Sonic The Hedgehog #119 Review by True Red
The second "magazine" style cover is MUCH better than the first one because the words aren't as corny (or pathetic puns). Tails and Bunnie look slightly off for some reason, but it's an okay cover. I prefer the action covers. The frontpiece looks nice as usual. Tails has a great commanding look in the pic.

"Cater-Killer's Coming!"
Writer: Benny Lee
Penciler: Ron Lim
Inker: Andrew Pepoy
Story starts with Sonic running to a town called Furville to get the residents to evacuate before "it" comes. While the Mobians don't know Sonic by name, they do know of his reputation and once the ground starts shaking, they leave as Sonic told them to do. The "it" is the new and improved Cater-Killer, which takes out everything in its path and moves over 100 miles per hour. Sonic attempts his Triple Spin on Cater-Killer, but just bounces off. Furville is leveled and as Sonic catches up with Cater-Killer, Robotnik projects a hologram of himself to gloat and inform Sonic that Knothole is next. Tails shows up in the Tornado at this point and Sonic hitches a ride. Tails figured out Cater-Killer's weakness, but needs to get inside of it. Using a speed trick that's been done many times in other comic books, cartoon shows, etc., Sonic uses his speed to allow himself and Tails to get through Cater-Killer's metal frame to get inside. Sonic is tired after that stunt, but Tails is fine and gets to the computer controlling Cater-Killer and reprograms it so that it goes over a cliff instead of Knothole. As Cater-Killer goes over the cliff into the water, Tails flies himself and Sonic out. Sonic comments that Tails "sent Cater-Killer over the deep end" as a joke, but Tails didn't get it. Sonic tried to explain it, but Tails still didn't get it so Sonic said "forget it." The End.

Rating: Rings

Okay story, nothing special, but nothing really bad either. Lim still draws Sonic's spines much too long though I liked his Tails. Lee's dialogue with Sonic talking about Knothole was a little off. I felt he made up for that though with the ending between Sonic and Tails. I thought that was kind of funny in a good way.

"Dust Bunnie"
Writer: Karl Bollers
Penciler: Steven Butler
Inker: Jim Amash
Bunnie is flying in the air to respond to a SOS call, when she's shot at causing her to lose her jet power so she falls like a rock through a force field. Later, she's waking up and finds herself in some sort of prison. Deciding she doesn't want to be a jailbird, she punches the glass-like wall only for it to barely make a dent. Jack Rabbit introduces himself at this point and Bunnie recognizes the name from an adventure Sonic told the Freedom Fighters about (back in Sonic #62-63). Jack reveals that he sent that SOS to lure Sonic so that he can get his revenge, but Bunnie will do in Sonic's place. The Sandblast City residents managed to defeat the Robians and place them under their control and Jack has them all attack Bunnie while he leaves. Bunnie beats up the Robians and busts through the ceiling of her prison (which was underground), which brings the Robians to the surface. The Robians begin to chase Jack and the other Sandblast City residents while Bunnie flies off.

Rating: Rings

Eye candy. Butler's art was really nice. Basically, the decision has been made to make Bunnie the Freedom Fighter you don't want to challenge to a fight. Like the main, the story was okay. Not bad, but not great either. Nothing really happened other than updating the status of Sandblast City, which was left up in the air back in Sonic #63.

"Time Code"
Writer: Karl Bollers
Penciler: Art Mawhinney
Inker: Nelson Ribeiro
In Rotor's hut, Rotor has borrowed Nicole from Sally and is attempting to access Nicole's harddrive to find out where she came from. Since Rotor has obviously tried this before without success, Nicole wonders why it's so important to him to find out. Rotor tells her that ever since he was young that he's always had to know the answer to questions. If there was a puzzle or a mystery to solve, that's where he would be to try to figure it out. Nicole's origins is a mystery that he would love to solve. So Rotor spends the day attempting to find out where she comes from with his upgraded systems, but to no avail. In the end, Rotor gives up and asks Nicole if she's happy. Nicole responds with "No, but YOU'D be" and that takes us to brief visit to the future. An aged Rotor is showing off Nicole to Queen Sally and King Sonic and informing them that no one will be able to break the firewall he created so no one will find out that Nicole is from the future. Back to present time, Nicole asks Rotor to take her back to the castle, which Rotor promises to do but his unsuccessful attempts to find out what he wants to know about Nicole inspired him to change his computer's security system. Meanwhile in a snow covered area, Robotnik is upset not just because for some reason he's suddenly unable to hack Rotor's computer, but because the security system is also "rude" (it makes the same raspberry face that Nicole made at Rotor during his unsuccessful attempts).

Rating: 1/2 Rings

By far the best story of the issue. Mawhinney's art was very much on target. The story Bollers wrote gave some insight into Rotor's character and seeing Nicole's personality back in full swing was a nice treat as well. The ending with Robotnik was pretty funny as well.

For those of you wanting to see Shadow again, he's returning for the 2-part story in #124 and #125.