Issue 139
Review by Chronos

Editor-in-chief: Richard Goldwater; Managing Editor: Victor Gorelick; Editor: Mike Pellerito. Special Thanks to Robert Leffler & Takuma Hatori at Sega Licensing.

By Patrick Spaziante

Sonic races toward the reader, pointing; Julie-Su stands there smiling smugly; A dark legionnaire shakes his fist, and Knuckles glares at all from the background.

I've seen better...

Art by J. Axer, colored by Jason Jensen.
A couple of new-style generic Dark Legionnaires.

"Return to Angel Island: Part 2 Avatar"
Written by Karl Bollers, penciled by Jon Gray, lettered & inked by Michael Higgins, colored by Jason Jensen.

Synopses: The Chaotix+ fight the Dark Legion for a page or two, until Knux' mom shows up and points out that they're on the same side. As it turns out, the DL are the leaders of the Island's resistance movement... and they're being led by none other than Lein-Da, AKA "Kommisar". (Needless to say, this doesn't go over well with J-Su and Knux.)

Kommisar, Knux, and Sonic visit the latest "Chaos Chamber", where the Dark Legion hide it from Eggman's forces. Unfortunately, thanks perhaps to his resurrection, Knuckles is made physically ill by close proximity to the Master Emerald. (Lein-Da doesn't seem very surprised by it, though...)

Knux is also drawn into the center of a religious debate, as the Dark Legion and the refugees argue over whether Knuckles is the Avatar.

Finally, Lara-Le has one last surprise for Knux-his baby half-brother!

Story: Nothing special here, but nothing annoying, either. I give it a 7.

Art: It's the usual Jon Gray tooniness... but with less jokes (that I could see). I give it 7, as well.

Doctor Finitevus is creepy...
It's weird seeing Wyn worshiping Knux. (But I love Knux' reaction!)
I like Lein-Da's new outfit, but what's with the hearts?! (It's as bad as Rogue's original outfit!)
...New Chaos Chamber is impressive...
...And, at the end, Remy STILL needs a bath.

"Mobius 25 Years Later: Slumber Party"
Written by Ken Penders, pencilled by Steven Butler, inked by Jim Amash, lettered by John E. Workman.

Synopses: Salma and an echidna named "Riki-Le" join Lara-Su, Sonia, and Manik for a slumber party... Manik and Sonic have some quality time together, while Sally and Julie-Su join the girls... and Knuckles broods...

Story: Another fine tale of "Sonic & Knuckles Live Happily Ever After"... Well written, but it gets us exactly nowhere. 5.4

Art: Butler delivers the usual... its getting to the point where I take it for granted. 7.6

Comments: So-o, Salma has a younger sister, "Juanita"-wasn't that the name of Espio's girl?
...Manik acts like a teen around the girls... and yet he has a tooth missing. Exactly how old is he supposed to be?!
...There's something wrong with the rules of that bottle game... the first time, I read that the person who spun the bottle had to do what the person it pointed to said, which makes a lot more sense as far as the girls' reactions go... I mean, why would Salma want Manik to be able to tell one of them what to do?... At any rate, that little scene certainly got my dirty little mind going...


"Start" by Mike P.
He asks for feedback, and tells us big things are in store.

"Off-Panel" written by Mike Gallagher, drawn by Dave Manak, colored by "Claws Monet"

Letters by Joey, and by Marshal Trigg. Also, FYNIP.

"Sonic Fan Art"
Sonic and the rainbow Chaos Emeralds, by Wolf Anderson; A group portrait by Heather Scoggins (gets the "Chronos Art of the Month" award); King Sonic by Darryl Heine; Sonic & Tails by Ashley Porter; multiple shots of Sonic by Carlos Guzman Jr.; and Super Sonic & co. by Luis Angel Rivera.

Final Thoughts
Another mildly entertaining chapter of "Mobius: 1 Year Later" and "Mobius: Happily Ever After". It just isn't quite what I want from Sonic... But then, nothing ever has been. Guess I gotta get back to my Fan Fictions!

The Potto's Two Cents on:
Sonic the Hedgehog #139
July 2004


Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante is given full credit to a lack-luster cover. The new "SA-Styled" coloring is fantastic, but the composition is horrid. Come now, Patrick, we all know you can do better than this. Claim dead-line trouble and all is forgiven.

Front Piece:

Fan-talent-turned-pro Jef Axer gives us a pair of spooky Dark Legionnaires and Jason Jensen manages to use his favorite gradient fill in an effective, artistic way. Savor that while you can.

"Return to Angel Island" part two: "Avatar"

If you all want to know all the details, drop your $2.19 and find out for yourselves. This here is one man's yapping that may sway you on whether you want to use your dough for this issue or a combo meal at McDonalds. ( $2.19 won't buy you much else these days, sad to say ).

           THE GOOD

           So much goodness to be had! The story is a well-paced, densely packed narrative with satisfying amounts of action and explanation, thanks largely in part to the dynamic stylings of penciler Jon Gray. The front piece's text serves as all the introduction we need and we immediately get things rolling instead of a page spent on reviewing what happened last month. Sonic fills in a few details via text box, but he does so while flinging around a flaming sword. Thus, I am appeased.
           Knuckles seems more at home clobbering his kinsmen than Dingos, and it's good to see him tearing into folks like the good ol' days. His only weakness comes in the form of the Master Emerald-turned-kryptonite. It's a big step away from the "Return of Green Knuckles" I thought I saw hinted at last issue. Thank you, Karl.
           One of the things that has always pleased me is when game references are worked into the comic. Ken Penders did this wonderfully in the ill-fated Knuckles series, and Jon Gray had a number of fun cameos since his debut in S#134. But now, Karl gives us back the Warp Rings from Sonic 3 and Knuckles, as well as the Hidden Palace ( Zone ) and the tapestry of said Zone. ( more on that later ). I am elated that the Master Emerald is finally within the Hidden Palace. Granted, within the games, the palace was destroyed by the re-launching Death Egg and the Master Emerald now resides outside, but it's the thought that counts.
           Speaking of delightful game references, Jon Gray wins the Greatest Reference in the World Award for Page 5, Panel 2. If you look within the crowd, you'll see a sign quoting the prophecy of the Avatar. It comes from Book S3:K, chapter 10, verse 18, phrase 94. Translation: "Sonic 3 & Knuckles, October 18th, 1994" - the publishing date of the game, as well as the sound test code for level select and debug mode. That, ladies and gentlemen, is brilliant.
           "Avatar" further smacks of the Knuckles series' glory days with page 12 in which Dr. Finitevus and his Dark Legion mentality of "technology makes everything better" clashes with the faith-bound, naturalistic Avatar prophecy. It was this conflict within the Echidna as a "people," with no side really right or wrong in their philosophies, that took Knuckles a step beyond Sonic back in the day. Karl recaptures it here, and it is most satisfying.
           Speaking of satisfying, the lingering debate over the validity of the claim "Mobius: 25 Years Later" has to being the actual future gets side-stepped despite there being massive developments in this story. For those of us who cling to the hopes of M:25YL being a possibility, Lien-Da has murdered Dimitri and the Brotherhood fell protecting Angel Island from Dr. Eggman. Heavy stuff, and it's a much needed cleaning of house. For those who embrace M:25YL as actuality, Karl provides enough ambiguity for you to feel secure. Good show, Mr. Bollers.


