140 Review

Sonic Adventure Style. Good layout. Nice choice of characters. Overall effect: Good.

"Return to Angel Island: Part 3: How many echidnas does it take to protect a Master Emerald?"
The first two pages are pure genius! Knuckles' expression in the first panel is priceless, as he holds up his baby brother by the butt flap. We find that the little buigger's name is Knecapeon Mace, or "Kneecaps" for short. (Apparently Lara-Le has a penchant for naming kids after joints.) Kneecaps does not like this name, and neither does Knux. The rest of the gang find it hilarious, much to Knux's infuriation. (Rem pulls out a copy of Sonic Beginnings) Mr. Gray has done an excellent job giving little Kneecaps expression in an almost chao stlye manner.

On page three Knux and Sonic reflect on coming back from the dead. (A tent in the background reads S3&K)

Meanwhile on page four, Knux heads to Hidden Palace zone to visit the Master Emerald. Lien-Da gives hi clearance past a Legionaire who appears to be wearing two batteries on his back. The last panel on the page depicts a particularly nasty-looking Komissar.

On page five, Knux sits in solitude at the shrine of the Master Emerald, reflecting on his fate. However, he is not actually alone, as a devious looking fire ant (Archy?) taps his fingers ina Mr. Burns style "Excellent."

Page five shows us a Sonic Heroes-esque base at New Megaopolis, where Gen. Kage alert Eggman of the infiltration.

Page six is particularly interesting, as Eggman and...Mecha consider what to do. In the background we see a sign reading "Lab Gamma -Snively Processing Lab- Robotization Replacement Facility" and a window into the lab where the silhouette of Snively is hooked up to all sorts of machines and a couple of furries are trapped in pods. Eggman releases an offstage prisoner to go to Angel Island - clad in a control collar.

Back at the ranch: Julie-Su wakes Knux and he and the gang are briefed by Lien-Da. Her double agent has informed her of Locke's location. (Lien-Da looking particularly like a dominatrix in the second panel. Knux and Charmy assure Lara-Le and Saffron, respectively, that they will be back. Remington offers to come along, but Knux tells him to stay and keep an eye on the Master Emerald. Sonic wonders how they plan on getting there but comments, "I had to ask!" on the spred on page eight, as he somersaults off of Dark Legion UFO thingys. Fun details in the background, as Mr. Gray is apt to give us.

On page nine, in Dingo City ("Echidnaopolis is dead" reads the sign), where there appears to be the Eye of Sauron overlooking the complex, we discover the fate of Harry the dingo cab driver, as he brings Kage his nutrient supplements. (Green ham and eggs?) Kage being in the process of torturing Locke.

On page ten Kage threatens Harry for nervously dropping his breakfast, but Eggman interrupts, and then the alarm sounds.

Page 11 finds Sonic standing in the doorway, ("I heard it was free chilidog day in Dingo City!") Cut to outside, where the Chaotix (and Lien-Da, looking Matrix-y and the DL) are handing out a whoopin'. We also see on a sign in the background that Kage is Stryker's son. Cut back to inside where Sonic gives Kage a "bring it on" gesture and one of his signature quips.

Sonic trips Kage into a wall, and makes to punch out Harry, but Locke informs him that he's about to pummel their double agent. In the last panel, Knux enters.

On page thirteen, Harry gives Knux the keys to Locke's shackles, but their teary reunion is brief - Kage is MAD! Sonic and Knux exchange a glance...

and on send Kage flying into a wall. Cheerfully comparing notes, Eggman interrupts - he's sent an agent to go after the Master Emerald. (Note Eggman's pun that he hasn't put all his eggs in one basket.)

The last page shows us...some guy. Who has materialized on Angel Island.

Great story overall. Mr. Bollers has done excellently on the dialogue, and Mr. Gray has surpassed himself. But talk about an anti-climax on the last page - are we supposed to recognize this guy?
The story also gives more insight into some unanswered questions, as well as asking new ones. Could Finitevus be Rotan's father? What's Archimedes up to? Is it even him? What's the deal with Snively? Mecha is still alive? Is Lien-Da for real? And who the heck is that guy on the last page?

M:25YL: A Difference of Opinion
Knux and King Sonic take a nighttime walk. From the windows, Julie-Su and Sally hope they can work things out. Knux and Sonic consider whether to believe Rotor and Cobar. They reflect on the past: Robotnik stole the Chaos Emerald (Though I'm pretty sure they meant the Master Emerald.) Knux turned into a living Chaos Emerald again, to prevent Angel Island from being destroyed. Knux recreated Mobius as he thought it should be (including Julie-Su without robotic limbs). Something goes wrong when Sonic has some sort of gadget, costing Knuckles' his eye. They argue. They seem to agree that they need to work together. They both comment that they don't know what happened to the old Sonic.

