotherís action in FFX-2.
KNUX:...........You want to make Viggo a flamboyant, possibly homosexual guy who rides a giant airship, seeking adventure, while shouting out random, flamboyant things?
NEO: Yep. I see Viggo as that, a carefree adventure seeker who poses in a flamboyant way and says flamboyant stuff. And he owns his own airship and he works for the DL while shoutin phrases from the 60's, 70's,and 80's. Maybe 90's.
SONIC, KNUX, and REM:.....................
REM: You are not right in the head.
NEO: Sez you, Rem. Any who, back to the comic, look at him zapping echidnas with his Chaos Spear.
KNUX: DEAR GOD, heís lowering the echidna population! How can one person do that!? Why donít they fight back!? At this rate, Iíll be the only one of the species...again!
NEO: *sly look on face* Letís continue the comic and see what REALLY happens, Knuckles.
SONIC: Next scene shows the awesome that is me, Knuckles holding his father, and the rest talking about stuff.
KNUX: It said the heroes have to go back and stop Hunter. And Lien-Da is blaming my Baba, saying if it wasnít for him, the Dark Legion wouldnít have to leave the Master Emerald shrine.
REM: LIEN-DA, YOU BAKA, if you had sent some Dark Legion to stay, then you wouldnít even be blaming him and...*sigh* Forget it, thereís no dealing with her.
SONIC: Rest assure, I, Sonic, decides to go, after all. Iím fast and awesome.
NEO: And Knuckles also goes, but Sonic tells him to ditch the gears he wears. Good-bye awesome goggles and other stuff. *sniff*
SONIC: Today definitely qualifies as Neoís emotional days.
KNUX: Iím not comfortable with the last panel with Sonic being a little...uhh...close to me.
SONIC: *teasing* Afraid I might end up smooching you? Hmmmm? *gets close*
NEO: *laughs* Gosh, I needed that.
KNUX: You suck.
SONIC: *smiles*
SONIC: You need to lighten up more, Remington, seriously. Next page, oooh, Hunter be all inside the ME shrine. And Remington has an exclamation point on his head, which means heís aware.
REM: Thank you for stating that, Captain Obvious!
SONIC: Shut up.
KNUX: Everyone, Finietvus (OH, FINNY! FETCH ME A DREAM!), Wynmacher, Safron and her doll, Remington, and Lara-Le and her child is in one of those ďWhat can we do?!Ē moments?
NEO: Answer: Enter the Fire ant. Archimedes pops outta nowhere and tells them to split. The next scene shows him in Remís arm and he quotes something that I, KNOW, is just the pinnacle of sexinessÖ

ďI intend to stay and face whatever threat is about to walk through that door, Archimedes!Ē