           There are three fan-artists who are principally to blame for enticing me into the web-based Sonic fandom with their enviable skill. All three have since drawn for the comic: Jef Axer, Dawn Best and Jon Gray. To say that I have avidly watched the evolution of their work is an understatement. I was even privileged enough to work on a ten-page fan-comic with Jon Gray before he became official Archie staff and thus barred from fan-work. Therefore, I believe I can safely say I know Jon "WB" Gray's work very well.
           This issue shows only a pale specter of Jon Gray's work.
           Michael Higgins is given the massive chore of keeping up with all that Jon Gray puts on the page, and for that, he has my sympathies and a get-well card for his inking hand. But there are moments where you can see the quality drop,. It's noticeable between panels on the page, and I don't think it's my enjoyment of Gray's work that's coloring my opinion. Not entirely, at least.
           Jason Jensen assaults us with his yellow-orange-purple radial fill yet again. When it works ( such as the aforementioned front piece ) it can really be stellar work. When it becomes your background coloring for nine out of sixteen pages, it's an eye-sore. ( NOTE: I didn't count pages where the gradient fill wasn't too obvious or done well. Otherwise, the other seven pages used different gradient fills ).
           If Gray is doing too much, the editor needs to tell him to back off on the detail. Considering some of Steven Butler's stuff in the past, however, I find that a weak argument. The rumblings over at and in the editorial this issue are that they're building a lead-time within production; that S#150 and beyond are already in some stage of production already. Hopefully this will see a boost in the inks and coloring work.


           Karl succeeds where Ken did within the Knuckles series: compelling stories of Knuckles saving the day on the Floating Island / Angel Island and cracking DL-skulls. He also falls for the same trappings as Ken: more stinkin' echidnas. Dr. Finitevus, as interesting as he looks, raises the question of "Do we really need this guy?" The bigger names within the Dark Legion may be gone - Kragok, Dimitri, Moritori Rex - but there were still some small-fries that could've been brought back, like Rykor or Xenin. I'm also cowering in my bunker for when the Fleetway die-hards start screaming "Dr. Zachary knock-off!" for the sake that it's a villainous white echidna with his doctorate.
           Knuckles's new baby brother, who I assume is named "Mace" if I go by M:25YL, was at least threatened back in the Knuckles series. We kind of saw him coming, so he'll be an acceptable enough addition.
           Page nine's S3&K's tapestry, as awesome a reference as it is, should have been only that: a reference. Instead, it has become a plot point and yet another rock tossed onto the path of continuity. There's already been herculean wrestling among the readers as they try to fit in the Coming of the Chaos Emeralds ( Tails mini-series ), Mammoth Mogul's life and the Xorda gene-bomb all into place. ( For the sake of sanity, we shall forget the Forgotten Wars mentioned during Naugus's reign of terror around S#70s. )
           Now we have a prophecy of Sonic and Eggman dueling over the Master Emerald depicted by an unknown group "possibly thousands of years"ago. Perhaps we can blame it on Tikal and her people. Durn fools, always knittin' . . .
           The point is, it was an appreciated nod taken too far. It will be lovely if it develops into an interesting sub-plot, but for now, it looks like an headache in the making.

Overall Grade: B+, inking and coloring notwithstanding.

"Mobius: 25 Years Later" part nine: "Slumber Party"


           Steve Butler continues to produce his standard, quality pencils. Jason Jensen gets rebellious and uses two gradients in a panel rather than one.
           The debate over Selma's parentage is put to rest when she reveals that Juanita is her younger sister. Back in S#131, Espio speaks of his daughter, Juanita. So unless Ken Penders has a spare Juanita hidden up his sleeve, Selma is definitely Espio's daughter.


           There's a few awkward moments within the dialogue, most of them caused by thoughts being broken into different word balloons. This, in turn, is to keep it so you can see something other than text inside the panels. Perhaps a smaller font would have helped?


First and foremost, the skimpiness of the previous two sections should clue you in to just how little happens in this story. In our last installment, Knuckles informs the dinner party that Mobius is on the verge of exploding, or destabilizing, or something. ( more on that in a moment ) Decisive measures must be taken to either stop and reverse this process or to get everyone off-planet.
           Naturally, the next step in the narrative is to have the female characters ( one of which is brand new to the story ) have a slumber party. No need to mention the impending doom of their world, even as a nervous whisper between parents for a panel. Instead, it's all smiles and product placement for Jellystars(tm) and Buttercorn(tm). And don't forget to wash it all down with a tall, refreshing glass of Frutello(tm)!
           In all fairness, Penders is put into the position of creating food for a post-apocalyptic race of humanoid animals, thus the goodies have to be both recognizable and unusual to the reader at the same time. However, "snacks" and "punch" would have worked just as well, in my humble opinion.
           Aside from the plodding of the plot ( which I've harped on before, and will continue to do so until it finds some direction ) there's the problem with character design. I want to know who was responsible for the future-children's model sheets, and I want that person slapped over the head repeatedly. Granted, Lara-Su, Rutan and Selma are examples of future-children to show some imagination. All the other children - Manik, Sonia, Riki-Le, Tails and Mina's children - are carbon-copies. A gap tooth does not a new character make. By the standard they all set, Riki-Le should be more recognizable as the daughter of Julie-Su than Lara-Su!
           And where these characters take too much from their predecessors for design, the rather unlikeable Abby takes none!
           Arlo the Armadillo was, as far as I know, introduced before Knuckles Chaotix hit the 32X. Thus, there wasn't much the creatives could do when their armadillo looked nothing like the standard set by Sega. Barbie Koala came long before Abby, and while I'm not suggesting Abby should be nearly as fluffy or curvaceous, it would have been nice to show some consistency with what's already been shown.
           On the subject of consistency, let us return to the fate of Mobius. At the very beginning, we are told that the fabric of reality is unraveling. In S#138, it's only the planet that's due to blow. Are we supposed to take Knuckles' silent vigil of the moon to be a clue that we're sticking with the "Mobius, and only Mobius, is doomed" peril? For a story that has been in the works since the Knuckles series' glory days, this slipshod presentation is more than unappealing, it's frustrating to those who have waited so long for it.
           And finally, on the note of frustration, we come to Jensen's performance, and an over-arching look at the comic as a whole. In the opening story we have the moving plot, the dynamic visuals and the reason to shell out $2.19 a month but it's weakened by poor inking and lazy coloring. On the other hand, the blundering back-up series is given the veteran ( and very nice to people at conventions ) Jim Amash and superior coloring. Jensen shows more attention to the dart board in "Slumber Party" than he does to the Warp Ring in "Avatar."
           Whether you prefer Karl's stories or Ken's, that right there seems wrong. If Jensen can't do an entire book equally well, then bring on another colorist to lighten the load. Heck, I'll start in on the next issue right now if they want me. I've got my gradient fill waiting and ready to go.

Overall Grade: C

And that's enough of my yammerin'. See you in thirty!

#139 Reviewth!

*Classical music is heard playing as we see the shadows of four figures. As the camera pans close to them, the lighting turns on, and we got the hosts of these show*

Neo: Remington Fangirl idiot (me, you stupido people)
Knuckles: The Guardian
Remington: The sexy one
Sonic: Somehow got pass security again

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that these portrayal of the Sonic characters are from MY Sonicverse, meaning Knuckles is a mature figure (that’s only because he’s growing up) with a decently nice personality, still having his anger, of course, oh, and he’s a Chinese prince of Angel Island (WOOT!)…with magical powers. He can pull a mean ofuda! Remington is demented, insane, pessimistic, insulting, a teenager (not 27 like in the comic), angst, and isn’t well knowing in American custom. Depending, he’s also the prince of Japan. WOOT again! He’s Japanese with some other Asian mix. Yes, he even has a small Asian accent…because he sounds sexy like that…well, in my head anyways. Sonic…well, I pretty much kept him the same. Please keep that in mind. Now, enjoy reading.