Pardon my abbreviated French, but, WTF, Mr. Penders? Unless I'm much mistaken - which I very much hope - he has just revealed what could very well be the end of the Return to Angel Island arc. There are some lines that would show otherwise. And I don't think that He would have stepped on Mr. Bollers' toes to such an extent. But even all that aside, this story has gone nowhere. I can't imagine my Mr. Pellerito would remark in his editorial that M:25YL reigns as the most popular feature in Sonic history.


Mr. Pellerito tries to justify the Tails and Mina pairing, waxes poetic on the nature of love, and shamelessly plugs the Sonic checklist.


Issue 140
Editor in Chief: Richard Goldwater; Managing Editor: Victor Gorelick; Editor & Dingo Spy: Mike Pellerito.
What have we here? Yet another issue of Sonic to review...

By Patrick Spaziante
Sonic & Knuckles, with Warrior Locke behind the Master Emerald, flanked by some Dingoes. ...Passable.

Kage and Harry, by Axer & Jensen.

Return to Angel Island: Part 3: How Many Echidnas Does it Take to Protect a Master Emerald?"
Written by Karl Bollers, penciled by Jon Gray, inked by Michael Higgins & Andrew Pepoy, lettered by Michael Higgins & John Workman, colored by Jason Jensen; special thanks to Robert Leffler & Dyna Lopez at SEGA Licensing.
Summary: Knux gets used to having a baby brother, then pouts for a while in the current Chaos Chamber. Later, the ChaotixPlus and DL attack Dingo City, taking down Kage and freeing Locke. But then, Robotnik's latest henchman arrives: Hunter!
Story Analysis: Reasonably well done, but not nearly as much happens as in the previous chapters. I give it a 6.8 out of 10.
Art: The baby's use of "emoticons" was funny at first... but got old fast. Also, WB's use of the "insanely evil" look with no obvious reason is a bit annoying. Other than that, I can't complain. 7.3 out of ten.
Finitevus and Kommisar like to hang out together... wonder if he's Rutan's father? In any case, her reaction to Knux and the Master Emerald in this and the last issue makes me wonder if she might know something about the Emerald's draining effect...
Is that Archimedes watching Knux in the chaos chamber?! 'Cuz it looks like him-except for the evil grin...
Back in Megaopolis, ADAM and M (fully repaired, I'm afraid) are both quite eager to take on Sonic... But Eggman'd rather use Hunter. Odd. But if you ignore this idle chit-chat, one will notice something far more disturbing in the background: "Lab Gamma". In this, we see some furries trapped in balls, in the "Roboticization Replacement Facility"... and, close by is what appears to be Snively, in some fierce bondage, in the "Snively Processing Lab". I'm not sure I even want to know what the deal with that is!
When Lara-Le is worried about Knuckles, Wyn tells her "Don't doubt the Avatar!" That's gotta be annoying, even for her!
Kage is holding Locke in "Death Chamber Omega"-odd that wasn't censored this time...
Oh, and Harry's the spy. *Yawn*

"Mobius 25 Years Later" - "A Difference of Opinion"
Written by Ken Penders, penciled by Steven Butler, inked by Jim Amash, lettered by John E. Workman, colored by Jason Jensen.
Summary: Sonic & Knuckles go for a walk, and reminisce about the final battle with Eggman.
Story: Nothing happened. Again. And even the dialog comes off as awkward, at times... 5 out of 10.
Art: Aside from the not-so-freakish weather, I can't complain. 8 out of 10.
Knux went Chaos Emerald again?! Ken, come on, here!
And, when Knuckles "remake[s] Mobius as [he] thought it should be"... Julie-Su's arms go flesh and blood. Huh? (It also looks like a city is becoming a forest, but that is barely even noticeable, not to mention, unexplained.)
With every issue, my expectations for M25YL decrease...

Off-Panel: Written by Mike Gallagher, drawn by Dave Manak, colored by "Pablo Peacockso".
Mike P. gets more than he bargained for when he demands some pages be inked.
Letters by Joss Lynes, Steve Hannley, & Eric Treadway. Also, Find your name in Print.
Sonic Fan Art
M25YL Knux by Shad Martin; Sonic & Sally by Christopher Melkonian; (Chronos Fan Art 3rd place winner) Sonic, Tails, and Knux by Andrew Davis; (Chronos Fan Art 2nd place winner) Sonic by Zac Streich; and Fan Art of the month, a Chaotix & Friends group portrait by Luis Perez.

