Sonic #119
Cover: The second in the "Zine" cover series that I still hope don't stick around forever. On the other hand, I REALLY like how Sonic looks on this cover. Maybe it's cause his spines aren't insanely overlegnth, maybe just the pose. He looks good. Bunnie and Rotor are OK but there's something wrong with Tails' face. He's got a weird smile, his eyes are too small and the fuzzy part of his cheeks are too dang spikey and triangular. He looks much better on Axer's frontispiece inside...

Frontispiece: By Axer and exceptional again. Tails (looking more in charge than his partner) and Sonic with what looks like a bullet train but is really the new version of CaterKiller charging between them. Only one criticism which holds through the first story--don't get me wrong folks I think Jensen's coloring is suberb but why does Sonic, particularly his forehead, look so shiny, almost like he's either bald or metallic?

"Cater-Killer's Coming" Sonic wakes up the neighboring town of Furville to tell the folks that "something big and bad's" coming. Thanks for the detailed description. The thing that surprises me most is that no one in the town knows Sonic, at least not by name. Isn't he supposed to be the big hero on Mobius? Yet the townsfolk here refer to him as "that blue hedgehog"?? Anyways, the townsfolk scatter as a monstrous new version of Caterkiller turns their town to rubble. As it heads towards Knothole (again the dialog gets weird as Sonic reminds us that all his family and friends are there, no kidding) Tails swoops out of the sky in his biplane and picks up Sonic telling him he may be able to hack the Caterkiller's software and turn it away from home. This is the thing I liked best about this story. Through all the movies and video games we've been told Tails is supposed to be a technical genius but we've never really seen it in the comic. That post has always been reserved for Rotor. So it's a nice touch. What's NOT a nice touch is how Sonic and Tails get into the Caterkiller. As they fall out of the plane, Sonic "vibrates fast enough to slip our molecules through Cater-Killer's then we're in!" What?? Sonic can now just disappear thru solid steel? Not buzz saw thru, disappear! Weird. Anyways, Tails does his job and Caterkiller plunges off a cliff. For all his smarts, tho, he doesn't get Sonic's bad pun at the end. The story's not the best. There's a lot of stuff in it that seems a little unbelievable (townspeople don't know Sonic, Sonic just disappears thru Caterkiller's side) and the ending seems a little weak. Again seems like trying to squeeze a story into too few pages. BUT...I did like the new Caterkiller and Lim's portrayal of it wasn't half bad. Too bad it only lasted half an issue. Lim's art, particularly of the townsfolk isn't shabby either but he still can't draw Tails and Sonic's spines are waaaay too long, particularly the first panel, 3rd panel of page two and last page where they look like Echidna dreads instead of hedgehog spines.

"Dust Bunnie" Oh look, Bunnie in another prolonged action fight scene. Really, they haven't been utilizing her to her full potential lately, first with "Bat-fight" and now this. Bunnie gets zapped outta the sky and falls into Sandblast City where she's imprisoned by Jack Rabbit who sicks the Robians on her. Crashing and bashing ensue and at last Bunnie escapes. And that's it. This story has an even more abrupt and weaker ending than the last. The art is alright. The Sand Blast city denizens look cool (and are colored cool) at the top of the last page. But Bunnie's got the "shaggy" hair cut that I'm not particularly fond of and the progressive close-ups on page five really don't tell you much about what's going on. Also, they forgot to color the area around her eyes purple.

Sonic Fan Art: Lien-Da seems to be getting popular, two pics of her, both nice.

"Time Code" Rotor tries to find out who made Nicole to no avail. His only reward is some smart*** remarks and inspiration for his own computer's security system. His future self made sure no one in the past could discover Nicole's real origins. They officially use the word "hack" too many times in this story (and this issue for that matter). On the positive side, this story is more complete and offers more insight than the other two. The art is wonderful and the coloring is amazing. One thing: we see a flash forward to King Sonic being married to Queen Sally (something we haven't seen in some time) which gives me an idea of what's gonna happen in in issue #123 but that below.

"Sonic-Grams" No darn letters, just previews mostly the ones we've seen posted and JG talks about the preparations for 125, including the return of Shadow for the big issue. Now, my theory on what may happen with the whole Sonic/Sally/Mina thing. The review for #123, elsewhere in this forum and repinted here, reads "danger levels get high for the two girls Sonic cares about most in his life" and "Sonic must choose between Mina and Sally once and for all". Has anyone (really tell me since I haven't read all the opinions on this) considered the possibility one of them might die?? If so, I would place my bets (rather sadly too) on Mina since this issue showed Sonic and Sal together in the future again. On the other hand they seem to have built Mina into too solid of a character to kill her off like that. But maybe that was done intentionally for greater reaction. Anyways, until later...