NEO: Hello and welcome to another edition of “Sonic Comic reviewth”. I am your host: The Neo Yi. These are my other reviewers, Sonic, Knuckles, and Remington. Say hi.
SONIC: Wassup.
KNUX: Ne Ha Wa.
REM: Konnichiwa.
NEO: Anywho *sees Sonic snickering*...What?
SONIC: “The Neo Yi?” Did that new Batman cartoon get to you? Ya know, the one titled, “The Batman”.
KNUX: Isn’t that the one with the Joker where he’s wearing some sort of strait jacket and possess a mean grin and…well, just plain scary.
NEO: That’s the one. I like his new look…insanity is always good. Of course, we’re talking of a show that hasn’t aired yet. I can’t wait to see it, me being the Batman fan I am…Dementedness is good.
SONIC: *points to Rem* I know.
NEO: Any who, it is now time to review #139 of Sonic. *glee*
SONIC: *faces audience* She enjoys this “Return to Angel Island” saga SO much, she’s doing this review in this-this-talk show host way for the reminder of the four parter.
REM: *sarcasm* Oh, joy, I get to chat with Sonic for another two issues after this.
SONIC: Please shut up.
KNUX: Let’s have a look at the cover.
NEO: Is it just me or am I the only one who enjoys the violet BG in here? It somehow matches very well with the red on Knuckles and even the blue on Sonic. Oh, and pink and purple is a great color as Julie shows.
REM: Speaking of She-echidna, what IS she doing in the cover? She does not really do anything other then fight? Pointless.
NEO: SPAZ sometimes tends to put in random characters. Speaking of random, back to Julie. What’s with her hips? It’s like she developed cancer in there! It’s so-saggy.
SONIC: Eww…you’re right. It’s so...bulgy.
KNUX: I’m disappointed my face is blocked out. It doesn’t look appealing. If SPAZ moved Sonic’s spine a bit, it would have been better.
SONIC: Hey, my comic book, I deserve to be in that pose of awesomeness.
REM: Sonic, you are running while pointing. I do not know about you, but I DO NOT see anything awesome about that.
NEO: Am I the only one who sees those Dark Legion guy and automatically sense the hotness of them all?
KNUX: Considering all of us are straight guys here, then yes.
SONIC: I’m not so sure about Remington. The guy refuses to be with a girl. I think he may be-
REM: I AM NOT! I DO NOT want to be with a guy either! I do NOT want to commit, let alone fall in love. After seeing all the soap opera between you and Sally, it helps boost my confidence of being alone.
NEO: He just doesn’t want his heartbroken.
SONIC: That DL on that cover, the red one looks like he came from a genie bottle. I mean, look at those smokes, that is SO genie bottle.
NEO: Hey, it does...heh. Anywho, unlike the simple #138, this one is complicated and general a mess. I mean, the characters are not strategically placed right and irks me. This is general confusion and mess. I give it a 6. Unimpressive.
KNUX: Now, we turn to the really does his details justice. Amazing.
NEO: *swoons and blushes* Wow…
SONIC:...Neo,oh my gosh,you don’t actually THINK this echidna starring in front of you with his evil-ish look, techno whatzits on his face is, and those blisters that look like some serious messed up pimples between his eyes, do you!? I mean, I thought you were kidding when you said he was hot in the cover, but honestly...
NEO: *still swooning and blushing* That red goggle thingy on his eye…and that cocky look to his mouth….I want to name him Viggo.
KNUX: It’s because Viggo is Aragorn in LoTR and Neo just loves Viggo.
SONIC: Most teenage girls love Orlando Bloom.
REM: Stupid pretty boy. (I’m sorry, Orlando Bloom fans)
KNUX: Neo told me she likes the older guys with rugged features (goatees, she loves goatees), and dark hair, like Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Viggo Mortensen, etc. Oh, and she likes them with blue eyes, too.
Neo has weird taste in men…LOOK AT THAT! She’s hugging #139 and that pic of…err…”Viggo.”
KNUX: Umm-Neo, do you have any more opinions other then how-er-hot this guy-
KNUX: Err-Viggo is?
NEO: Well, I admit I like Jenson’s coloring here, which is saying something. The pic has a nice range of black and red, orange, and yellow. It’s like a demented version of the season of Autumn. I give it a 9, extra because it’s demented.
REM: Let us turn the page.

