COVER: Nice, nice. Very simple, but nice. The piccys are cool.....though Knuckles is still green. Ah well. Better than last month's I guarantee. OVERALL: 9/10

SPLASH: Ooooh!! HAHAHAHA!! IT'S GREAT!! Poor Eggy has nowhere to go..... OVERALL: 10/10

"Robotnik's Return"

It appears that Robotnik and Snively have finally uploaded into bodies that don't have the virus that prevents them from getting Knothole's location. Then again, when the FF are right there to stop you, how does it matter? Of course, things get complicated when aliens abduct Snively, Robo, Sonic and Tails....and then switch their compositions! Yup, Sonic and Tails are robots and Robo and Snively are human! And they have to fight each other....winner turns back into their true form, and loser stays as is now. Guess who wins!

Though the story's a bit predictable (and that gave it the most deduction), Butler does a great job......though, I have one question....is Sally growing her hair out again? What up with her hair, Butler? I'm just wondering.... O_o


"Heart to Heart"

Rotor has managed to create a counter nanity to attack the ones that paralyzed the Secret Service. In light of this, they have been healed, and now its time to go back to work, except Geo doesn't want to go back....WHAT?! It appears he's guilty of all he's done to Sonic and Elias! WHAT?!?!? Enter Hershey for damage control!

This is the story we've all be waiting for: the one where Geoffrey admits he did some bad things during Elias' tenure. And it's good. And he gets the girl at the end to boot, as well as parodies James Bond very well at the end! What more can you ask for?!

Now, something I know everyone is going to whine about.....Ron Lim. He penciled this story. But before you bash him yet again, I must say that he's still improving...and you can definitely tell in this story. There is a goof panel where he draw Elias wierd, but other than that you can tell he's gotten better. Rotor is also much improved from his last Lim experience, and you can seriously see some emotion in his art now. The fact that Jenson colored enhances the fact that he's improved. OVERALL: 9 (yes, 9)/10

"Ultimate Power: Conclusion"

Yes, yes, Knuckles dies, Mogul is defeated for now, the island's re-named Angel Island, Best pencils, Penders inks, etc. Thats only a rundown of what happens (and its not everything, either), but its still a good story with a good ending (if a bit rushed, unfortunately). Ken's inks aren't as bad as last time, but they're still a hinderance to Best's art. OVERALL: 8/10



First of all, they made the cover "magazine style". It looks pretty nifty, but at the same time it's a bit corny, in my opinion. The whole "12 Easy Steps Guaranteed to Help Today's Hedgehog on the Go"? Hmm.

But anyway.

****1/2 stars...
I like it. I'm not exactly familiar with all of the artists yet, but they certainly have talent. Doesn't tell anything about what's inside, though, but the bottom pictures do, that's for sure. Look at the bottom! Hershey! She's so cool. I'll shut up now.

Inside Art:
***** stars...
Wonderful. I love Axer's work. It's so detailed. Goes with the story perfectly. Mecha-Sonic looks so cool.

Robotnik's Return -Chapters 1, 2, and 3-
***1/2 stars...
The first thing that stuck me was how random this story is. I sort of got confused in the beginning and end. However, I enjoyed the story. It was very exciting, and short (I like the short stories...ongoing stories bother me.) The art was good. I love how Mecha-Sonic was drawn. :D

St. John Hershey in "Heart to Heart"
My favorite characters. I was so happy to see them again. :) And even better, they hook up. YAY! Art was good. Story was good. I hope they continue their adventures some day, it kind of leaves you hanging. But it says "The End." *CRY*

Ultimate Power Part Four
KNUCKLES DIES. WAAAAAAAAAH! :( Well, we knew it was coming. Very good story, and a good conclusion for the story. Minus him dying. Actually, if you read the SonicGrams...well, i'll shut up.

****1/2 out of ***** stars

Hey all you Sonic fan's out there!Its Hellblazer16 here talk about Issue#118.Well here goes my review,it will kind of a step-by step kind of thing,

Cover:Sweet new cover style,but i think i like the old kind better,oh well.I think SPAZ kind of rushed the cover due to there is no backround,well mabey there's not suppose to be a backround due to the new cover look.

Cover opening:I always love what they do at the starting of the comic with the awsome picture(by the way at the top of the picture it show's the word GAMECUBE)

ROBOTNIK'S RETURN:A nice story.The aliean's were a nice new addition to the comic.They'll probebly put them in future issues all well.