Final Thoughts:
I've gotta remember not to go into new Sonic issues with high expectations... This wasn't bad, but it wasn't as good as I'd hoped, either...

Ah, good ol' 140! I've decided to review this one before 139. So anyway, time to get started. BTW, my subscription ran out with this one.


Knuckles is shocked to see that he has a baby brother. I've been expecting this to happenever since I saw that scan on SHQ(forgot which issue). He's a drooly baby with a green rattle. Knuckles asks his name and Lara-Le says it's Knecapeon Mace or *holds in laugh* Kneecaps! BWAHaHaHaHa....*dies of suffocation* I'd expect to hear *holds in laugh* "Ankles"! BWAHaHaHaHa...*gets resurrected from air* Get it? Knuckles, Ankles? Joints?? Like Kneecaps??? Ahem! OK, enough. Everyone laughs at that name as well, until Knux notices. "Kneecaps" seems to take a liking to him already, much to Knuckles' unliking. He's gon' give Knux a brain damage if he keeps rattling his head.
~LATER~ Lara-Le explains that the echidnas prepared tents as night shelters. Knux wonders why? Because he's the "Avatar" or because of hospitality? He takes some time to think about it. Sonic asks Julie-Su whazup with Knuckles. She says he's complicated. Mighty explains that dying and coming back to life can have everyone act different. Sonic can relate with Sally doing the same.

~MEANWHILE~ Knuckles pays a visit to the Hidden Palace(?) to see Kommissar. "Ko" asks something in a weird way of talking(seriously, who says "to what *insert whatever it is here*" do/is, etc?) Knuckles says he's not here to see her or the guy next to her(I gotta remember his name!). He's after the ME. Knuckles takes the time to wonder what's become of him returning from the afterlife. He's being rediculed by people for not having any abilities. Knux chise to return to life but didn't head Arora's warning because of his tempting ego. Knuckles is almost useless with no abilities and thinks he's being mistaken for someone he's not because of resurrection. While Knuckles continues to think, there's a shadow nearby n a farmiliar shape of a fireant. And judging by that "A" on his hat, I think it might be Archy!

~NEW MEGAOPOLIS- CAPITAL OF THE EGGMAN EMPIRE~ General Kage contacts the big man with info that Sonic and Knuckles have infiltrated the island and attacked the one of the dingos' prison camps. Eggman is ticked to hear that, as expected, and recieves info that the dingos ain't yet found out where the Master Emerald is. ADAM asks to dispatch an army of Egg Pawns, but Eggy says it's bad for a dingo to do an overlander's job. Sonic and Knuckles are attempting to save Locke so M asks to go out to find Angel Island. I wonder how she got out of the drink? Eggman sends another operative instead. Eggman talks to this op saying that this mission will get him out of the prison pod but will be under Eggman's will via a control collor.

~THE HIDDEN PALACE ZONE~ Kommissar talks to the Dark Legion about the word she's recieved from her double agent inside Gen. Kage telling her where Locke is located. Komissar decides to lead the Dark Legion while Knuckles decides to make the rescue plan with her. He gives Lara-Le a goodbye hug and departs with the rest of the team, excluding Saffron. Remmy has to gaurd the Mastuh Emerald. while the Avatar's gone. Sonic, packing speed an' all, asks how the rest'll get there. They use the DL ships. The following page is an awsome pinup with the travel route. This picture rocks! Nice job, whoever did it. I can't make out the handwriting but I think it says J. H. Gray, assuming that WB's middle initial is H.

~DINOG CITY~ Harry, the ex-cab driver, arrives in Kage's room with his breakfast as torturing Locke has starven him. Harry sees Locke and gets startled into dropping the bowl. Kage is ticked, again as expected, and gets cut off by Robotnik. Since Locke failed to reveal the Master Emerald's location, well... can I get a "Dun Dun Duuuuuun" please? Maybe later, since Eggman was about to order Kage to do it but got cut off by his #1 nuciance(must spell it right), Sonic the Hedgehog. He comes in, appearantly also starved having had a craving for chili dogs. If Sonic's here, Ksge figures that everyone else is as well. And to get there, they'd have had to take every gaurd out, which is whusgon' on. Sonic taunts Kage, who falls for it. Literally! Or almost. A trip counts right? As Kage rushes, he gets tripped and says something beyond this comic's standards... Sonic heads for Harry next, not recognizing him(to tell you the truth, I don't think Sonic's ever met him), and gets stopped by Locke who explains that Harry's the double agent Kommissar mentioned. Knuckles meets him at last and recieves the keys from Harry to unlock Locke(no pun intended). Locke is alright, but a little woozy, and happy to see Knuckles again. Kage gets up, furious, then out again by a "double whammy" from Sonic and Knux, but judging from what this month's M:25YL says, this might be the last time they ever work together. While they take some time to "pat each other on the back," the doc comes on the screen introducing them to his agent mentioned earlier. It's a hunter guy I sadly know nothing about. I just say a cover for Knuckles 30-32 on Sonic Mega Collection but didn't get to read those actual issues. Anyway, things look dangerous from here on. Very dangeous! TO BE CONTINUED!