WRITER: Karl Bollers

KNUX: WOW, Nice battle scene in the first panel!
NEO: *squeals* MORE DARK LEGIONS LIKE VIGGO IN THE FRONTIPIECE! *searches* Which one is Viggo!?
REM: Well, at least she is not concentrating on me.
SONIC: No body wants to concentrate on you. No body hardly even knows you! I’m probably the most popular Sonic character ever...because...well, I’m the star of this whole franchise. I get paid craploads of money to star in comics and crappy 3D games...speaking of which, Sega still hasn’t given me my paycheck.
REM: I don’t care about popularity. What is so blatantly important about popularity? You are famous, Whoop-de-doo. Everybody has their 15 minutes of fame and they end up washed away.
SONIC: Not true,what about George Washington? Everybody still knows him.
REM: Well, of course, but practically the only time that guy is mentioned is in History class and the American one dollar bill.
NEO: Don't forget the quarter.
SONIC: All I know is I was one of the few who innovated the gaming world.
REM: Then was reduced with crappy 3D games. Sonic Heroes was the worst piece of crap I’ve ever played and I thought nothing could top Sonic Adventure 2. Sonic Adventure was the only game worth playing considering 3D Sonic games. Naka-sama should be ASHAMED of himself!
NEO: Amen to that! Let’s continue-I don’t know where Viggo is.
SONIC: MAN! Look at me kicking butt! I’m SO awesome in here! WB really did do me justice.
NEO: Does anyone else see Remington’s hand in the very first panel looking all glowly, like he’s gonna start shutting firebolts or something?
KNUX: Neo, it could be a random echidna dress.
NEO: I’ll ask WB when he’s on the MoFo or something. *eyes it* awww, Remmy-poo looks sleepy…
REM: Please stop.
SONIC: Next page. Oooh. Having carrying around the Sword of Acorns WAY back, I put the flame sword I got from a DL to good use and charge after another DL who has a flame sword and we cancel each other out.
KNUX: If the flame sword was made to be a sword, why would they want it to cancel each other out? I assume they don’t pretend to use it on one another,or it’s some sort of training to see if they can last a that even a word? I’m thinking too much into this. *reads more* WOW, I look evil in that last panel.
NEO: And very good looking, too. I love evil grins.
REM: Next page is some Chaotix stuff.
NEO: Priceless Expression #1 on the two Dark Legions getting bonked in the head by Mighty!
REM: Then a voice cries to them to stop fighting.
NEO: That panel remains me of those old 50’s cartoons where the characters fight, then stop in midfight. Awesome. *stares at next panel* And lookie, it’s Knuckles’ mother, Lara-Le and her husband, Wnymacher. Sorry, Lara-Le/Locke fans, looks like they’re still together.
SONIC: There she goes, hugging Knuckles and look, Knuckles, as much as he misses his mom, doesn’t even hug back.
NEO: I am SO irked by that. I was irked in #108 when he didn’t even hug his mom when he saw her again and irked still. I mean, in #25 of Knuckles, he was crying over his father. What happen here?
KNUX:...I-uhhh- *Rem smacks him* OW! What was THAT for!?
REM: Insensitive baka. You haven’t seen your mother in a year and you don’t even cry over her. I understand you crying for your father since you knew him more then your mother, but couldn’t you had at least hugged her back? Insensitive baka.
KNUX: YOU’RE SUPPOSE TO BE ON MY SIDE!!! Seriously, the island is in turmoil, what was I suppose to do!?
NEO: Still, one simple hug would have been good.
KNUX: Geez, I’d expect this from Neo, but you, Rem?
REM: Hmph.
NEO: Knuckles, you should know the way I portray him, the guy is sensitive over the mother he never knew because she’s dead. Kragok doesn’t even have pictures of her. He can only imagine her through memories his father had of her. So, that’s why he smacked you…and Rem-well, if it makes you feel better, his mom isn’t around much either in my Sonicverse, she’s like Mother Simpson in that she’s on the run from the law.
REM: I know that, Neo! I AM your version, after all.
NEO: Just checking. Let’s see, we got Wynmacher bowing before Knuckles, calling him “Avator”, despite Knuckles telling him not to. Look at that face, he looks more concerned of him trying to stop the echidnas from calling him Avator then him with his mom hugging him…sheesh.
KNUX: Anywho, my mother suggests some food and rest…and a bath.
SONIC: WHOO! Yea, Rem, you NEED one!
NEO: Next panel shows them going into one of them giant rings from Sonic 3 and Knuckles. I LOVE going in those! Playing that “Get the Blue spheres” is fun! We see more echidnas worshipping Knuckles, except these guys are free from the Dark Legion. Nice.
REM: *reads* “Sheesh! I didn’t get a reception like this when I came back from the dead.” Correction, hedgehog, you were never dead to begin with.
SONIC: But they thought I was!
REM: I sense a jealously from that comment you made.
SONIC: Well, okay...I admit I AM slightly jealous of Knuckles. I mean, when I met him, he was just a guardian of the island, no parents, no friends, no nothing. Then out of the blue, his entire species comes and guess what!? They treat him like he’s the prince of the entire island.
NEO: In a way, they kinda my story, he IS a princem,Guardian prince, but I’ll get to that some other time. It’s a review we’re doing.
SONIC: NOW, he’s being treated like a GOD!!! Forgive me if I feel a sense of jealously! I thought this was suppose to be MY comic seris!
KNUX: *stares at book, then Sonic* Don’t make me hurt you.
REM: Don’t be greedy, Sonic. Greed will lead to corruption.
SONIC: Shut up.
KNUX: Oh, Sonic, being Guardian, we're pretty much echidna equivalent to royalty.
NEO: Until I read Ian Potto’s review, I did not notice that one of worshipping echidnas was holding a sign that symbolizes the date of release of Sonic 3 and Knuckles, arguably the best Sonic game I‘ve ever played. Yea, Potto is right, great cameo. Man, Sonic 3 and Knuckles, such a great game. Lots of replay (getting 14 emeralds with three characters each was a HARD thing to do), great bonus stages (the gumball is fun!), the excellent storyline, I loveth that game!
SONIC: Yea, plus my Super Sonic form was awesome! Then again, every time I am Super Sonic, I am awesome.
REM: I shall destroy your ego! *gets our his fist*
SONIC: *sigh* Some people just doesn’t appreciate me. Moving on. We see a new guy, Dr...Fin-ni-Te-Finti...Fintiv...Ummm...hang on, I got it-Finite-Finnevus?
Rem: DR. FINITEVUS!!! DR. FINITEVUS!!!!!!!!!! HOW HARD IS IT TO READ THAT!? I DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH THAT GOOD AND YOU CANNOT EVEN READ THIS!? *yells something in Japanese, probably curse words*
SONIC: Uhh...Remington, calm down, you’re causing a scene.
NEO: Yea, simmer down, Rem. I had trouble reading and pronoucing his name at first, too.
KNUX: What does “Finitevus” mean anyway or did they randomize the name? I mean, Kragok was a pretty random name.
KRAGOK: *out from nowhere* HEY! My family are mostly Japanese. YOU try being in my parent’s shoes and thinking of a American-ish name when they had no idea what American names even were! *runs off*
REM: ...That is my Otou-San, everyone.
SONIC: Okay, guys...Neo, let’s move on...he takes moi, the Chaotix, Knuckles, and the slaves to the Hidden Palace Zone and...Neo?
NEO: *stares at Finitevus and swoons and blushes*
SONIC: Oh-No,Neo..
NEO: That sexy white metallic hide that shines as bright as the moon, those crazy eyes that’s as clear as the beautiful crystal lakes of Neverlake, the flowing, twisty cape of gothic-ness that you want to wrap around your finger and looking as though it came from the deep depths of Halloween Town, oh, and the glasses, the glasses that remains me of so many sexy mad scientists like Icchan and Hojo...that wicked grin on his face that only one other person can rival, my dear Remmy-poo. Oh, Dr. Finitevus...fetch me a dream!
SONIC: OH...MY...GOD! This books is hazardous to Neo! It’s chock full of echidnas that Neo can’t function properly!!! *background shows Neo swooning with hearts coming out of her head as she hugs the comic* I mean, he looks like an advanced Dr. Zachery!
KNUX: Moving on, Finitevus takes them inside the Hidden Palace Zone where they meet...Lien-Da.
REM: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HER!? HER!?!!? THAT-THAT...BI...BIT...*boiling anger* I HATE HER SO MUCH!!!!
NEO: Chill, Rem. *Ahem* Am I the only one who LOVES her new design? She DEFINTLY fit’s the look of a dominatrix. That whip is awesome. I always thought she’d own a whip someday! Love how WB makes it twist and turn itself around. I don’t very much like the heart on her belt and shoes, don’t really fit her. But then again, it could be an irony and we all know how much I love irony.
SONIC: Man, look at that panel of Lien placing her whip on Knuckles. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear she was flirting with him...kinda.
NEO: Heh heh, Julie is angry!
Rem: *imagines his aunt with Knuckles* AGH! STOP PUTTING IMAGES IN MY HEAD! *shouts random Japanese again*
KNUX: Hmmm, it seems my mother was the one who sent that garbled message from last issue. Now, Lien-Da is taking Sonic and me to the Master Emerald.
NEO: Since when did Lien-Da know who Sonic was? Not counting #125 (where I still see it as a blatant excuse to show random ArchieSonic characters in one comic), I don’t think she’s ever heard of Sonic in her entire life.
KNUX: *shrugs* She probably found out.
REM: Unfortunately, even if he was sent away to outer space for a year, it is hard to get rid of him.
SONIC: YEP! I don’t go down that easily! Anywho, back to the comic. On the way, we pass the lovely tablet where I will be forever come I look like some retarded lego block?
REM: This thing came in Sonic 3 and Knuckles, or just plain Sonic and Knuckles, it does not matter.
KNUX: Wait, how come I say, “it’s not you, and at the same time, it is you”? I mean, is this Fleetway? I’m saying in here that Super Sonic and Sonic are TWO different people!? What? In Fleetway, SS and Sonic are different...somewhat, two different entities, I don’t remember Archie doing that.
NEO: Well, except in #126, but hopefully, that’s the last time we see something like that. Any who, Lien-Da shows them the ME which is glowing everything up green. Ooh-ness of it all, despite the BG being pretty simple, especially when compare to the others Dub drew...maybe it’s just that big, green gap right behind the ME.
KNUX: Why do I have this feeling that the tablet will come into play soon?
NEO: Maybe it’ll be the plot for #150? In honestly, I hope this will be the only time to mention that prophecy soon since the story isn’t generally about Super Sonic and Eggman or whatever just yet. This is about Knuckles wanting to free his father. Let us see how things go further down the road.
SONIC: DAMN! Her face in that next’!
SONIC: Oh, Neo! Don’t swoon over Lien-Da, I didn’t even know you were like that!
NEO: I’M NOT, you retard! But her face remains me of Remmy-poo. I mean,look, the evil smile, insane eyes...I mean,wow, this is SO Remington.
SONIC: Well, they’re related.
REM: Unfortunately. *Ahem* We see the Brotherhood protecting the Master Emerald in a flashback told by Lien-Da .
SONIC: Is that the Spectre dude who’s screaming in angst while shooting off DNA-ish laser beams from his hands?
NEO: I think so. Thunderhawk looks like he’s turning into the next Green Knuckles.
KNUX: UGH! Don’t remind me of “Green Knuckles.” That was terrible!
NEO: Next panel, we see Lien-Da and Locke shaking hands, another flashback as Locke entrusted Lien-Da with the ME. I think WB should have made him have a mouth, because his goatee makes it look like he’s smiling.
REM: Locke is bruised and hurt in the next panel, but shows no sign of stopping his battle in another flashback.
NEO: Wow, despite the dreadlock covering his face is a bit unproportional, it works WELL. He never looked hot. *nods*
SONIC: Well, at least she didn’t swoon this time.
