Sonic The Hedgehog #140 Review by True Red
This issue has a decent cover. It is nowhere near as good as #138, but much better than #139 as it has some order to it. The frontpiece by Axer features Kage and Harry and is pretty cool.

"Return To Angel Island, Part 3 - How Many Echidnas Does It Take to Protect a Master Emerald?"
Writer: Karl Bollers
Penciler: Jon Gray
Inkers: Michael Higgins & Andrew Pepoy
Continuing from last issue, Knuckles is holding his baby brother, who is drooling now (and throughout the issue, he gets mini-pics to communicate his thoughts to the reader--and those were funny ^^). As Knuckles gives his brother back to Lara-Le, she tells him that his brother's name is "Knecapeon Mace" and that they call him "Kneecaps." While Knuckles comments that is the worse name he's ever heard, everyone else is laughing like crazy. In one of the funniest panels of the issue, Knuckles angrily asks "is something funny?" (complete with rising fire!) which shuts up everyone laughing though the expressions on Lara-Le's and "Kneecaps'" faces were hilarious. Anyway, since "Kneecaps" is reaching for Knuckles, Lara-Le gives him to Knuckles as he originally acts like a angel on top of Knux' head. Of course, that changes immediately as Lara-Le walks away as he starts bopping Knuckles on the head with his rattle.

"Later," Lara-Le tells the group that the echidnas set up tents for them so that they have a place to rest. Knuckles wonders if they did it out of kindness or because they think he's the "Avatar." Lara-Le asks him why does it matter, and Knuckles doesn't really answer but decides to go off alone. Sonic asks Julie-Su what's wrong with Knux, and Julie says that Knux is "complex" while Mighty points out that it must seem strange to be treated differently by people just because you came back to life. Sonic thinks of Sally after that comment.

As Knuckles approaches the Hidden Palace, the Legionnaire guards try to keep him out but Lien-Da orders them to let Knuckles pass. Lien-Da asks Knuckles why is he visiting, but he just tells her that he's not here to see her and walks on toward where the Master Emerald is located. As Knuckles reaches the ME, he starts reflecting on things that have happened. He mentions that Aurora had warned him that he would pay a price for deciding to come back to life and in the irony that he's considered special right now when he's normal--we also find out that Rotor is the one who created Knuckles' gear, the hammer gloves & air necklace. While he's talking, he ends up dozing off while nearby Archimedes (hey, remember him?) remains hidden from Knuckles but mentions that everything is happening as expected.

In New Megaopolis, Kage reports to Robotnik that Sonic, Knuckles, & company are on Angel Island, but he hasn't found out where the Master Emerald is located. Robotnik tells him to "work harder" before cutting the line. Robotnik nixes A.D.A.M.'s idea to send Egg-pawns to the island as he has another idea. Mecha (yup, she's been repaired and is back) wants to go to Angel Island, but Robotnik says no to that as well since he has someone "perfectly suited" for finding the Master Emerald. We don't get to see who it is, but Robotnik talks to someone in a "prison-pod" who he will be putting under his complete control with a collar to do his bidding.

Back at the Hidden Palace Zone, Julie-Su wakes up Knuckles as the troops gather. Lien-Da informs everyone that the spy has finally told them where Locke is being held so they can go rescue him now. Knuckles and Lara-Le share a hug, while Charmy tells Safron to stay here where it's safer. Remington wants to go, but Knuckles wants him to watch the Master Emerald while they're all gone. Being silly, Sonic asks how they're planning on getting to Dingo City, which is answered with a cool full page spread of the group riding the Dark Legion boogies (Vector who's still chewing gum has annoyed Espio whose text is "censored"), with Sonic doing tricks all over the place.