Lemme just say this story was perfect! Outstanding art by WB, much action and an overall wonderful story! Plus many arts are jutt too funny!!! If only I can understand all those Easter Eggs by WB. Still, I love this story to death!!! I can't wait to get into M:25YL!

MOBIUS: 25 YEARS LATER: A Difference of Oppinion
Sonic and Knuckles meet outside after the dinner to have a little discussion. Knuckles came because he takes a walk before goint to sleep while Sonic couldn't sleep. Knuckles can't blame him. Queen Sally and Julie-Su watch from an upstairs window hoping/praying that the two fill work things out. Knuckles says he still believes what Rotor told him, while King Sonic doesn't. Knuckles says when someone he knows tells him the world might soon end, he listens. Sonic says "maybe" and "deffinetely" are 2 different things. Knowing Rotor and Cobar's Track Records, Knuckles says Rotor and Cobar are usually right. Sonic and Knux can't figure out where they should take action after this. After all, you can't control nature. Knuckles says it could be beyond nature. He can relate with his Chaotic powers. Bace yourself because this part contains a ton of SPOILERS for furute issues!!!
During the flashback, Robotnik tried to take the Master Emerald while possessing the power to be master of the universe. As Knuckles tried to stop him, it triggered a change in Knux. He recieved his Chaos powers back and then was able to save Angel Island. He defeated Robotnik and remade Mobius the way he thought it should be. Sonic gave a warning to Knux about something and then pressed a button on a device he knew nothing about. As Sonic recovers from a big explosion, he goes with Sally and Julie-Su to see Knuckles on the ground looking out cold. The flashback ends and it's here that we figure out exactly how Knuckles got that eye of his. The original got blown out and they had to get it replaced. Wait a munite! Isn't Knuckles a cyclops like Sonic?! If so, he'd get his single eye blown out! Anyway, this explains why Knuckles and Sonic don't get along. Sonic's poit is that Knuckles might have started everyone's current problems because of what happened back then. And if that's true, it can be fixed in an instant. If Knuckles doesn't have the power, then he doesn't know whatta do. He says Sonic should be trying to find a solution to the problem instead of blaming someone. If he can't save the world, then he's out of ideas. Knuckles says this isn't like the Sonic he's known for years. Sonic agrees, feeling like he doesn't know himself anymore.

Poifect again! Spoiilers or not, it's still good to know somethings revealed at last! I really look forward to future issues now that I've read this one! Great art, story, dialogue, etc! It's now on my list of favorite issues! A pure 5 rings!

*Classical music once again plays in the background as the camera pans to four figures sitting on a chair. The lights shine and there stands the four.*

NEO: Hello, Iím Neo Yi, official...well, unofficial Sonic comic reviewer, one among many. Next to me is Knuckles, Guardian of the ME and all around good guy, Remington AKA Mr. Sexy-
SONIC: And Mr. Rude.
NEO:...And of course, Sonic AKA He got pass security again.
SONIC: Well, tisí easy when you have super speed, milady.
NEO: Whatever. Any who, weíre here to review #140 of Sonic as the Angel Island arc comes to a close (and so will this talk show host thing once after #141). Now, letís have a looksee on the cover. Well, boys, what do you think?
REM: Less cluttered then last issue.
SONIC: Man, I look SO awesome in this pose.
REM: At least this time Sonic and Knuckles shares the spotlight instead of the hedgehog hogging it all the time.
SONIC: Hey, my comic, my spotlight, Remmy!
REM: Do not call me ďRemmyĒ, I have warned you many times!
SONIC: How come I canít call you ďRemmyĒ yet Cream can?
REM: Well, being that Cream is six, she makes it sound adorable, plus, I like her, you I do not.
SONIC: You are COLD.
KNUX: I like how the dingoes are side to side on the ME, kind of gives it an ironic sense that these guys are guarding it.
NEO: This cover truly is less messier then last issue, not good, but not bad. The one thing that irks me is Lockeís face. What the hell happen here? Itís like he was beaten by the ugly stick multiple times! His face looks all saggy and his eyebrows just pop RIGHT up there. And unless Iím mistaken, WHY is he brown? Oh, SPAZ. *shakes head* Donít reduce yourself down to Jensonís level of coloring mistakes!
KNUX: Yeesh, poor Baba, he needs a facelift.
NEO: Iíll give this a healthy 7, only because itís more cleared then that last issue one and nicely placed, but not enough to impress me. Next page. WHOA!
SONIC: Yea, I know, Kage is such a badass here. Heís ready to kick some ass, even I I can easily beat him.
NEO: No, I meant the mono eyes on that dingoÖdoesnít fit him at all. I still liked last issueís frontispiece. Viggo over there was one sexy Dark Legion echidna.
SONIC: Oh, God.
NEO: The coloring is fine, so Iíll give this an 8. More impressive then the cover. Now, onwards to the story.