REM: *sarcasm* Oh, celebration. Next panel shows Lien-Da and Knuckles again, this one may upset the Dimitri fans, but unfortunately, he is no longer of this world. This...This upsets me.
NEO: Well, I rather him dead then a floating head, Luna-P wannabe, or as I say, DIMI-P!!! Heh. Seriously though, dead or not, Lien’s play with words does have me thinking, “My great Grandfather is no longer...with us.” How do we know if he is dead? What if he isn’t with the Dark Legion and possibly with somebody else?
SONIC: What can he do?! The dude’s robotic and dying. He hasn’t even moved since the last time we saw him, present day.
KNUX: A lot can happen in one year. I guess we just have to find out.
NEO: If he IS indeed dead, I have a feeling Lien-Da did it. She probably pull the plug on him.
REM: *glares at Lien-Da, he looks ready to rip the comic apart, fire shoots out of nowhere and the entire room is red* I shall afflict revenge on you soon, my dearest aunt. I shall inflict a thousand damages in your body when the time comes. The pain you will feel will be worse then any physical and emotions feelings you have ever experienced in your life. The time will come. Have your moment in the light as Queen of your people, your life will soon come to an ultimate end. The sand inside the hourglass is slowly tipping and you will soon breathe your last breath. *takes out his katana* I shall no give pity to you, usurper of the underworld. You will die a slow...painful...death. Then, I will drench myself in your blood and dance. Then I shall take over AND REIGN SUPREME!
KNUX, and SONIC: ...................................................
*Knuckles and Sonic back away far from Remington out of fear as he laughs evilly, especially with that sword out while I just smile away.*
KNUX: panel...I’m experiencing pain. Sonic helps me when I am down on my knees.
NEO: Any minute before the Sonic/Knux yaoi fans comes up and starts pointing at that particular picture and swoon over, we best turn the page.
KNUX: Next panel is outside where me and Sonic are back with the Chaotix, Safron, and Remington, who’s eating.
SONIC: BWAHAHAHAHA!!! You got chipmunk cheeks, Rem!!! You look SO retarded, like you’re going to barf any minute! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This should be a priceless expression! BWAHAHAHA! I can’t...I can’t GO ON!!! BWAHAHAHA! BWAHAHA-*SMACK*
REM: *puts his fist away* Hmph. Enjoy a bloody mouth.
KNUX: Anywho,it seems the ME is sapping my powers then giving it to me...gee whiz, this isn’t good.
SONIC: The ME is officially Knuckles’ vaccuum cleaner.
KNUX: I don’t like this approach. Is the ME punishing me or something or Aurora is commanding to do this to me because I came back to life? I hope we do find out the reasons behind this.
NEO: it’s cute that Julie-Su comforts you. Awwww-ness to the max. Mighty asks why they aren’t kicking more dingo butt and sexy Dr. Finitevus comes and answers that his double agent has not yet contacted them. Once they do, they’ll know where Kage placed Locke in. Nice.
REM: Knuckles is now greeted by a couple: Pollu and his wife, Meri-Ca.
NEO: I found it VERY interesting that WB made Pollu without dreadlocks. In honestly, along with that mustache, he looks like an echidna version of one of the Flanders kid when they’re grown up. Pollu is very adorable looking and I am convinced. Very convinced that he is still an echidna. Probably due to the absence of visible ears.
SONIC: Question remains...where ARE his dreadlocks?
NEO: *shrugs*
REM: They wish for Knuckles to heal their blind daughter’s eyes.
NEO: Awww. What a cute echidna…I feel so sorry she had to loose her eyes during the Eggman invasion. The poor child. It also seems they refuse to take the Dark Legion’s cybernetic treatment because of their belief, and the sparks fly.
SONIC: Yep, Dr-*ahem* He gets pissed and starts yelling at them, emphasizing his hatred of the prophecy and whatnot while Meri-Ca is having some massive heart attack at this point.
NEO: *glees at Dr. Finitevus’ appearance* Ooh, look at him hold his cape in that next page. *Squeals* Sure, he is dissing Knuckles, but his cape!!!
SONIC: And here I am, making that same expression I had in the beginning of #138...sorta. I’m trying to help Knuckles by giving him a moment and he goes and said to the couple that he can’t do squat and even goes and said he isn’t the guy from the prophecy. Vector disagrees.
NEO: And we get a classic argument with Julie-Su and him ready to kick each other’s behind for she doesn’t believe it either. Gosh, I miss the two fighting. *laughs* Suitcase face.
REM: Knuckles stops the two from biting each other’s head off-
SONIC: I swear Vector might have done that. I mean, his teeth, his HUGE mouth-
REM: -and Knuckles starts to get frustrated with everything that is going on. If there ever was a grim sign of the Apocalypse for Angel Island, this is the case. Knuckles’ Oka-san comes with a surprise...his baby brother.
NEO: Which goes to Priceless Expression #2 on both his brother AND Knuckles’ face! Oh, gosh! THIS.IS.THE.FUNNIEST.SCENE.EVER!!!
KNUX: Geez, Neo-you already gave me siblings!
SONIC: Wow,rival siblings since they first met, how nice. You can feel the love!
NEO: I also enjoyed the expression on the people watching. Funny. I LOVE this panel! *bangs head on table* Okay, back to normal. I must review. Well, I will say that the story is still going on a wonderful course with character development and personality still in good condition. Bollers never fails to add in a bit of humor, so I am majorly pleased by that. I am MORE then happy that the Dark Legion weren’t reduce to the level that the others echidnas were, slavery. Besides, I don’t see the DLs being the types of people to let ANYONE walk over them. I’m also glad they at least are decent enough to help their fellow echidnas and I find it surprising that Lien-Da, of all people would help.
KNUX: Didn’t believe it either.
REM: She is UP to something.
NEO: That was my next point. Yea, despite all the benevolent stuff she is doing, I DO NOT still trust her completely. I do fear she is, indeed, up to something. I’m not so sure what, but her, I cannot trust that face. I seriously cannot. I’m going to wait and see what happens, but dang...I cannot trust it.
The prophecy of the tablet with Super Sonic and Eggman was said despite this is a four parter with Knuckles trying to save his father. I ask myself, there has to be a good reason behind all this and I believe one aspect might be that this COULD be a possible plot point for #150. We do not know for sure and I did find it a bit distracting in the overall story. At least it was kept in that one or two panels alone and not spawn another 3 pages or so. This is plot that can wait aside as the overall story is not about Sonic. He’s only there as a tag-along and if I had it my way (and if this wasn’t a Sonic book), I wouldn’t put him in this story.
But I still give major props to Mr. Bollers for adding a lot of things from Sonic 3 and Knuckles, the giant warp rings, that tablet, the zones, it is an exceptionally wonderful touch. He deserves mad props for using those.
NEO: Another thing is the introduction of Finitevus.
SONIC: Here goes the fan girl.
NEO: No, Sonic. What I mean is, damn, he’s an awesome designed character who I’m already thinking of his usage in my “The Shinjuku” stories. There are many things I can say in that we don’t need another new character. Archie, unfortunately has a glaring problem with that. There are plenty of other DLs we could have used: Moritori Rex, Xenin, Rykor. Any one of these guys could take Sonic and friends to Lien-Da. Particularly Rykor as he has only appeared in like 3 pages, thus his personality isn’t all that established. As much as I like Finitevus (he remains me of mad scientists), new characters are of unnecessary. Although, it is forgiven if a perfectly good reason is given. I mean, I did forgive Kage when WB stated how he came to be. I forgot the reason, but I remember being convinced enough to drop the case.
The concept behind the Dark Legion’s belief as well as the beliefs of the other echidnas is something of a guilty pleasure of mines. Because most of my story deals with the people who are all over technology fighting people all over mystical beliefs and whatnot, it was a nice to see it in #139. Finietvus’ scene yelling at Meri-Ca was a nice thing to see.
I’d to say that this issue didn’t have that much of an impact for me as it did #138 for some of the flaws I stated above. It was still satisfying for my reading pleasure. I give it a 9/10. As for artwork-- SONIC: Wait, don’t we get to review our score?
NEO: Nah. It wouldn’t matter. You guys are all figments of my imaginations and lack of a life. You’re like imaginary friends to me. So, it wouldn’t make sense to use you guys.
KNUX: I didn’t get it either.
NEO: I will say that I ALREADY have plans for Dr. Finitevus in my stories. And maybe I should put Viggo there. *GLEE*
REM:Oh, Neo…
NEO: Anywho, artwise, WB has outdone himself again. Seriously, I cannot find much fault in this issue. The very first panel was superb in every aspect. Especially the way Charmy is drawn and posed. It’s a shame Ray had to let his jacket go, I kinda liked it on him, although I never drew him on a jacket before. When it comes to my redesign, it was a sleeveless green vest with a hoodie. I just wish Mighty had a new design. But I DO like the echidna man, Pollu, without the spines. It’s a different look, and yet, still convincing because I still see him as an echidna. And yay, he drew Remington in various places, even if he had no speaking lines! His use of poses and expressions are as wonderful as ever, though when Finitevus gets angry, his one hand looks like he has five hands then three fingers with a thumb… But YAY! Dr. Finitevus-HOT, SEXY ECHIDNA! OMG! I WANT HIS GLASSES!
SONIC: I’m calling the mental hospital.
NEO: And Lien-Da! Her clothes. Okay, this would be the time to point out how much of a clothes design fetish I am (despite my ultra hatred for shopping for clothes no matter how much my mom wants to “womanize” me). I usually look towards legendary artist, Tetsuya Nomura-sama’s artworks of his characters for the road of inspirations. If anyone knows me and has seen my artwork, you see that the majority of my clothes is filled with multiple belts, zippers goggles, and exotic colorings. Symbolism also means a great deal to me. Like for example, when it concerns my drawing of Remington, he’s represent the power of the moon, so he has moon icons around his samurai outfit I drew. Concerning Remington’s family, they are the Shinjukus, a mostly Japanese based family, so most of their outfits are Japanese in style. Considering some are of Dark Legion clothings (let’s use Kragok), I altered his outfit to look more Japanese emperor, but kept that Dark Legion feel. Of course, there’s more, but I won’t get into it. My point is, I thoroughly enjoy WB’s redesign of clothings and find him to be as much as an inspiration as Nomura-sama is. Get my drift?
KNUX: Yes, I suppose so. After all, we all have our idols.
SONIC: Like Neo from the Matrix.
KNUX: He can’t be your idol. He’s only a character!
SONIC: He can SO be my idol, so shut up! At least I have an idol. I’m no so sure of Rem.
REM: Jackie Chan.
KNUX: So...what’s the score?
NEO: *stop dancing* Well, considering I still hate Jenson‘s ugly use of purple, orange, yellow gradient...I mean, this is pure laziness. He uses it nearly every page of the comic. I mean, he certainly wasn’t lazy coloring the characters (the fighters, anyway) in the very first panel, why can’t he color the echidnas? And seriously, why only red on the echidnas? Echidnas are also brown, lavender, purple, orange, etc. General laziness again. Jenson should either learn to not be lazy or get some other colorist who will actually have the time to color every single detail. This really kills WB’s glorious artwork. 9/10.