WOWWWWWW.....Remington, youíre so brave. *glomps him*
KNUX: Finietvus gets angry at Archimedes for ordering him around, then Hunter pops out. Remington leaps after him and-oh-oh, geez.
SONIC:...Yea...that about sums it up. Uhhh...Look, Remington, I know you had a long time in the comic, but Iím really sorry it had to end this way. Look, infact, Iím sorry for the insults up until now and the ones I had in my head that I didnít say out loud, but might in the future. I REALLY am sorry.
KNUX: Rest assure you, your comic book counterpart wonít be forgotten.
KNUX: There, there. *pants Neoís back* I know youíre probably the one whoís hurting the most right now. There, there.
SONIC: So you DID love Remington.
REM: FOR GODíS SAKE, I AM RIGHT HERE!!!! *she continues to cry* YOU ARE PATHETIC! Weíre not even HALFWAY through reviewing this damn comic and you already act like some whiner!
SONIC: Wiener, Remington.
KNUX: Next scene shows Hunter vs. Finietvus. We donít see what happens to him. All we see his massive grin. Wow, heís pretty confidence. Cocky, maybe? Like you, Sonic.
SONIC: Next scene, Archimedes teleports out and tells the others that Rem and Finietvus is gone. Poor Archy. Never realize a tough little guy like him can have such powerful emotions.
KNUX: Safron decides to protect the ME, but Hunter comes up from behind to chaos spear them. Of course, in the nick of time-
SONIC: -Is Knuckles and moi! Two awesome duos! And the first thing we do is...*sees next page*...oh, gets out of the way as he chucks some sorta ninja gear.
KNUX: Looks like the top of his spear, Sonic. Maybe itís removable. Any who, I see Archy, gets frustrated some more, Sonic fights the round, egg shaped radio transmitter doohickey, and Iím even in MORE pain as Iím near the ME.
SONIC: Thatís smart.
KNUX: *shudders* Gosh, I donít feel right.
REM: The Chaotix, the DL *shudders at Lien-Da* and Locke sama enter to where Sonic and Knuckles is and sees many chaotic experiences.
SONIC: Chaotic...*sees all the green chaos on the page* Nice pun.
REM: What?
SONIC:.........Moving on. Dingoes are now coming and Lien-Da blames Locke again, so Julie goes up to her stepsister and we get a giant argument before Vector pulls them away.
KNUX: I like it how they made Vector pull Julie-Su, the one person he argues with the most. Itís got irony and you love irony, right Neo? Neo?
REM: Neo is out of order right now. *eyes Neo, sad and depressed*
SONIC: Dear God, that girl needs medication.
KNUX: Apparently, Julie makes some good points that Lien probably wanted the ME all for herself, a reason she possibly accepted to guarding it.
REM: I told you I would never trust her. NEVER!
KNUX: A shocker, Lien is very jealous of Julie because apparently, their father loved her more. Ouch! I can understand why Lien hates Julie so much.
SONIC: Mighty asks where Charmy is taking Julie and Locke. They wants to go find Safron and Knuckles.
REM: The next page returns to Knuckles and Sonic. Sonic is still busy with that circle radio thing while Knuckles looks almost dead from the Master Emerald. His mother grows concerned for him. Then Hunter comes with the Chaos Spear ready as well as ready with insults, and just as he was about to flung it at Hunter, out comes Super Knuckles.
SONIC: Geez, as if the only echidna I was freaked out at was Remington, I got you to be scared of, Knux! Well, they took out the ďHyperĒ and just placed in Super.
NEO: I like it, the appearance of Super Knuckles. Makes it better that we see him instead of Super Sonic all the time.
KNUX: *smiles* Neo, welcome back.
SONIC: You okay?
NEO: Iíll be fine. Iíll live.
SONIC: Any who, Super Knuckles goes all postal on Hunter and makes an impression on a lot of people. He then tosses Hunter into the ocean, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay far from Angel Island. Considering he fell in water, thereís a chance heíll still be alive.
NEO: I donít think weíll be seeing him anytime soon, though.
SONIC and KNUX: Yea.
SONIC: Now Super Knuckles goes all glowly in pink colors and the echidnas, even the DL, bow down to their avator. Geez.