Return to Angel Island: Part 3
How many echidnas does it take to protect a Master Emerald?
WRITER: Karl Bollers
ARTIST: WB/Jon grey
COLORIST: Jason Jenson

REM: Two pages of Knuckles and his brother, Mace.
NEO: Priceless Expression #1 for Knuckles face on his reaction! LOOK AT THAT! ITíS SO FUNNY!
SONIC: Man, I didnít think youíd be so surprised, you knew your mother was pregnant.
KNUX: Hey, lots of things happened in my life, well, according to this comic (since Iím Neo Yiís version of Knuckles), so cut me some slack.
REM: I am sure you can relate to this though, you have three little sisters.
KNUX: Yea, but I manage to handle it well when they came into my lives. I guess because I was with mother throughout her pregnancies. Although the time when she had to run from the law and coming back occasionally and other stuff.
NEO: Still working on that story arc.
SONIC: When DID your mom leave you to run from the law (Neoís blatant parody of Mother Simpsons from ďThe SimpsonsĒ)?
KNUX: I was still a child and only Piper, my sister, was born at the moment.
NEO: Well, you got a brother here and heís got a cute side to him, but damn, I agree with the little tyke on his choice of names. Knecapeon Mace AKA Kneecaps!? What the hell?!
KNUX: I know! WHY is he named Kneecaps!? Thatís got to be the WORST name Iíve EVER heard on a kid!
SONIC: Oh, Shut up, KNUCKLES the echidna.
NEO: LOL! Look at him getting all pissy. OOOH, look, now Mace is chewing on Knucklesí dreads! AWWWW! The last time I saw that in the comic was baby Sonic chewing on his momís spines during the Great War Arc, except this is MUCH cuter because itís better drawn.
REM: I notice the little baby seems to enjoy drooling a lot.
SONIC: LOL! Look at that baby whack Knuckles!
KNUX: OoohÖjust looking at it makes me feel like I lost brain cells.
NEO: Next page shows the freed echidnas giving the heroes camp, though Knuckles talks about how much he has changed and decides to be alone. Oh, and Sonic mentions Sally.
SONIC: Well, she broke up with me in #138 and grew all PMS. I mean, what was I suppose to do? She changed on ME. But then again, I donít know if I can relate, Sally works for Remingtonís family in Neoís story and Iím pretty much my SegaSonic counterpart.
REM: Knuckles goes to the Master Emerald shrine after briefly chatting with...Lien-Da...evil...BEWITCHIN...USURPER! *takes out a knife to stab the comic*
NEO: CALM DOWN, REM!!! REM:... *puts knife away* What on earth is she sitting on!? A bean bag chair gone wrong?
NEO: You ask me. Man, the last page of Lien-Da there is simply evil...I likely. And Dr. Finietuvs!

OHHHHHHHHHHH!!! That glossy white fur as pure as the silver moon, the black eyes as potent as the night sky, the glasses that can reflect but a thousand mirrors, that flowing cape of incredible silk, and the smog covering his bottom elegantly flowing besides him...OH, DR. FINIETVUS, FETCH ME A DREAM!