WRITER: Ken Penders
ARTIST: Steven Butler

NEO: Let’s see, we got the moms hosting the party with foods with such ridiculous make believe words such as Frutello and Jellystars. Frutello? Sounds like Othello with fruits. What happen to regular chips and dips? Right now, I want me some Pringles...or Neng Myun (cold Korean noodle dish), either is good.
KNUX: Well, real foods or not, I’m kind of hungry now.
SONIC:I got a snickers bar in my shoe. I think it’s melted now.
KNUX: EEW! Who’s going to eat THAT!?
SONIC: *eats* Me.
REM: You disgust me, you hog. Pun intended!
SONIC: Shut up before I smear this half melted snickers bar all over your face.
NEO: Anywho, after some generosity from Sally to Abby, the three go to the party composed of Sonia, Lara-Su, Salma, Riki-Le (remember her, she was in #131), and Manic, the only boy. And he looks like he wants to play Spin the bottle. Who ever it lands on, they must do whatever it said.
REM: Watch as he tries to purposely lay it on Lara and get her to kiss him. That little pervert.
SONIC: Hey, watch it, do you want me to badmouth your kid?
REM: I do not have a child.
NEO: I made up a concept for a kid for Remington, but he isn’t the type to settle down with a kid, let along a wife or girlfriend. He doesn’t even believe in marriages. *reads* Ahhh, it seems Salma and Juanita are siblings, making her Espio’s kid as far as I’m concerned. Well, at least Salma has a boost of originality from her father, Espio, with the hair, but I’ll be danged if she’s a mini version of her mom.
REM: Lara is doing the right thing by not trusting that little baka.
REM: And she scared him away, too. I like that Lara.
SONIC: I hate you, Remington.
REM: The feeling is mutual.
KNUX: Now Lara is talking of Salma’s lovelife and then the moms join in the party.
NEO: Ugh, no offense, but I’m not comfortable with my own mom joining in. Needless to say, me and my mom don’t share a good relationship (no, we don’t hate each other, of course not), we just don’t connect much...I’m generally uncomfortable around parents. Anywho, now they’re playing a board game called “Situation”. I don’t know what board game that is a parody of, but I do remember the days when I played board game. Jumanji was the only board game where I DIDN’T loose all the pieces and needless of what people say, I STILL cannot play Monopoly. But I love the little doggie piece.
SONIC: Everybody loves the little doggie piece. Next scene, my future self (with that stupid tiara) is playing pool when Manic comes in.
NEO: Now here, when he’s happy for his dad is when he ACTUAL looks like a kid. Kinda cute, too. Well, now Sonic is going to show Manic to pool and Manic pulls an old phrase, “Let’s do it to it.”
KNUX: Here is my older self starring out the window...where’s my eyepiece? I am sure it was that eye where my eyepiece is. What happen?
NEO: Must be a mistake. It happens. Let’s see, the girls and moms in PJs chatting about the sour relationship of their fathers, and Julie-Su reviewing her lurve for her father since their first meeting. Must be that damn soul touch thing. I ever liked that thing.
SONIC: Aww, geez, this story sucked. I mean, I was awesome playing pool and all, but damn, if I wanted to read sleepovers hosted by girls, I’d read some Barbie girl coloring book.
KNUX: My little sister, Luna (AKA, Neo’s fan character, she’s 7 years old), has a ton of coloring books of ponies and pink bows and stuff.
REM: Yes, Sonic, you can read it since it is in the recommended reading level for you.
NEO: I do like it that Manic DID say, “Let’s do it to it” showing he has his father’s side, but DAMN, that kid annoys me to NO end. He’s so annoying. The little brother you DON’T want. I’d mail him to Alaska in his sleep. At least with my sis, I can tolerate her.
REM: Alaska!? You need to send him further!
NEO: Japan?
NEO: Artwise, I love it. Lara-Su’s nightgown is cute. I seem to be obsess with lavender lately. I do like Knuckles’ pose when he’s all serious and stuff. I still HATE the character designs of their kids. LACK of inspiration makes Neo sad. Butler is very flexible in fitting 5 characters on one panel. Nicely done, though Knuckles’ metal eye missing...
I got to admit, Jenson’s mess isn’t a well shown here as the main story...pity. But his shines for characters show more clearly, making them seem like they all dived into the Bowl-O Shine-O. 8/10.
Now, in the Sonic-Grams, well, the first letter is tolerable, but the other letters, especially the kid who keeps shouting out, “I’m #1, I’m #1, I’m #1”...Ugh. Okay, less newbies, MORE mature letters. If you want, you can add both like this issue did, to show different sides of the fan. I perfer it back in the days when Penders answered the letter written by people who have criticism, requests, and general insights of the comic. Hell, I need to send a letter. I haven’t done so since 1997, of course, my questions sucked back then because I was 9, and I generally did a crappy doodle of Knuckles for them, too. I'm getting sick of these pointless letters which goes absoluetly nowhere.
Off-panel, it’s okay, Fanart, I like the second pic with all the Sonic characters in it. She needs to work on getting her characters on-model, but I like her details and colorings.
REM: Aya, those people at Archie needs to STOP showing fanarts of kids who copy poses from official pictures. That is annoying.
NEO: I know. I guess this is the end.
KNUX: Well, so ends another issue.
REM: Yes.
SONIC: what?
NEO: I gotta start drawing that pic of the original Freedom Fighters, plus Mina, Gala-Na, and Dr. Finitevus (told ya I have something built for him in my story) as the Shinjukus’ servents for my “The Shinjukus” stories. Still debating whether I should make a comic or not of them. So, I broke a rule saying I wouldn’t use another Archie characters outside of the echidnas, but damn, this is TOO funny to resist.
KNUX: Trying to spruce up as much as possible to enter Archie Sonic’s artist workforce, eh?
NEO: I doubt I won’t work there until like 5 years from now. I’m an 18 year old high school graduate who’s not even in college yet and can only use real media (I suck at computer art so far). It’s my dream and I’ll try to reach it...provided the comic lasts for the next 5 more years or so. I wants to draw more echidna goodness. OH, VIGGO! OH, FINITEVUS! FETCH ME A DREAM! *hugs comic* OH!!!
SONIC: I swear, I’m not good at drawing, but I’d draw Rem in a tutu or him scarfing down on donuts, he IS a cop.
REM: I do not eat donuts, such disgraceful food. Too sugary. Donuts for cops is a terrible cliché.
NEO: Unless it’s for fun, like WB does on his Chip and Walter comics.
SONIC: Then I’ll draw Rem falling into a big bowl of red jello and getting beaten by Manic and stepped on by Godzilla and -
REM: KAMIKAZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *starts to beat up Sonic*
KNUX: *sees Neo obsessed with echidnas and Rem and Sonic beating each other up*Thus ends another edition of “The Comic Reviewth.” I’m Knuckles...the sane one, and I bid you, good night.