St.John+Hershey In heart to heart :( ST.John and Hershey are back!)This was an intresting romance story between St,John and Hershey as St.John talks about his past.At the end St.John and Hershey go and try to find Prince Elias.And the Rom Lim drawed the kiss scene was horrible.Sorry but it was.

Fan Art:Fan art was preety good.

Ultimate Power Part Four:The Knuckles story is the story i really look foward to read when i buy a Sonic comic.Well anyway Knuckles comes face to face with Mamoth Monguol.Mamoth Monguol tell Knuckles to step into his CHAOS SYPHON CHAMBER OR HE WILL PRESS A BUTTON DIMITRI WILL WILL TERMINATED.Thn Knuckles tries to hurt Mongol but then Mongol presses the button but then Knuckles goes into Overload moad and green flashes go all over the place.Then Constoble Remmington and the Chaotix show up to see whats happening and find Dimitri alive but find Knuckles lying on the ground.While this is all happening The Floating Island has been renamed Angle Island at the Rededication Ceremony.Then someone comes to tell the people there Knuckles has passed away.Knuckles will apear next in Issue#120.

Well thats my review,hoped you like it!

118 Cents

The Rose is here once again, it's that time you see, for me to tell you what I think of Sonic #118.

Until they stop the magazine style covers I'll say they're all adequate with the featured characters on the front and witty news style advertising for the stories within. Since the comic encompasses three stories it's a fair way of getting them all coverage, however I think the coverart could be more creative and still achuieve that goal - like how in the old days there would always be Sonic or someone under the Archie logo cracking off a joke.

Splash art by Axer is awesome and the colorist also did an excellentjob in maintaining and enhansing the theme, an intimidating picture of a Fear struck Robotnik hiding from MetalSonic.

Main Story: Robotnik's Return.
In a brief blurb we find out that Egg Man and Snively have been downloaded into cheap knockoff bodies so that a better Master body could be built. I'd buy that more easily of I thought Egg Man was smart enough to use a decoy tactic - he is actually, it's the writer's I'm not sure of but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Sonic and co arrive on trhe scene, art is by Steve Butler and he does awesomeness with the humans but I think he has to get back into the furre groove. I am happy that Nicole gets to show up once again in Sally's hands and that the team gets to pound on Egg Man for a while... then they're abducted by aliens that look like .. well they're steriotypical. If the abduction thing hadn't happened once before in the teens or twenties of the comic I would say this was far fetched lol. Alien gaming never ceases to amaze me, there never seems to be any more purpose to it than a game of pong to a bored person... but either way Sonic and Tails have to hunt Robotnik and Snively and vice versa, only the Sonic and Tails are the metal ones. They win, being made furry again while Egg Man and Snively remain human, this leaves an ominous note about robots being superior. Hmm.

I don't know how many people liked Egg Man being robotic, but ANY way they would have made him 'real' would have been a twisted fantasy. I wasn't too fond of this story, expecting more from it but it does set up some interesting potential stories. I'll also forgive the story for the artwork becayse Mecha Sonic and Tails were most awesome ^_^

Secondary Story: Heart to Heart
First off, I don't like Geoffrey St. John. Second, I don't like Ron Lim's furry artwork - they always look ... blocky and expressions vacant, example, Dr. Quack and Rotor are Talking imn the bottom left panel of the first page of this story and Rotor looks like he's completely shocked by something or turned to stone and not even looking AT Dr. Quack, but staring off into space, and Dr. Quack (shown from the back) appears to be looking past Rotor and over his shoulder. The colorist does a good job though giving it a sharp cell styling. Geof's past is delved into and Elias' disappearance mentioned... expectantly Hershey gives him some words of wisdom and boom he's on top of his game again. I didn't like it. I flat out didn't like it. Not from a narrative or artistic standpoint, or even from the point of furthering the depth of a character. I'm sorry, James Bond he aint and even if he were I don't like James Bond. Hershey could be a great supporting character but there hasn't been enough on her personally for me to be attached and her speach lacked substance to me.

Lastly, Ultimate Power Part 4.
Since Last issue I haven't found this to be a particularly hard story to follow or predict where it's going, but the way they executed it (so to speak) is great ^_^ From art to storyline, dialogue, Character Actions and Reactions, I am completely satisfied. This part of the story makes the issue worth it. I shall not reveal the plot :) I am just glad Lim didn't draw this or Mammoth Mogul would look annorexic.

If this is the worst issue of 2003, then it will be a good year. :)