NEO: Awwww, poor Knuckles. So much change in his life. He seriously hates how he is being treated.
SONIC: Man, Knuckles, how can you be so sad? They treat you like a God! Hell, in Neo Yiís version, youíre a feckiní prince! Itís a living!
KNUX: Donít you get it? While I may be used to so much respect in Neoís version, this Archie version is hurt because he isnít used to it. So much change has evolved into his life that he simply cannot accept it all at once, if at all.
NEO: Who better to understand then Knuckles himself? Awww, heís crying, poor, poor Knuxie. *gives hugs* I also have to add that his speech with Aurora must have been triggered because of so much drastic changes (him being protrayed as the avator, Angel Island ruled by Eggman and the Dingoes), it was so devastating that even Knuckles, who sacrificed his own afterlife in #125 seems to want to change his mind, but he knows he can't and just has to accept it and deal with it in the best way position. *still hugs knuckles*
REM: You havenít hugged me like that in a while, is that a good sign?
SONIC: Youíre just jealous. *Rem smacks him*
KNUX: Whatís the deal with Archy? Is he up to something?
SONIC: Dude, when someone has their hands together Mr. Burnsí style and has an evil grin, something bad is BOUND to happen.
NEO: Or something good. Even though Archy may have something up his sleeves, it can still be a good thing, despite the evil intentions on his face. Thatís why nothing has explained yet, so we readers are left wandering what will happen and truly, I wanna know what Archy IS indeed up to.
REM: Next page has Eggman and Kage talking. Eggman is not happy egg shaped man as Kage did not get Locke-sama to reveal the location of the Master Emerald.
NEO: YAYAYAYAYA!!! Mecha is back! Sure, sheís a random new character, but I like her! Sheís a kick butt android. Letís hope Karl can put some good character development on her. She has a lot of potential. Anywho, did anyone else notice that Snively thing? I didnít see this until like the third time I read, but look at it. Itís like some robot Snively replacement thingy. I wonder if a story will be made of this?
SONIC: Didnít they mention of a Snively story in the making?
KNUX: I donít know.
NEO: Canít remember.
REM: I donít care.
KNUX: Now it looks as though Eggman is sending in someone to fetch the ME and using a control collar as well...I wonder who it is?
NEO: Youíll see. Aww, Eggy looks cute when heís happy.
SONIC: Youíre weird. How can ANYONE see Eggman as attractive?! I mean, DAMN, now I have images of Live Nude Robotnik, OH, DEAR GOD!
REM: Heh, Next page. Julie-Su wakes up Knuckles and Lien...Lien...Lien...
SONIC: Man, you must REALLY hate her. Just accept it. Sheís a good guy here.
REM: Lien...LIEN...
KNUX: Iíll continue, Lien-Da gets word from her double agent that he found Locke and the heroes, plus the Dark Legion decides to march off.
NEO: Whereís Lienís tail in that one panel down below? I think WB must have forgotten it.
SONIC: Ha! Ha! Remmy doesnít get to fight! HA! HA! You get to stay! AH-HA!
NEO and REM: SILENCE!!!!!!!!!! *smacks Sonic*
KNUX: Well, hereís Sonic asking how the others will get to where Locke is as Sonic has his speed and he gets his answer in a nice one page panel of Sonic showing off.
NEO: Okay, maybe itís my unfathomable obsession with Remington, but Finitivus standing watch over from beyond as Knuckles told Rem to guard the ME has been in pondering mode.
SONIC: Oh, Neo, anything that remotely HAS Remington has you pondering.
NEO: I canít help it, Iím SO interested. Youíd be surprised how one picture can reveal clues to later issues. Iím keeping this one in mind.
KNUX: Iím more interested in this one panel of Sonic running around. Itís nicely drawn, even if Sonic IS showing off.
REM: ALWAYS showing off.
SONIC: Please shut up and youíll live longer.]
KNUX and SONIC:..........?!
NEO: Ladies and gentlemen, Remingtonís rare laughter.
REM: Whew...heh..heh.. *gets serious suddenly and glares at Sonic* YOU threatened me.
SONIC: Yea, so?
REM: *hard glare with scary voice* I shall CUT you in two before you can even reach me.
SONIC: .....
KNUX: OoooookayÖnext scene shows Harry the Cab driver, now working for the Dingo army, getting Kage his breakfast...er...nutrient supplements.
NEO: I donít see why it needs to be called nutrient supplements, especially since the next page has Kage saying itís his breakfast. Speaking of food, Iím hungry.
KNUX: Sonic comes and shows of his ego. Then we see the others fighting the other dingoes outside while Sonic handles Kage inside.
NEO: Sonic uses the olí ďtrip the baddieĒ and make him crash into a wall, all in super speed.
SONIC: YEA! Go me!!! Man, I canít emphasize how much I rule in this one panel!
REM: Then Sonic is about to beat up Harry if not for Locke informing him that he is the double agent.
