Sonic The Hedgehog #139 Review by True Red
I really don't like this cover. It has a cluttered and hastily plastered feel to it. The poses for the random Dark Legionnaires, Sonic, and Julie-Su are okay. Knuckles shouldn't even be on the cover based on where he is placed. Why this cover couldn't have been a bit more action-oriented or at least feel more organized I don't know. The frontpiece has a slightly darker (and more detailed) rendition of the Dark Legionnaires that were on the cover. It doesn't stand out much, unless you are looking for some Legionnaire images.

"Return To Angel Island, Part 2 - Avatar"
Writer: Karl Bollers
Penciler: Jon Gray
Inker: Michael Higgins
As Sonic suggests, he, Knuckles, and the Chaotix "scatter" as they take on the Dark Legion that surrounded them in Lava Reef Zone. However, the fighting is interrupted as Lara-Le yells at them to stop fighting since they're "on the same side." Lara-Le hugs Knuckles, while Wyn grovels at Knux' (or should I say "Avatar's") feet. When Knuckles asks why they are with the Legion, Wyn explains to "Avatar" (Knuckles' annoyance at being called "Avatar" was a great source of amusement throughout this story) that the Legion is leading the resistance against Robotnik on Angel Island. Now that they're all friends (I'm stretching the definition of "friends" here), Lara-Le has them all come with her to where it is relatively safe so that they can eat, rest, and shower.

After going through some sort of ring (think of those large rings in the old Genesis/Megadrive Sonic games), the group ends up in the Hidden Palace Zone where there are a zillion echidnas very happy to see the arrival of "Avatar." The first non-chanting echidna the group meets is Dr. Finitevus, a Legionnaire, who explains that the echidnas here have been freed from prison camps by the Dark Legion and that the Hidden Palace Zone is their current safe haven on the island. Dr. Finitevus leads the group to the Palace where they find Lien-Da/Kommisar (love the new outfit). Kommisar is as happy to see Knuckles and Julie-Su as they are to see her--and that's not very happy. Lien-Da explains that after Locke was captured, Lara-Le used their communications equipment to bypass Robotnik's blockers to get in contact with Knux. Knuckles half-asks, half-demands to know where the Master Emerald is located and after a staring contest, Lien-Da tells Sonic and Knuckles to follow her while the rest stay. As the duo follow Lien, they notice a "tapestry" of Super Sonic fighting Robotnik (if you have ever played Sonic 3 & Knuckles, you've seen the image). Lien mentions that no one knows how it got there, or why it is there, but the image seems to be "possibly thousands of years old." Before Knuckles can continue to question, the trio arrives at where the Master Emerald is currently residing. Lien informs them that the Brotherhood made sure that Robotnik couldn't get the Master Emerald when he invaded the island, but that no one knows where they are at the moment. "36 hours ago," since the dingoes were going to breach Haven, Lien tells them that Locke gave "my Dark Legion" the Master Emerald to watch while he stayed behind to fight. Knuckles asks about Dimitri, and Lien says that Dimitri "is no longer...with us" so she is in charge of the Legion now. Before that conversation can continue, Knuckles cries out in pain and Lien-Da mocks the fact that the non-Legionnaire echidnas keep referring to him as "Avatar" since she feels he's not "invincible."

Outside a little later, in response to Sonic asking what happened, Knuckles explains that for some reason the Master Emerald seems to be taking his strength instead of giving him strength like it used to do. He thinks it might be a result of deciding to come back to life. Julie-Su tries to cheer him up, while Mighty wonders why they're still here when they should be going after the dingoes. Dr. Finitevus says that they have to wait for word from their "double agent" before attempting to rescue Locke. At this moment a family approaches "Avatar" with their daughter, who became blind during Robotnik's attack. They believe the Avatar can perform miracles (I think they missed the part where Knuckles was "green" when he could do those miracles). Hearing this, Dr. Finitevus goes on a rant about how they're crazy to believe in the Ancient Walker's prophecy and that while they bow to Knuckles who hasn't been around for a year, they barely acknowledge the fact that they would be slaves if it weren't for the Legion. After he's done ranting, Sonic tries horribly to lighten the mood (it's the thought that counts). Knuckles tells the family that he can't help them and they walk away. Vector says that they don't know that the prophecy isn't true, but Julie-Su says that it's "bunk." The two get ready to go at it again, but Knuckles tells them to knock it off (heh, that was funny actually). Knuckles then lets out his own frustrations about how this mission has been filled with one unpleasant surprise after another and that he doesn't want another one (you know where this is going, right?). Anyway, Lara-Le and Wyn show up with someone that they want Knuckles to meet: his baby brother, who introduces himself by smacking Knuckles on the head with a rattle. ;)

