Sonic The Hedgehog #118 Review by Ultra Sonic 007
Cover: The first issue showing the 'magazine' format. Simpler in design than previous comics, but it lacks some flair.

Rating: Rings

Even though the simplicity of the cover was nice, it could've used more flair, or at least some more coloring in the background. Plus, the front writing is incredibly corny, and I doubt some would like it.

Splash Page: A fine piece by J.Axer. It shows a roboticized Sonic searching for Eggman in the ruins of a technologically advanced city. Mecha-Sonic looks extremely chilling and creepy in the piece, and Eggman's fear is played perfectly, down to the sweating. The coloring helps as well.

Rating: Rings

The design was pretty much perfect, and the metallic monstrosity effect is played out by Sonic and Eggman perfectly. And if you look in the upper-left corner of the page, you'll see a 'Gamecube!' sign. :P

"Robotnik’s Return"
Writer: Benny Lee
Penciler: Steven Butler
Inker: Jim Amash
Robotnik and Snively are back in their new bodies, but despite their increased durability, Eggman can no longer roboticize with his touch.

Sonic and the others find him, and as they get into a struggle, Sonic, Tails and Snively are beamed up into an alien space ship, filled with creatures that have technology that appears to biologically enhanced.

The aliens clearly have some heavy power, because they switch roles around…Sonic and Tails are roboticized (they retain their free will), and Eggman and Snively are once again flesh and blood.

They are put into a holographic projection of Robotropolis, and Mecha-Sonic and Mecha-Tails put their new robotic abilities to use against Eggman and Snively, and they are victorious.

As the aliens promised, Sonic and Tails are reverted to normal, while Eggman and Snively are to be 'fleshies' for good…at least for now.

Now Sonic and the FFs can't track the two villains now that they're fleshies, giving Eggman the advantage of doing an ambush.

Rating: Rings

A very nice story. Mecha-Sonic and Mecha-Tails looked unbelievably cool, and Butler's artwork is very good in this story. Jason did great with this story’s colors, and Benny Lee was good with the writing. A very good issue, which leaves you wondering…what does Eggman have planned next? Did the strange transformation from flesh to metal and back again leave any side-effects? And what about the aliens?

"Heart to Heart"
Writer: Karl Bollers
Penciler: Ron Lim
Inker: Pam Eklund
We open up with Geoffrey and Hershey floating in tubes of green liquid, with Dr. Quack, Sally and Rotor looking on.

Rotor explains how he was able to combat the nanites in the bodies of Geoffrey and Hershey, and it then shows Geoffrey and Hershey cleaning themselves up.

Then, Geoffrey lets on to why he feels so down. He blames himself for the downfall of the Secret Service, and he then talks about why he acts the way he did, and why he felt he should advise Elias.

Hershey comforts him with a kiss, and they show up in front of the Royal Family, with Geoffrey dressed in tux, and Hershey in a skin-tight black jumpsuit (James Bond anyone? :P ). They say their farewells to the Royal Family, and they depart to find Elias.

Rating: Rings

Ron's art is steadily improving, but it still needs some polish. He did a good job on the Geoffrey and Hershey close-up on the last page of the story. Colors were pretty good though. A very nice story that could've used a little polish.

"Ultimate Power: Part Four"
Writer & Inker: Ken Penders
Penciler: Dawn Best
We open up with Mogul in a standoff with Knuckles, and old Mogul gets into another explanation of his endeavors.

Knuckles attempts to fight, but in fact, the whole room is actually a Chaos Syphon!

Knuckles, watching Mogul disconnect Dimitri from life-support, immediately saves Dimitri from death with his Chaos power.

Knuckles immediately feels the effects of the Syphon, but he then goes into overload, bathing the whole island in green light.

Remington arrives on the scene with the Chaotix when the Dark Legion arrives. Remmy begrudgingly lets Lien-Da search the ruins of the collapsed building, and they step inside to see that Dimitri is completely unharmed. Knuckles, however, wasn't so lucky.

We then move to the rededication ceremony elsewhere, where the Floating Island is being renamed to Angel Island after Edmund's mother, Angel-La.

The Councilor is immediately interrupted by a messenger who brings the bad news.

Knuckles' mother becomes full of grief as the councilor relays the message of Knuckles' death to the audience.

Rating: 1/2 Rings

Dawn Best is once again perfect on the art, and the death of Knuckles is a particularly shocking incident (if you're not in the inner circle of those at Archie. ;P ), and the fate of Mogul is still unclear. A nice story, but its shortness keeps it from having a perfect score.

Overall Rating: 1/2 Rings

It doesn't have the caliber that #117 delivered, but this issue is still just as good in most areas. I think the cover might be what brought it down, because I personally don’t like it as much as the previous cover designs.




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