In Dingo City, Harry is nervously entering "Death Chamber Omega" with General Kage's breakfast. Kage is hungry since he's been beating up Locke "all night" and Locke still hasn't told him anything. At seeing Locke, Harry gets scared and drops the food. Kage grabs Harry and is about to hurt him when Robotnik calls. Robotnik wants to know if Kage has gotten the info yet and Kage says that he doesn't think Locke will ever talk. Robotnik tells him to kill him then, but the alarms go off and Sonic appears in the room. Kage realizes that if Sonic is here then the place is under siege--as outside the Chaotix & Dark Legion are beating up the dingoes. Sonic says that Kage might not be that dumb after all, but when Kage tries to attack Sonic, Sonic changes his mind as he trips Kage--sending Kage into the wall. Sonic is about to beat up Harry, but Locke tells Sonic to leave Harry alone as Harry is their spy. Locke says hi to Knuckles as he enters. Harry gives Knux the keys to Locke's chains and the two have a nice reunion (aww). However, Kage has freed himself from the wall and is still looking for a fight. After a wordless exchange between Sonic & Knuckles, the two take out Kage easily and start having a good time. Robotnik tells them that they shouldn't celebrate so soon since he knew that they'd go to rescue Locke, he sent an agent to find the Master Emerald who he's certain will succeed since the agent is "quite the hunter." The story ends with an overlander entering the Hidden Palace Zone, and those of us who've read the Knuckles comic series will recognize him as "The Hunter" from Knuckles #30-32. Guess it's a good thing Knux had Remington stay. :p

Rating: Rings

Awesome story that featured the return of Archimedes (about time!), Mecha (hey, I like her), and Hunter, who I liked from Knuckles #30-32--but I've always been a sucker for "The Most Dangerous Game" knock-offs. Robotnik was handled extremely well again. His lines with the art having him go from practically pure evil to silly and back again were perfect. Storywise, the only thing I did not like was how Knuckles was rationalizing recent events to the point that it seemed like he almost wished he hadn't come back to life as if his "powers" mean more than the people in his life. Sure, Lien-Da is a trip with her snide comments, but she'd make them anyway. :P As for some possible "hidden" story agendas, the "Snively Processing Lab" (with something that looks like Snively chained & pods with Mobians trapped) as well as the "find Albion" screen in New Megaopolis hint toward a lot of details left to be covered in terms of what's going on Mobius since Sonic #125. Can't wait until those things are brought up.

"Mobius: 25 Years Later - A Difference of Opinion"
Writer: Ken Penders
Penciler: Steven Butler
Inker: Jim Amash
Sonic is outside sitting in a chair as Knuckles approaches. Knuckles is taking his late night walk before going to bed while Sonic couldn't sleep due to stuff on his mind. Knuckles basically asks Sonic to join him for his walk. Watching the two from separate rooms, Julie-Su & Sally say to themselves that they hope that Sonic & Knuckles can "work this out."

The two start talking about what Knuckles mentioned over dinner (Sonic #138) with Knuckles convincing Sonic that "it will end" is more likely than "it won't end" considering how many times Rotor & Cobar are wrong (which obviously isn't often). Neither know what to do since they're dealing with "forces of nature," but Sonic mentions that Knuckles was once like that (flash back time) when Robotnik stole the "chaos emerald" and Knuckles became a "living chaos emerald again." Knux saved Angel Island, took out Robotnik, and then tried to "remake Mobius" (this is how Julie-Su lost most of her cybernetic dreads). Flash back ends. Sonic thinks Knuckles might've caused the current problem when he did that, but Knuckles says that Sonic was the "stupid" one for thinking he was a threat at the time. Flash back continues as Sonic warns Knuckles to stop but before Sonic even finishes talking, the gadget Sonic had goes off and hits Knuckles. Sonic was blinded momentarily as Sally tends to him, while Julie-Su is with Knuckles who is "red" again. Flash back ends, Knuckles complains that Sonic took out his eye, but Sonic reminds him that he'd only still feel guilty if Knuckles couldn't replace his metallic eye anytime he wanted. Sonic says that Knuckles is ignoring his point that Knuckles may have caused the problem and therefore he could probably fix it. Knuckles says that he might not still have the power, so then what would they do. Sonic doesn't know and asks Knuckles if he has any ideas. Knuckles is surprised as he never would've expected Sonic to act that way and asks what happened to Sonic. Sonic says "I wish I knew."

Rating: Rings

Oh my goodness, could it be that this storyline might actually get to the point? It is nice to actually learn something that deals with the storyline (the reasons for Julie-Su & Knuckles' appearances) and not to deal with silly "slumber parties." Let's hope this story means that stuff will begin to happen after dealing with months of unnecessary information.


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