NEO: Double agent...spy is an easier word to say and type. I also seem to notice that Harry IS in the army. Now, my MAIN theory stands that he was forced to join, because Harry would never do it of his own will. He likes his simple life as a cab driver, except for the occasionally lifts he must give to Rem and the Chaotix. My second theory was that he joined to be a spy , but I seriously go more for the former one. I mean, seriously. I was surprised to see Harry himself was a spy, never pictured the type, but I guess even he was desperate for a chance to be free.
REM: You lazy.
NEO: Oh, I know. And Knuckles and Locke are reunited!
KNUX: What a nice way to reunite with my father...him hanging upside down and still smiling...*sniff*...I havenít seen my father smile in YEARS! *sniff*
NEO: There, there.
SONIC: Locke is freed thanks to Harry and then, Kagey boy comes back for more. Of course, me and Knuckles handled him. What a loser.
REM: Eggman comes and announces the person who will help him find the ME.
NEO: Iím going to go out on a limb here, but I think heís the hunter from Knuckles #30 to #32. If that is, DAMN, that issue back there did nothing to him. He looks quite NICE here.
KNUX: Wait, isnít he an Overlander? Then why does he have five fingers here?
NEO: Putting five fingers on Overlanders is an common mistake, Knuckles.
SONIC: Well, that was an awesome read. I was awesome here!
NEO: Concerning the storyline, I must perfer it over last issue which was STILL good in their own way. First off, the level of emotions and fight scenes work in such perfect harmony. Knucklesí emotions throughout was quite emotional indeed as he had many new changes. His harsh reactions to his brothers, his tears towards his father, his attitude in battle, and of course, the level of tears and drama when he visitís the ME. Nice. He even hugs his mother this time. Thank you very much. I gotta say though is that Knuckles has experienced SO much emotions here ranging from angst to cocky to anger to just plained confused. It's a bit overdoing it, but hey, I can understand why.
Second, kudos to Karl for bringing back the Hunter from an old Knuckles story. No, I donít care much for him, but it is simply wonderful that he IS bringing back an old character instead of hastily solving it with new ones. I am now curious as to how he will play a lead on the next part.
And Third, Archy and Harry. DAMN! What IS that ant up to? Either way, it can be good OR bad. Itís not given and I donít expect it to. His role in the story leads up to us readers wandering just WHAT Archy is up to and I enjoy the suspense Mr. Bollers has place for us. I already pointed out on Harryís role and my theories above, but once again, happy that the spy isnít some new character, but someone we already know. Although it is hard to believe it IS Harry as a spy, I said it before, he must be desperate. I mean, I bet he took it up wanting that simple life as a cab driver he always contended with. Another masterpiece, Kudo, Bollers a solid 10/10. Oh, yea, and this has ONE of THE best title...EVER.
Artwise, we got another visual masterpiece from the Dubster himself. What I notice the most throughout was his constant use of shadowing. Heís probably one of the BEST shadowers I have ever seen and to see it more emphasized here, yet not overdoing it, is simply riveting. Oh, and his eyes. Whenever a character does not have black eyes, itís always outlined thickly surrounding the eye pupil. Itís something I notice, but forgot to mention. I WILL say that I LOVE that element and might consider doing I meself. I mean, itís so nice and gives great life.
Thirdly, Mace. As a baby alone of his age, he canít talk and in the comic, it certainly shows that. But what he fails on speech, he makes up for in words. My goodness, the child is given his set of ďspeechĒ and emotions through word balloons. Now, I have no clue if WB did this or Bollers did, but I give full kudos to it. We can understand the baby better BECAUSE of these word balloons. We see he hates his baby name (I do, too, even if it was to compare with Knucklesí name and Knux himself thinks it sucks, OH, HOW I LOVE IRONY!), his love for his mom, and his ďevilnessĒ to Knuckles as he whacks him with his rattle. Touche. Touche indeed. I am irked that he forgot some of the echidnaís tails though.
Jenson still works too much orange and red on random characters and other lazy colors to other characters, though, but itís hardly noticeable since there isnít much character group. Too much shines as usual, but WBís art more then makes up for it. Although I haven no clue if itís Dub, the inker, or even the colorist, but some of the characters eyes remain black. Example would be Remington who has blue eyes or Mighty who also has the same color eyes. Lara has green, but she ended up with black, you get my drift? It irks me. It irks me badly! And I personally like Lien-Da with her lavender eyes best. Ah well, mistakes are made. Another 9/10.