REM: *grins* It is wonderful to see dearest auntie Lien-Da suffer. It always puts a grin on my face and makes my life much easier.
KNUX: I return back to normal and Iím happy! I have my powers back! Archimedes and my Baba explain the power inside me has never left, just lied dormant. After much contact with the ME, I have the power back.
SONIC: Geez, what if you become Green Knuckles again?
NEO: Bollers explains that he has enough power to have his Chaos powers, but not enough to be Green Knuckles. And much rejoice comes.
REM: Eggman threatens the heroes that he has located the Master Emerald and of course, Sonic steps on the device that Eggman speaks in. Locke-sama and Knuckles sees it best to move the Master Emerald.
KNUX: I asked where Remington is and Archimedes answers. Then I cry. Shows prove how much we truly are friends...right, Rem.
REM: Hmmm.
SONIC: Wow, Lien admits Rem is family.
NEO: Which Iím eternally grateful for, now that she DID mention it. He better know soon.
SONIC: Dude...heís dead, remember?
NEO:.....*sniff* *sniff* *sniff*
SONIC: AHH! Iím sorry! Iím sorry! Iím sorry! Iím sorry!
KNUX: Moments later...what the comic said, the DL is moving the Master Emerald and my Baba is rather shocked at what Iím saying. That Freedom Fighter mobile airship S-Mark or whatever has come to pick us up. Iím leaving the island, apparently, itís not the island I wish to save, but the entire planet. After all, I also made a promise to Sally as well.
SONIC: The Chaotix is going, too. And poor Knuckles, his father isnít all that forgiving.
KNUX:...This is just like at home, neither of us understand each otherÖ
REM: It will take time. Locke-sama still values the traditional ways of the Guardian. Next scene shows him returning to speak with the she-devil.
NEO: Touching scene with Knuckles saying good-bye to his mother. *sniff* How sad.
SONIC: Next page.....!!!
KNUX: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
REM: ..........!
KNUX: OH...MY...
REM: ..............
SONIC: Echidnas, other animals, even Dark legions trapped in grape pods of some sort!
KNUX: Apparently, their memories are being sucked out. Thereís Rykor, Simon (Julieís adopted father), Xenin, even that Binnie guy from an old Knuckles issue, and *GASP* REMINGTON!
SONIC: Hey! Heís alive! Trapped and lack of memory, but alive! Neo...heís alive! HEíS ALIVE!!! *hugs Remington* YOUíRE ALIVE!
KNUX: *hugs rem* I knew you could never leave us! Youíre much tougher then that!
SONIC and KNUX: Youíre one of us, Remington!
SONIC: You can insult us if you want!
KNUX: letís go play soccer after this!
SONIC: HEY, wait a sec...Neoís read this comic many times before...SHE KNEW REM WAS ALIVE!
NEO: Well, duh! That donít mean my heart still didnít get ripped and torn! The first time reading this, you wouldnít BELIEVE how my heart was leaping in different rides of emotions! It was a hard time for me.
KNUX and SONIC:.....*goes back to hugging Rem* SEE?! Neo loves you, too!
KNUX: always best of friends!
SONIC: No matter how many times we insult!
REM: Can we get back to the review?
KNUX and SONIC: Oh, yea.
NEO: Well, basically this was an exciting conclusion with a cliffhanger ending that has us in suspense. What will become of our heroes, as well those in the grape pod is unknown. Considering the editor admits he knows in the editor page, itís already written as one can assume, so we wonít have to worry about waiting for so long to find the answer. Although months can be a long time. Whatever the case is, itís nicely paced, even if it felt a bit like too much was going on. I personally enjoy the little developments, especially the Lien/Julie argument. That was wonderfully done and certainly added a lot. I personally enjoy the emotions place in the end. The Locke/Knuckles had me clutching my heart as well, and obviously, the incident with Remington has had me in different impacts. Stories are suppose to do that and I swear, this was a wonderful arc. I canít believe all thatís happen in the pass four months. Amazing. Itís such a shame the arc has now ended, especially since Iím not too concerned about next issueís, which Iíll speak more later. 10/10, obviously.