*Classical music is played as Knuckles tries to snap Neo back into reality and two yet again stop Remington from sticking that Samurai sword into Sonic.*

NEO: NO, Remington, Sonic is not worth killing!


I missed [138] while I was in Israel, and, much to my dismay, my local purveyor of comics had none in stock. But I am way past excited by 139! It seems to me that we are out of the slump!

Cover: Very Nice. I think that I would have put someone other than Julie-Su in the bottom right corner. Maybe Lara-Le instead.

"Return to Angel Island: Part 2 - Avatar"
p.1 - Ray! I'm so glad to see Ray! I love Ray!
p.3 - Knux is wearing his air necklace...why? Who really cares?
p.4 - I like Lara-Le's redesign. It's apparent that she's been in a prison camp, but she's still been able to maintain an air of dignity.
p.5 - lol @ Wyn. He's such a wishy-washy goof.
p.6 - I don't know what Sonic's talking about he got a full page crowd scene when he came back from the dead in 134. Doctor Finitevus? Umm...okaaay....
p.8 - I love Komissar's new design. Very dominatrix. I don't go for the little heart on her belt, though.
p.9 - The tapestry is very reminiscent of the cave drawings in SA of Chaos.
p.10 - Ah, the Shrine of the Master Emerald is finally worked in. And not poorly, I might add.
p.11 - I love the panel of Locke - he looks so kickass!
p.12 - Is that Rem stuffing his face? *gag* at Julie-Su "I have faith in you, Knuckles!" Who's the double-agent, I wonder?
p.13 - Is it me, or is Knux turning into more and more of a Jesus figure every day? He walks on water, he sacrifices himself, he comes back from the dead, and now he's rumored to be a healer? If he turns water into wine, I'm outta here.
p.16 It's Mace!

I'm liking this arc a lot. The only thing that makes me a little uneasy is that it's somehow reminiscent of the Holocaust. (The dingoes being the Nazis.) Then again, I've always accidentally read political/historical allusions into the Sonic comics.

"M25YL: Slumber Party"
p.2 - Aw, Manik wants to play spin-the-bottle...but without the kissing? And who is this Riki-Le? Is she of relation to Lara-Le? Is she of relation to Ricki Lake?
p.3 - I guess Manik's fast like his old man! Julie-Su looks the same age as, if not younger than, Lara-Su - it keeps confusing me.
p.4 - Teenage girls playing board games with their mothers? What kind of slumber party is this?
p.5 - Sonic seems like he's finally releasing a lot of pent-up energy. I wonder if it was him who got those three bulls-eyes, too. "Say, Dad--Where's Knuckles?" "Why, he's standing alone at the window, looking pensive, of course, son!"

While M25YL is shaping up to be a little more interesting, it still reads mostly like a fanfic. (No offense to you fanfic writers - I'm sure there are some well-written fanfics out there.) More, it's like a soap opera - in that Ken Penders just seems to be trying to cover the scope of his imagination. It almost seems like he's going somewhere with this - but every time there's a "To be continued," it leaves off in a place that I just don't care to see continue.

All in all - a good issue. I might have liked a third story, but the Return to Angel Island arc kept me interested enough, that third story would most likely have been boring and/or overkill.

Oh, and I don't really get the Off-panel punchline.

August 2004
Review: Tigsie Soldier


Looks like Spaz has started going solo with his own cover work! This is- what- his third one in a row he’s done by himself? I must say it’s nice to see the Dark Legion back on a cover for once!

Introduction: J. Axer

Even Axer took a shot at doing the DL! (I’m definitely starting to have a good month!) ^__^

Return to Angel Island: Part 2 “Avatar”
Story: Karl Bollers
Art: Jon “WB” Gray
Colors: Jason Jensen

Heads up from last month, ya’ll! The story directly continues from where 138 left off, and Sonic and friends are getting into a rumble with the Dark Legion! Oh the glory of it all…there hasn’t been any real head to head action with these guys since the good ol’ days of Knuckles #1-3 and #9! It definitely will appease some of the old school Dark Legion fans, like myself, to at least give this issue a shot! I just kind of noticed this, but unlike the old issues of Knuckles it appears there is actually different types of DL members now. Definitely better than everyone wearing the same monotonous black robes!

Anyways, Lara-Le and Wynmacher surprisingly stop the brawl! They too also have the Jon Gray makeover goin’ on! I love Lara-Le’s new hairstyle! Instead of having just regular bangs and a long braid, she now has her hair down with curls on the bottom! (It makes her look a lot younger IMO.) Wyn, like most of the other echidnas, has gone avatar obsessed except in a more humble manner rather than psycho. Not only that, but they also clearly explain that the DL is actually on THEIR side rather than Eggman’s. This is something I’m quite happy to see continued from one of Ken’s better than usual stories nowadays.

NEW CHARACTER ALERT! This guy’s a Dark Legionnaire echidna named Doctor Finitevus, and man he is fiiiiinnnnnneeee! *___* He seems rather more gothic than the rest of the legionnaires from his star/ moon cape, pure white fur, and spectacles. Although I think some Fleetway fans are going to think of him as a certain echidna, but hey just because you make someone white does NOT make them a rip off okay? That’s just my point of view as an artist.