Rating: 1/2 Rings

Aww, poor Knuckles. He can't buy a break. Nice story as I loved the tension throughout. Only the "I don't think we're in Knothole anymore"-bit caused any groans from me. Other than some dread-less echidnas, the art was fine.

"Mobius: 25 Years Later - Slumber Party"
Writer: Ken Penders
Penciler: Steven Butler
Inker: Jim Amash
Abby, Julie-Su, and Sally are in the kitchen as Abby has finished preparing snacks for the "girls." As Julie asks if Abby showed Manik the gameroom since she figures Manik wouldn't want to be with the girls, though Sally disagrees.

As it turns out, Sally is correct as Manik is attempting to get the girls--Lara-Su, Salma, Sonia, and Riki-Le (from Lara-Su's class in #131)--interested in a game of "spin the bottle." Salma suggests that Manik goes first, prompting Lara-Su to mention that this is a setup. Riki-Le says that Lara-Su can just beat up Manik if he acts up and Sonia "rather hurl" than listen to her brother. Salma doesn't think a younger sibling (she has a younger sister, Juanita--which means that Salma is Espio's daughter as well) can be that bad. Anyway, Manik is tired of all the talking and wants to get to the game. At this point, Abby, Julie-Su, and Sally enter the room and want to know what's going on. Lara-Su asks the adults to join in on the game. Suddenly, Manik doesn't want to play and runs out the room with the excuse of needing to ask Sonic something. As a form of payback, Lara-Su reveals to all that Salma is dating Rutan though everyone promises to keep it a secret from Salma's parents. Changing the subject, the group begins to play a game called "Situation" after the rules are explained to Sally who had never played the game.

In the game room, Sonic is playing pool as Manik walks in and is very impressed by Sonic's skills. Sonic offers to teach Manik to which Manik is very excited about. Manik asks "where's Knuckles?" so we see that Knuckles (sans metallic-eye) is somewhere staring out a window.

Back with the girls, Lara-Su asks Julie-Su and Sally why they can get along but Knuckles and Sonic can't (am I the only one who thought it was weird that 16 year old girls are having their mothers join in on their sleep-over? :p). Sally says she doesn't know. When Lara-Su comments that it's sort of the same way Julie & Knux were when they first met, Julie says that she liked Knux when she first laid eyes on him. There's a parting shot of Knuckles (sans metallic-eye) staring out that window and "to be continued."

Rating: 1/2 Rings

We go from "the world is ending if we don't do something" at the end of #138 to a "slumber party" in this issue. The total lack of connection from one issue to next, particularly for complete utter fluff, is what makes this storyline so frustratingly boring. When Sonic, Sally, Knuckles, and Julie-Su were young, if they knew the world was possibly on the brink of diaster, they wouldn't be spending time talking about relationships. They would be out doing what they could to save the world immediately--emphasis on immediately. Not even a weak "protecting the kids" excuse can make up for this utter waste of space coming directly after #138. We're talking about royalty and a Guardian who based on #138 have been doing stuff as necessary without involving their kids anyway, so it's not like the kids wouldn't understand or need to be "protected." The only possible point is to imply that semi-common saying that "we end up acting like our parents when we become parents" since Sonic/Sally and Knuckles/Julie-Su are acting exactly in the same manner toward their kids as King Max did toward Sally and Locke (and the Brotherhood) did toward Knuckles. The only good thing is that supposedly this nonsensical fluff will come to an end by Sonic #143-144, but that is still 4-5 issues away and my patience with Mobius: 25 Years Later ended with this story.

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Ian Potto



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