Hey Guys its Hellblazer16 here again giving you a review on issue 119 of Sonic the hedgehog,I'll also be doing a step-by-step thing on this review as I did with my last review.Enjoy!

Cover:Nice Cover.Plain.But they should really put a backround!!Seeing it just white really wrecks the cover.

First Colour Page:Awsome Page!But there's one thing i want to know is it shows Tails with a watch on his hand but in most of the pages he has no watch.

"Cater-Killer's Coming!:Ok this story was both short and weird.Me saying its short is because of the three-story thing.And me saying its werid is how the heck can you vibrate enough to get into something?Im only in grade 7 and mabey you can do but i don't think Sonic is smart enough to know how to do that.Oh yeah how did Sonic and Tails get out of Cater Killer?No one knows.They just seem to have just poped out of it.What happened to Robotnick?

DUST BUNNIE:Out of all the storys in this issue i think this was the best one. .And Jack Rabbit's return was great too.Bunnie must be really really REALLY strong to take on every one of those robians.

Sonic Fan-Art:All of these art-works were awsome.

Time Code:This was a nice warm and fuzzy story.And i will use warm and fuzzy if i want to due to theres no other thing i could think off to say.Anyway back to the review.This story is about Rotor the Walrus and his trying to find out where Nicole came from.He dosen't find out though but he inproved the sucurity system on Nicole so Robotnic can't hack into her.

Sonic-Grams:Well the Sonic grams didn't have any of the dfan's letters but they had info on the next 4 comics!

Well here is my review.It may not be the longest review you have read but at least its a good one.Anyway im Hellblazer16 and i'll see you in Issue 120 of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG.Cya!

Sonic 119 Review
meep.. first review, ok here goes
Cover: I dont like the new style of covers, to plain, but sonic looks ok, tails is just weird..
Splash Page: Its ok, but i think sonic and tails look too shinny
First Story: A bit confusing story i dont think it ever explained how Eggman got away from the aliens. Sonic and Tails look really bad, i dont like the style of whoever drew this, i must of missed something because i thought the tornado was blue..
Story 2: I didnt understand this one at all, but Bunnie looks ok...
Story 3: Now this one i like, Rotor is drawn good, most other times ive seen him, he looks ugly, and theres more subliminal messages in this one, and i think those are cool but Nicole is still around? interesting I also think the way Future rotor programed the security giving present rotor the idea to use it on his computer
Subliminal Stuff: on the first page rotor has some paper that says "SPAZ is THE Sonic God!" funny, underneath it is an issue of sonic double digest, another paper has "pat lee thank you!" on it, theres also a console with "Cybertron1984" written on it, Transformers reference maybe? prolly not...
On the close up of nicole, there are papers with "Blah Blah" written on them, along with messages. one says "Buy Archie Digests! They're Cool!" hee hee, subliminal advertising another says "Prime Genreation 1" i dont get it... another says "More Than Meets The Eye" i think thats a hint to look for more subliminal message things
Someone dont like Beast Wars? rotor has 4 books, "Beast" "Wars" "R4" "Dummies" and his papers say "Jazz" "Transfandom" and "Wheel Jack", um yeah..
another panel his paper says "sky warp", and another one has "lazer beak" and then theres a paper with a bunch of garbled letters with "Bumblebee" "Brawn" "CliffJumper" "Windcharger" "Huffer" "Gears" "Warpath" "Cosmos" "Seaspray" "Beachcomber" and "PowerGlide" am i thinking too much about theese subliminal messages?
more paper, now with "Mirage" "Prowl" "Hound" and one paper with "No yes up down ironhide left blue yellow" whats up with this, so far there have been 2 transformer names
back to the same view with diffrent stuff on the paper "Spike" "Reflector" and the spaz paper now says "Spaz Rocks!" and for the last message, Eggman has a paper under his books that says "Prime" and i think the other says "Nelson" intersting, i love comics with this subliminal stuff in them, but i wonder what it means?
great comic over all, i definaly want to renew my subscription, but i cant bring myself to tear my comic to do it! oh well