Well, Dr. Finitevus leads them through the Hidden Palace Zone. This is actually where the ex-echidna slaves and legionnaires have been hiding from Eggman since the war started. He ends up leading them to the now head grandmaster Lien-Da! (Now equipped with a long whip!) I was actually surprised how well Karl handled her personality! You get the impression that this woman certainly knows how to take care of herself! Her body language such as running her new whip through Knuckles’s dreads makes her even more daringly sexy and dangerous than ever before. We find out that Lara-Le was also the one who left Knuckles that warped signal in the techno tree. Who knew?

On a loophole note, we now have this big deal about an ancient tapestry inside the Hidden Palace temple. It appears to be Super Sonic battling Eggman defending the ME. I don’t think we’ll be finding out exactly who weaved it anytime soon, but it’s nothing new for a Sonic story don’t you guys think? Lien-Da informs her former foes that the Brotherhood has suddenly vanished into thin air, when battling of badniks at the Master Emerald alter. I have a sinking feeling that this isn’t going to be resolved soon as well. *big sigh* She also tells them that before Haven came under attack by dingoes two days prior, and that Locke entrusted her with the care of the Master Emerald. (Not a very smart move if you ask me…)

So what happened to Dimitri?! “My Great-Grandfather is no longer…with us. I’m in charge. At last.” I’m pretty sure you’d all think I’d panic over this kind of situation, me being a hardcore Dimitri fan and all. To tell you the truth I kind of have mixed feelings about this myself. I for one do NOT think that Lien said he was dead. Note the “…” before she finished her sentence, which makes me believe she didn’t literally mean it. If that WERE to happen it would surely TICK me off putting off such an important character like that in the gutter!!! You’d at least think he’d go off with a bang, which leads me to think Karl is playing a little mind game. One I’d prefer be resolved ASAP if he and Ken knows what’s good for them. Then again compared to the so-called permanent M25YL story, I would actually prefer to see him as a corpse rather than be a floating bubblehead…Sure it’s fun to joke around with, permanently though, I don’t like the idea. I think I’m going to write in a little letter to our new editor and request that Enerjak be brought back for at least one more show down before that ever happens. (It would be great if ya’ll hint this in a letter! Now is the perfect time!) So I want to leave a note for ALL of you fan girls out there…if Dimi surely has kicked the bucket…FINITEVUS IS MINE!!! *laughs evilly as she hears Dimitri screaming in the background “You tramp!”* I truly believe that Lien-Da would do whatever it took to become leader, but in all honesty I think she could at least could go as far as lying about his death for her own personal gain. For all we know he could be hanging out with the Brotherhood somewhere. Got to have hope you know?

I don’t care what Ken says about Sonic and Knuckles not getting along in M25YL, I prefer the way Karl has been handling their friendship more than he ever has! The ME now instead of lending the former Guardian it’s energy is now sapping away his! To bad for Knux that it happened in front of Lien-Da where she can rub it in his face. I thought it was sweet how Sonic comforted Knuckles while he was in pain. That to me is a GREAT friendship for sticking by him like that! Way to go Sonic! *gains more respect for the blue hedgehog*

This is kind of random, but it gives you more sight to how the DL and the ex-Echidnapolis citizens view Knuckles as the “Avatar”. These echidna couple comes up to him thinking that he can heal their daughter’s blindness. When stating that they could not accept dark legionnaire cybernetic enhancements, Finitevus overhears them and literally screams at them that they are imbeciles! When you really hear what he has to say you really got to agree with the guy, which leads me to conclude that he has some SERIOUS issues with Knuckles. This of course makes Knuckles fell even worse than before, and he ends up telling the couple he is if fact not the “Avatar”. Well, we aren’t exactly sure now are we? In fact, Vector and Julie-Su get in their own little brawl over whether he is or not. Well, the last straw finally broke the camels back! Knuckles ends up breaking up the fight and starts yelling his head off! Things like the uncontrolled events and surprises in his life. He ends it on a sour note though as the final surprise ends up in his hands, KNUCKLES BABY BROTHER!!! OMG, this last panel just made me guffaw! Poor, poor, poor Knux! Not only does he have to deal with everything else around him, but now he’s got to put up with the abuse of his sib beating him upside the head with a rattle! I can tell they’re going to be great friends…

Art: 10/10
I must say that Dr. Finitevus is one of the coolest echidna designs I’ve ever seen!!! *hugs WB* The only time I got a sense of week paneling was on the part where Pollu and Meri-Ca came into the scene. The 2nd and 3rd panel could have been planned a little better, but the page made up for it with a full view shot of Dr. F without his cape blocking his body! Sexy! He also gets extra points for how he portrayed Lien-Da as 100% evil the whole time she was seen.

Story: 9/10
To tell you the truth the ONLY reason this story got a 9 was because of the whole ME incident. If I recall correctly the last alter was located out in the open in the jungle of Angel Island. (Around after the whole SA arc if I recall.) Then, we see it at Haven, and then the Hidden Palace! That just does NOT make any sense to me period! @___@

Colors: 8/10
The only place I really wished he didn’t add in the gradient filler was with that one Brotherhood scene.

Over All Score: 9/10
This is also another one of Tigsie’s favorite Sonic Comics of All Time!

M25YL: Slumber Party
Story: Ken Penders
Art: Steven Butler
Colors: Jason Jensen

If I were to sum this up, it would be all talk and NO action…again!!! The only reason I even considered even liking this story was because we see Salma make another appearance! We also find out that Juanita is in fact Salma’s little sister. Other than that, that’s pretty much the whole shebang for this story. The girls hang out and do girl stuff, and Manik hangs out with Sonic doing guy stuff. Yay.

Art: 10/10
Great panels, nice portrayal of characters, and lots of group shots! Awesome stuff!

Story: 5/10
This was at least A LITTLE better than last “Let’s all yell at each other and act immature” issue, so I’ll give Ken a cookie for that. It is, after all, hard for guys to actually write about girls and coming close to even a mere hair of how our brains actually function. *hands him one* I will repeat myself though, LET’S SEE SOMETHING HAPPEN!!! PLEASE!? ;____;

Colors: 10/10

Over All Score: 7/10
If you’re going to buy this issue, buy it for the main story. You’ll be glad you did.

I had been avoiding reading sonic comics for quite some time, I’d skim through the ones I’d pick up here and there and then put them away with the others, but that’s it. I usually try to follow things best I can from what people say on here, and that’s worked pretty well for the most part. But I’ve been rather fascinated with this ‘angel island’ storyline, and though it features artwork I’m trying my hardest to swallow without complaint, I really enjoyed the story. I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying it’s been going down the crapper, and perhaps it has, but not with this story far as I’m concerned. Though I’m not sure how ray the squirrel from the sonic arcade game got thrown into this; I was enjoying the comic very much. I love what they did with Locke, knuckles father. Now THAT’S an appearance that finally sits well with me, I hated the white kimono thing with the blue boots for so long…just HATED it. The designs for some of the echidnas were just…well they made me quite jealous, I haven’t been able to come up with anything that creative for my knuckles characters (but then again I haven’t been trying so hard either.) but the characters…well, fascinating really, just fascinating.

I don’t have any qualms about anything, other then the art, I’m still getting used to it…I wish I had the right words to express why I’m not totally fond of it properly, but I don’t. Just one of those things I guess, but I’m not so displeased with it that I feel the need to complain about it anymore. That’s a good thing. I’m not sure about the baby brother though…is knuckles going to become the ‘big brother’ sort? Or will this be something that leads to knuckles never being around, and his baby brother resenting him for it? I can picture it in my mind already…but can’t see anything wrong with that either.

10/10, I liked this issue, in a way it’s restored my faith in the series lasting for many, many more years. Though…I’m not to fond with how the sonic-grams were handled; did anyone else find the answers a bit rude? It’s probably just me…