Artwise, wonderful as always, although I was sort of irked on WBís drawing of Hunter, mainly one scene where Hunter has this face on as he tosses the Chaos Spear to Super Knuckles, that, and he has a VERY DBZ-ish look in a couple of places, but those donít truly bother me. Iím also slightly irked by WBís drawing of dreadlocks on Knuckles. It usually irks me to see like three pairs of dreadlocks over some echidnaís shoulders which I donít like. Dub does it flawlessly, but it irks me bad. The level of details are amazing, but because of that black BG which I normally like and fits well, some detailed scenes were more confusing then amazing. Still, itís nothing Iím going to throw my weight on. It was a satisfying experience all the way.

Next story.

M25YL: Scenario
WRITER: Ken Penders
ARTIST: Steven Butler
COLORIST: Jason Jenson

We gots Cobar reading some language I donít even know and talking about a mark. Then something about process accelerating. Then Sonic and Knuckles comes. Turns out Cobar is Lien-Daís fave scientist. Du Du DUUUUUN!!!
SONIC: Of course, because of that reason, Iím not all that pleased.
KNUX: and I say we cut to business. Rotor begins to explain as we see another scene with Julie and Sally unable to sleep, so they talk about Sonic and I arguing and such.
SONIC: Sally said I havenít been myself, oh, really. Okay, another scene explaining the...oooh, damn, big science words.
REM: And Sonic, all this is happening because of you. So, they experienced three things that Sonic did that messed up the Space/Time Continuum , all in the comic. The cosmic interstate incident where Sonic finds thousands of himself of alternative universe, the Sonic vs. Robotnik fight with the Ultimate Annihilator, and the recent boutings with the Xordaís massive Quantum dial.
SONIC: Sheesh. I check to make sure and Knuckles concludes the DL has done their zone hopping as well as himself.
NEO: Then Cobar explains that Sonicís was the one where it occurs the most. Ouch, gotta feel sorry for you there, Sonic.
REM: Basically, in the end, Knuckles and Sonic tells them to get their ass moving and find an answer to their problem.
NEO: Then Lien-Da comes, wondering what the fuss is all about and still looking WAY young for someone 25 years in the future. *coughholywatercough*
KNUX: Ummm...okay.
SONIC: That was confusing.
NEO: It was okay. At least they were talking of the current problems then another freakiní sleepover. And while there was a bit of them science words (science huts my head) it was enough in that I understand what the heck is going on. Still slow pace and boring, but with Lien-Da coming in the end, it does spice it up a bit. Frankly, this was is actually pretty darn worth reading, if not just once. Still nothing Iím excited about, but itís better then nothing, Iíll tell you what. Iíll give it a rather solid 7/10.

SONIC: Wow, high score.
NEO: Artwise, itís not as confusing as the present day story and is generally simple. I like it, but it's generally boring to watch because not much is going on. 9/10
Now, for the editor...

SONIC: Funny off-panel.
NEO: Mike is awesome with them round sunglasses and goatees feckiní rule.
SONIC: Neo, stop flirting with him.
NEO: Shut up, I is SO not flirting. The sunglasses is just the type I put on Rem all the time, it adds a lot of sexiness to the already sexy echidna.
I do find it rather interesting that Mike mentions how the next story might foreshadow the current batch of FF team. Frankly, I am interested in that aspect, but Iím still not overall, too excited. I guess we have to see for ourselves. Oh, and he mentions a ďshadowyĒ figure, any guesses who?
SONIC: Hmm...well, I-
NEO: GOSH! ITíS NOT THAT HARD TO FIGURE OUT! I still wonít say for those who somehow, cannot seem to know the obvious hint, but itís so obvious! Am looking forward to Amyís story. Any who, letter pages, and fanart wise, I like the second one with Sonic leaping out of some robotís attack. The fourth one is colored nicely and I love the scarf, but the legs need work.
SONIC: That first pic of Eggman is scary!
KNUX: And the Mina art is pretty adorable. The last one shows his love for reptiles.
NEO: Well, thatís itÖ
SONIC: Thatís it? No more? How fast.
KNUX: Yea...
REM: ...I will admit, I will miss this.
NEO: *sniff* Iíll miss you all...somehow! We WILL do this again! I promise you all! I donít know when, but weíll do this again! Iíll miss you all! *hugs all three despite their spines hurting me*
SONIC: Hey, why donít we all go play soccer, like Knuckles suggest?
KNUX: Sounds good to me! Me and Sonic can team up, against Neo and Rem!
NEO: Iím game.
REM:....*grins* I shall defeat you, Team Sonic or Team Knuckles or whatever you wish to name yourself.
NEO: Before we go, any parting words.
SONIC: Ummm...stay in school, donít do drugs. And buy my video games! INSERT SUBMINIAL MESSAGES!
KNUX: Ummm...always try new things, donít give up.
REM: My name has ONE ďMĒ, NOT two. Itís NOT ďRemmingtonĒ, itís ďRemington!Ē Get it right!
NEO: *sweat drops* My good-bye piece...No one is a bigger Rem fan then me!
SONIC: ALRIGHT! Letís go! *runs*
KNUX: HEY! Wait for me!
NEO:...Okay, folks, you can wrap it up. Weíre done...for today. *walks as the light turns off*
REM:.... *smiles, gently places the comic down, and follows them*
NEO: Until next time...

*Soft music plays or the Sonic 3 Ending song because it's a cool song as the talk show host finally ends. Who knows, maybe weíll return...*