M25YL: A difference of Opinion
WRITER: Ken Penders
ARTIST: Steven Butler
COLORIST: Jason Jenson

NEO: M25YL starts with Knuckles and Sonic talking in Knucklesí backyard. Man, he has a FINE place. I wanna live there!
REM: We get some pointless arguments between the two as well as the wives looking from beyond, hoping they will solve everything, Sally pretty much repeating the same thing Julie-Su just said.
KNUX: Now, they talk about the end of the world dealie and how Knuckles believes Rotor, yet Sonic doesnít.
NEO: I donít understand why he wouldnít? I mean, Sonic has trusted Rotor before, why now? Too ridiculous for him to believe? Did Rotor go too mad in his experiments? What? Iíd like a reason, please.
REM: Now, they talk of the past and a flashback occurs as we get a history lesson. Eggman steals the Chaos Emerald, Knuckles turns green again, disguised as being called ďLiving Chaos EmeraldĒ, destroys Eggman, then recharges Mobius.
NEO: Then Sonic comes with a device (I assume from Rotor) and is about to use it on Knuckles until it was set off prematurely and costs Knuckles his eye.
REM: Any who, they talk some more about their lives and other crap like that.

NEO, KNUX, REM, and SONIC:......................................

NEO: Okay, WHAT...THE...CRAP!?
SONIC: Green Knuckles COMES BACK!? I thought he was history! I mean, isnít the ME SUCKING the powers of Knuckles, NOT enhancing it?
NEO: We donít know if M25YL is the true future or not to the current present. Any who, my review. Itís still WHAT THE CRAP!? I was sort of excited to see how Knuckles and Sonic changed, but I didnít get what I promised. We didnít see WHY they changed. All we got to see was how Knuckles recharged Mobius. What the crap? First off, I did NOT like how Green Knuckles came here. It has that affect on me in that he might return to the present day Sonic stories when they nearly were ALL lackluster at best. Green Knuckles not contradicts Boller's as he is charged in Penders with green chaos Emerald power while the present day, his power is being sucked out. Considering Penders will be doing some main storylines in Sonic, I am deeply concerned.
The second would be the rechanging Mobius. WHY did Knuckles wanted to change Mobius? I mean, he took down Eggman, WHAT does he want to change? Couldnít Penders even tell that!? I mean, this is SO cheap. Even the way Julie-Su ended up was cheap as she lost ALL her robotic parts as a result. I mean, they could easily explain that Julie replaced her metallic parts with a fake furry arm or spine or whatever instead of this cheap easy way through.
Thirdy, WHY is Knuckles blaming Sonic on a device he didnít press, but was set off prematurely? Ainít heís fault! WHY!? And such a terrible way to lose an eye. I would have been more convinced if Knuckles said, ďI lost it during a battle I once had from one of Eggmanís robots who clawed my eye outĒ, but we get this!
Fourthly, WHAT IS Sonicís opinion on Rotor? He didnít believe Rotor when he mentioned about the possible end of the world, but he uses a device that I can ONLY assume Rotor himself made it? Unless of course, Tails did (but heís role as mechanic isnít shown clearly in the comic). See, even I donít even know how the device is made! We all know Sonic himself couldnít have made it, itís not in his nature. I mean, couldnít they just added Rotorís name next to ďdeviceĒ in that speech bubble or SOMEONEíS name to know WHERE he got that kooky device? Geez.
The ONLY good thing is how Knuckles and Sonic act together. I like how they are trying to get along when they pretty much canít stand each other. I like that part at least and keeps me from giving this a fairly low score. Not to mention they mention the end of the world and they donít deal with any sleepover crap that ignores the main flow of the story. Sheesh.
Artwise, Steven Butlers does good job as always, but unfortunately, the shine on characters by Jenson is shown more here then the main story which I hate. Oh, and Knuckles has five fingered gloves on one panel, but thatís it.

In Sonic-grams, YESSSSS, the letters are NOT some immature 11 year old shouting heís Sonicís NUMBER ONE FAN!!! YES, I AM HAPPY! Thank you! Artwise from fan artists, I liked the fifth one. Nicely colored, nice pose, perfectly modeled, and generally good.
KNUX: They REALLY need to stop accepting art by kids who copy such as the one with a lot of characters. Itís obviously he used #138ís cover for this.
REM: Are we done?
SONIC: I think so. Wow, that was some powerful rant.
NEO: Yea, and you and Sonic didnít argue as much.
SONIC: Heh! He knows deep down, he can never defeat me, in battle OR by insults.
REM: THATíS IT! DIE! *tackles him down*
KNUX: Not again.
NEO:...*sigh* This is Neo Yi, again done with another story, signing off.

*Classical music plays again as Neo and Knuckles once AGAIN tries to pry Rem from stabbing Sonic*